Monica Garcia’s Former Friend Exposes Monica For Allegedly Committing Illegal Crimes + Claims She’s Had Multiple Affairs – Exclusive


Viewers were shocked to find out that Monica Garcia was behind the Instagram troll account Reality Von Tease and now her former circle is exposing her.

Speaking to Monica Garcia‘s former best friend of over 10 years, the friend who wanted to remain anonymous but showcased proof of their friendship says that Monica Garcia has allegedly committed illegal crimes and has had multiple affairs.

Monica Garcia's RHOSLC season 4 cast photo

The friend reveals, “Monica and I had so many ups and downs due to money. She was always asking me for money and when I wouldn’t give it to her, she attempted to blackmail me which put a huge strain on our friendship. We tried to get back to a good place after that but we never could.”

She also clarifies whether or not Jen Shah ever paid Monica Garcia, saying, “Brie (her oldest daughter) was legally adopted by Mike (Monica’s ex husband) the other three girls are Mikes. Monica and I have always been fans of the RH franchise and we watched the premier of season 1 together and she looked at me and said, ‘Watch me. I’m going to be on this show someday.Then in October 2020 Monica started “working for Jen.”

The only payment Monica ever received from her was $2500 so her car wouldn’t be repossessed, an Apple Watch and a fake Louis Vuitton bag, (she asked me for the $2500 and I told her no due to her lack of repayment when I’ve loaned her money in the past.)”

This aligns with what Murilo Bueno – Jen Shah’s former assistant told the AllAboutTRH podcast last week. While speaking with the AllAboutTRH podcast, Murilo revealed that Jen Shah gave Monica Garcia $2,500 but confirmed that she never worked for the now incarcerated former Salt Lake City Housewife.

Monica’s former friend also revealed that the RHOSLC rookie had multiple affairs on her ex-husband, Mike, saying, “Monica talks about being open and honest but she’s only open and honest about certain things. She only talks about the 1 affair with Jared, and doesn’t mention the other 3 she had.”

RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia and her ex-husband Mike.
RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia and her ex-husband Mike.

That’s not all. The friend also provides further insight into the Jen Shah camera scandal, which is the initial video that blew up Monica’s troll account, Reality Von Tease.

The friend explains Monica’s alleged illegal involvement, “you know the leaked videos of Jen Shah throwing a tantrum and screaming at her then designer Khoa? (Who’s now living rent free in Monica’s house in exchange for his designs)

Monica was the one who leaked those videos of Jen yelling at Khoa. And guess how Monica had access to the video? When Jen got on the show Monica suggested she install security cameras. When Vivint showed up to install, Jen wasn’t home so they set all the cameras up to Monica’s phone! So even after Monica stopped working for her, she would log in and watch what was going on in her house!

At the end of her relationship with Jen, I think she looked at it as she wanted to do anything she could to make a name for herself, and she willingly contacted the authorities to let them know what information she had against Jen. Monica had a plan this whole time.”

Monica Garcia

Part 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion airs on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Are you surprised to hear this about Monica? Do you think the ladies of Salt Lake City could ever trust Monica again? Would you like to see Monica return for season 5?

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