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  • Post your thoughts and opinions about the reality stars and reality shows.
  • Respect your fellow commenters’ thoughts and opinions.
  • Flag trolls and/or personal attacks to bring them to a moderator’s attention.
  • Recognise and accept that All About TRH is not a fan site (nor a hate site) for any one reality TV star; we welcome all.
  • Recognise and accept that we can all watch the same show and walk away with a different interpretation of the events.
  • Acknowledge that All About TRH (Administrators; Moderators) reserves the right to delete comments and/or ban users at any time as we see fit.

Not Allowed (Your account and IP may get banned from accessing the website)

  • Create more than one comment profile.
  • Bash or complain about the All About TRH writers.
  • Post spam and/or links to other blogs/websites.
  • Personally, attack, harass, or name call other commenters.
  • Post racist, homophobic, xenophobic, abusive, or defamatory comments.
  • Engage trolls or respond to personal attacks; flag them and move on.
  • Post the same comment or argument repeatedly in an attempt to change opinions and/or wear someone down.
  • Copy and paste blocks of text from other blogs/websites; it’s copyrighted.
  • Post personal information (full names, home addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, places of employment, etc.) for yourself or other commenters. Also, don’t solicit this information from other users. comment engine is equipped with Comment Spam Filter. If the spam filter catches your comment as spam please do not panic. Contact the writer and notify them of the issue and our team will do it’s best to correct the issue. We are human, mistakes happen.

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