RHOSLC: Everything To Know About Monica Garcia’s Scandal


AllAboutTRH breaks down EVERYTHING you MUST know about RHOSLC star Monica Garcia’s Reality Von Tease scandal, including the latest tea!

Since the RHOSLC finale last Tuesday, it seems like there’s new information coming out every hour on the hour, so much so that it’s almost hard to wrap your head around it all, which is why AllAboutTRH decided to gather all the information together in one place for Bravo fans to discuss.

On the RHOSLC season 4 finale episode, Heather Gay revealed that Monica Garcia was behind the snarky Instagram troll account Reality Von Tease.

Heather explained that the Reality Von Tease Instagram account was “dedicated to annihilating and exposing” former RHOSLC star Jen Shah before quickly expanding its attacks to her, Whitney RoseLisa Barlow, and Meredith Marks.

“These were character assassinations,” Heather said of Reality Von Tease‘s posts since the page was created over three years ago. “But we never knew who it was.”

When confronted with the truth, Monica initially denied the accusation but later admitted that she and several others were behind the Reality Von Tease account.

“I didn’t say s— about anyone else other than Jen, and I will own that to the grave,” the RHOSLC rookie insisted before claiming that numerous other people, including Heahter’s hairdresser, Tenesha Luckett, and Jen’s former designer, Koa Johnson, were also responsible for the account.

Monica admitted that she didn’t see Reality Von Tease as a “bad thing.” Instead, she claimed, “I think that’s just telling the truth.”

She also said that the group behind Reality Von Tease had a goal to “take down Jen Shah,” noting that the other women “were just collateral damage.”

Since the RHOSLC finale, more allegations have come out against Monica. In fact, it seems that Monica is getting a taste of her own medicine as others are coming out of the woodwork to expose her. In fact, the RHOSLC newbie admits that she’s getting a big dose of Karma at the moment.

Now let’s break down EVERYTHING you NEED TO KNOW about Monica’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City scandal.

Heather’s Hairstylist, Tenesha Insists Monica Started the Reality Von Tease Instagram

While Tenesha has confirmed that she and Koa Johnson also played a hand in the Reality Von Tease account, she insists that it was Monica who was behind the page being created. The Salt Lake City-based hairstylist backed up her claims by releasing text messages between her, Monica, and Koa.

See leaked text messages between Tenesha Lockett and RHOSLC's Monica Garcia.
See leaked text messages between Tenesha Lockett and RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia.
More leaked text messages between Tenesha Lockett and RHOSLC's Monica Garcia.
More leaked text messages between Tenesha Lockett and RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia.

Monica Stalked Jen Shah and Other Housewives

In 2021, Monica took on an alter ego and created the Instagram troll account Reality Von Tease to take Jen Shah down. However, Monica’s actions soon moved beyond social media and spiraled into something much more intense.

A leaked video shows Monica driving around Salt Lake City, stalking Jen and other members of the RHOSLC cast. Monica would often drive by Jen’s house multiple times.

Monica Logged into Jen’s Home Security System to Spy

On top of stalking Jen, Lisa Barlow also alleges that Monica didn’t just video record the disgraced RHOSLC OG without her knowledge; she also “[logged] into a private security system to spy for months.”

As you most likely know, the Reality Von Tease Instagram account first blew up when they released footage of Jen screaming at her former fashion designer, Koa Johnson, ahead of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season one reunion. No one ever knew who was behind the recording or how they got the footage.

What happened at Meredith’s store?

During the RHOSLC season 4 finale episode, it was revealed that Monica was with Jen Shah when a member of the Shah Sqaud stole a clutch from Meredith Marks’ store.

This stood out because, during season 4, Monica went shopping at Meredith’s store but claimed it was her first time visiting the establishment. However, security footage shows Monica in the store with Jen when a clutch was stolen (and later returned) from the boutique.

Meredith called Monica out during the final dinner in Bermuda when everything hit the fan but later explained why she didn’t speak out more.

“I found out about the security footage at MMPC shortly before the trip. Perhaps now you understand why I was staying calm and quiet, trying to piece together the puzzle as accusations were flying. #RHOSLC.”

The whole issue was that this further proved that Monica is inauthentic and has a penchant for lying.

Lisa and Monica Duke it Out on Social Media

During and after the season 4 finale episode, Monica and Lisa Barlow went hard at each other on Instagram and Twitter.

Lisa said she knew that Monica was a snake from the get-go and poked fun at her failed attempt to become the Gossip Girl of Salt Lake City.

“And you can’t be Gossip Girl when all you do is spread lies,” Lisa wrote. She later added: “When you dream of being Blair Waldorf & Serena, but you just have Cheeto-stained fingers and a keyboard.”

The Vida Tequila founder also insisted that Monica didn’t play any role in Jen Shah going to prison, tweeting: “No, the federal govt did. You’ll see at the reunion where there are receipts showing they asked her to stop messaging them information.”

Monica clapped back at Lisa, warning: “I’m not f–king around.”

“@lisabarlow14 Yikes. How embarrassing for you. Let me help you out. Next time, maybe google some definitions so you don’t look so dumb. Gossip: ‘casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.’ xoxo Gossip Girl #staypressedandstressedbabygorgeous,” Monica continued.

Leaked Videos of Monica and her Mom Plotting Storylines for Show

In the days following the RHOSLC season 4 finale, more and more leaked video footage of Monica was released.

One series of clips shows Monica and her mom, Linda Darnell, plotting how to get more camera time and discussing their fight at Angie Katsanevas’ Greek Easter celebration.

Linda scolded Monica for not “playing nice” with the other Housewives.

“The only thing that you did was unite those four a–holes, that’s the only thing that you did,” Linda said in reference to RHOSLC OGs Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, Heather Gay, and Whitney Rose.

“How can you forget that your job is to get on air time, to get into as many scenes as possible? You’ve got to play nice,” she continued.

Linda then told Monica to be an “actress” and “pretend like all is right in the world.”

However, Monica slammed Linda for leaving her “completely in the f–king water with these bitches” when she left her at Angie K’s party.

“You’re a f–king mess, and you f–ked it up yesterday!” Monica shouted. “You are insane, you looked like a crazy person just so you know.”

“You lost sight of the vision, you lost sight of the job, you lost sight, and you got out of control at someone else’s house,” Linda fired back.

Check out the clips below!

As for who leaked the videos of Monica and Linda, many have assumed that Tenesha was behind the leak. In fact, Monica has even placed the blame on Tenesha directly.

“I sent the video to my best friend in confidence. We talked several times a day, spent every Sunday family dinner together, holidays, our children were best friends,” Monica shared in an Instagram Story on Wednesday, January 3. “I never once thought she would do this to me, but here we are. She has been outing my secrets, she continues to release screenshots, recordings, videos, a folder she has dedicated to me full of things she plans to release.”

However, Tenesha denied the accusation.

“Let’s be clear I’m not interested in tearing down her relationship with her mom,” Tenesha shared in an Instagram Story post on Thursday, January 4. “I will publicly say I think the way Linda treated her daughter while I was around was disgusting, and I would never waiver on that opinion.”

Tenesha notes that she wasn’t the only one who had access to the four-minute-long clip.

She also insists she has no interest in taking down Monica despite having a folder with 1,500 screenshots dedicated to proving Monica’s involvement in the Reality Von Tease Instagram account.

“I’m interested in defending my name in regards to the page she blamed me for,” she shared in Thursday’s Instagram Story post. “I pray they work through their personal issues. I’m focused on building my house, not tearing hers down in that way.”

Jen Shah Sent Monica Cease and Desist Over Reality Von Tease Instagram in 2021

In the midst of all the info coming out about Monica, Dana Wilkey of RHOBH fame released a cease and desist letter that Jen Shah and her husband, Sharrieff Shah, sent Monica in 2021. The goal was to get Monica to stop posting any information about Jen on the Reality Von Tease Instagram as she awaited trial for fraud.

Many Bravo fans have wondered how the rest of the RHOSLC cast didn’t know that Monica was behind Reality Von Tease if Jen knew in 2021. However, the cease and desist letter does refer to Monica Garcia as Monica Fowler, which was her married name, so perhaps they didn’t know it was the same Monica. Monica used several different last names around Salt Lake City, which is why Heather and her Beauty Lab and Laser company didn’t know Monica Garcia and Monica Fowler were one and the same for over two years.

Mary Cosby Is on the Fence

AllAboutTRH peppered Mary Cosby about her thoughts on all the Monica drama.

“What’s your opinion, Mary? We need to know!” AllAboutTRH asked the RHOSLC OG, who is currently a friend of the Housewives.

“I’m in the 1/2 and 1/2 split down the middle,” Mary replied. We do know that Mary is one of the only RHOSLC cast members who is STILL following Monica on social media.

Monica Posts Receipts and Reacts to Leaked Audio/Videos

As new information came pouring in about Monica and the rest of the crew behind Reality Von Tease, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City rookie attempted to get in front of it all by posting her own receipts.

Monica shared text messages between her and Tenesha, which she believes prove she wasn’t the only one involved in the Reality Von Tease Instagram.

Monica was once again defending herself as Tenesha began leaking audio messages from her on social media.

In the clip, Monica said, “Girl, I know, that’s exactly why I called her a snake.” She was allegedly talking about Mary Cosby.

She continued, “Like you dumb bitch, like, lowkey.”  Monica then admitted she was worried about ruining her chances of being on Bravo and her “credibility or name or future … Look, at the end of the day, my goal is to be a star, bitch.” 

According to Monica, Tenesha gave all the audio messages to Heather Gay, who attempted to share them at the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 reunion.

“Yes. I have seen the leaked voice memos. Yes. I knew they were coming. Heather tried playing them all at the reunion. Tenesha gave everything to her. As recently as this Sunday, Tenesha has been saving my voice notes to her phone. Yes. My ex-best friend took my random voice notes, texts, videos, everything, and is using them to get me fired and destroyed publicly. Imagine all the things you’ve ever done with your bestie or said to your bestie being exposed. I’m sure we’ve all sent stuff to our best friends that we hoped would never get out. I am not playing the victim. Just showing what’s going on. Karma is real, and I am currently living min,” Monica wrote alongside screenshots that show Tenesha saving her previous audio messages.

When it comes to the leaked videos of her and her mom fighting, Monica said:

“There has now been a ‘leaked’ private video filmed in my home between my mother and I. I sent the video to my best friend in confidence. We talked several times a day, spent every Sunday family dinner together and holidays, and our children were best friends. I never once thought she would do this to me, but here we are. She has been outing my secrets; she continues to release screenshots, recordings, videos, and a folder she has dedicated to me full of things she plans to release. She is already doing interviews and has been contacting people in my life for months to try to destroy me.”

“This is a full-blown takedown, but one of my once closest friends that my girls and I considered family. Brace for impact because she has a 3-year friendship of information she has just [been] waiting to be out there on me,” Monica continued. “If you don’t see what’s happening here, I don’t know what else to say, but screenshots released by my best friend videos of everything happening to me exactly like what was done on Reality Von Tease.”

“Karma is real, and I’m currently living mine,” Monica tweeted amid reports that Tenesha is trying to make a profit off the audio messages and text messages she has from her.

Will Monica come back next season?

The question on every Bravo fan’s mind is: Will Monica be asked back for season 5 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?

Rumor has it that Monica has been fired from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City and won’t be back for season 5, but that is pure gossip and speculation at this point. However, numerous members of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast, including Heather Gay, have vowed never to film with Monica ever again following the season 4 reunion.

Meanwhile, Lisa recently sent out a tweet that is leaving many fans to believe that Monica is out for season 5.

“When you play you’re cards, you’re out,” Lisa tweeted, to which one fan replied, “Without Monica, there would’ve been no season 4.”

Lisa retorted: “Season 5 will be [the] best ever.”

Part 1 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion airs on Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Do you want Monica to return for season 5? Sound off below!

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