RHOSLC Season 4 Reunion Recap – Part 2


The mystery that is Monica Garcia, aka Reality Von Tease, continues to unravel during part two of the RHOSLC season 4 reunion.

Part two of the RHOSLC season 4 reunion kicked off with diving deeper into Monica’s family history. Monica explains that her mom abandoned her at the age of 12 to move to New York to pursue a career in television.

This revelation leads Andy Cohen to ask the RHOSLC rookie: “Do you think your mom was auditioning to be a Housewife?”

Monica explains that she thought she bombed her audition for RHOSLC, which is when her mom offered prayers that if she didn’t get the role, she would get it instead. Yikes.

Lisa Barlow and Monica Went At It Over “Nasty” Comments

RHOSLC cast duke it out at season 4 reunion.
RHOSLC cast duke it out at the season 4 reunion.

Then Andy dives into the lawsuits, yes, multiple lawsuits. Apparently, after Monica fell down the stairs at Angie Katsanevas‘ house, she threatened online to sue Angie, which Meredith Marks allegedly co-signed.

According to Monica, Meredith told her, “If you want her house, you can have her house.” Meredith denies saying this comment.

Angie then accuses Monica of making a living off of suing people, which offends the RHOSLC newbie. Monica fires back, asking Angie to name people that she’s sued in the past or is currently suing, which is when Heather Gay chimes in.

“You’re suing me,” Heather says, and Monica clarifies that she’s only countersuing her, which doesn’t count.

Monica Garcia is in the hot seat at the RHOSLC season 4 reunion.
Monica Garcia is in the hot seat at the RHOSLC season 4 reunion.

As for which version of Monica is suing Heather, the RHOSLC newbie explains why she has so many last names. As fans know, Monica went to Heahter’s Beauty Lab and Laser using numerous last names, including Garcia, Darnell, and Fowler.

Monica explains that Darnell is her maiden name while Fowler is her married name. Delgado, on the other hand, is on her father’s side, and Garcia is on her mother’s side. Confusing right?

RHOSLC cast arguing at the season 4 reunion.
RHOSLC cast arguing at the season 4 reunion.

Mary Cosby then enters the scene. When Andy asks the ladies how they feel about Mary returning to fold for season 4, Heather and Angie say the show needed her and that she brought some much-needed humor and levity to the show. In typical Mary fashion, she snaps at Angie, saying, “Angie, this is your first year; why are you even answering?” without fully grasping that Angie was giving her a compliment.

The conversation then moves to Mary’s drama with Whitney Rose, who admits she had hoped to patch things up with Mary while filming season 4 of RHOSLC, but that didn’t happen. Whitney apologizes for calling Mary a “predator” during season 2 of RHOSLC.

As Andy runs through a myriad of tweets sent out by the ladies of Salt Lake City, Andy addresses one tweet in which Mary calls Whitney “racist” due to her growing up in the LDS Church. Andy is confused, so he turns to Heather to explain. Heather explains the LDS’ racist history and notes that “Mormon doctrine is rooted in racism.” While Whitney agrees, Lisa denies the claim, which leads to Heather noting that the modern-day Mormon Church is making efforts to right those wrongs.

Before Mary exits the reunion, Andy asks Mary her feelings about Monica’s Reality Von Tease Instagram account. Mary says she thought the finale episode was over the top. She added that she didn’t know about the account, so she didn’t care about it.

“Would you care if that account called you a dumb bitch?” Lisa asks as Heather whips out a recording of Monica bad-mouthing Mary. Monica insists that the comment was taken out of context. Mary seems to check out as Monica and the other ladies go back and forth.

Monica then reveals that Reality Von Tease is run by six people as Heather claims that an investigation is currently underway into the account and everyone who was behind it.

Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion airs on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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