RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Explains Using 4 Different Last Names


RHOSLC star Monica Garcia is clearing the air, and the confusion, surrounding her “many identities.” 

During part two of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 reunion, Monica Garcia sets the record straight about her multiple identities which includes various last names that she has gone by over the years. 

On Tuesday, during part two of the RHOSLC season 4 reunion, host Andy Cohen asked Monica Garcia if her maiden name was “Fowler.” 

The RHOSLC rookie corrected Andy, claiming that her maiden name was Darnell and that her “married name” was Fowler. 

“What’s Delgado?” Andy asked, to which Monica replied, “That’s my dad’s side.”

Monica Garcia is in the hot seat at the RHOSLC season 4 reunion.
Monica Garcia is in the hot seat at the RHOSLC season 4 reunion.

“Garcia is my mother’s side,” she explained, when the Bravo executive producer pressed her for futhter clarification. “My mother was born, ‘Linda Darnell Susan Maria Garcia.’ When she was growing up, she was teased for being a Portagee in Boston and she was called [sic] all the time and it stuck with her. I don’t know, so when she became of legal age, she wiped her entire name off because she was ashamed of it and just kept Linda Darnell. So when I was born, I was Linda Darnell.”

Turns out Monica’s legal birth name is “Monica Linda Darnell” just like her mother but the 40-year-old confessed, “that name means nothing to me.” 

She also insists that after her divorce she wanted to use a “family name,” which is why she chose to use the last name “Garcia.” 

“I legally have only ever used three, which is the one I was born with, when I got married, and when I got divorced,” she added. 

Andy then asked why her mother, Linda, was “confused”  and commented on Monica changing her name “every f—ing week” during season 4 of RHOSLC. 

According to Monica, Linda “definitely brought” up her names “as a dig.” Monica says the shady comment came after she confided in her mom about “certain” housewives who were making “fun” of her for using “whatever the f— that I was going to use.”

Monica Garcia at RHOSLC season 4 reunion.
Monica Garcia at the RHOSLC season 4 reunion.

“Because they were saying I was trying to make myself look more Latina to get on the show,” she added.

Lisa Barlow interjected, asking Monica who she was referring to which is when Monica accused the Vida Tequila owner of saying she “opened a book” and picked a random name to obtain the perfect moniker for reality TV fame. 

“I did not say that — you know who said that? Jen [Shah],” Lisa quipped in defense of herself.

“Jen Shah did. Jen Shah said you went by…” Lisa continued but before she could finish Monica interrupted her, asking if Lisa was “repeating what Jen Shah said” when she made the claim. 

This accusation didn’t sit well with Lisa, who screamed: “You fake f–king bitch!” 

The drama continues to play out next week during part three of the season 4 reunion. Part three is set to dive deeper into Monica’s alter ego social media account, Reality Von Tease.

Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion airs on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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