Andy Cohen Praises RHOSLC Cast for Keeping Bombshell Finale a Secret and Dishes on S4 Reunion


Andy Cohen spilled the tea on the RHOSLC season 4 reunion and also admitted that he’s impressed with the cast for not leaking the finale drama.

The RHOSLC season 4 finale episode was one of the BEST episodes of Real Housewives to ever air on Bravo. And the RHOSLC season 4 reunion is gearing up to be an amazing showdown between the Salt Lake City Housewives.

Part one of the RHOSLC season 4 reunion aired on Tuesday and lived up the hype so much so that fans chomping at the bit to watch parts two and three.

During a recent interview with OK! Magazine reunion host Andy Cohen reflected on the RHOSLC season 4 finale.

“It was brilliantly produced,” he said. “I was in awe of how dramatic it was. I am so happy the women were able to keep this quiet.”

Andy also revealed that he instructed the RHOSLC cast while filming the season 4 reunion not to spoil or leak the finale episode as the network wanted the drama to be a surprise to fans.

The RHOSLC cast learn the truth about their new co-star Monica Garcia.
The RHOSLC cast learns the truth about their new co-star, Monica Garcia.

“I’m so grateful for the intense level of interest the fans have in this franchise. But with the passion for what’s happening or what’s going to happen, sometimes entire storylines or plot points are leaked,” the Watch What Happens Live host said.

He explained, “It’s never in service of the show, but I remember before we started shooting the reunion, I said to the women, ‘Listen, you are sitting on an incredible finale. Don’t spoil it by leaking this. Let the viewers see it and hear about it for the first time.’”

The 55-year-old continued, “I’m so impressed with the women because production never leaks anything. It usually comes from the women or their glam. It was a really great lesson on how we can all have a collective experience watching this and processing it at the same time. I thought that was great.”

Meanwhile, during Wednesday’s episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live, Andy spilled the tea on the RHOSLC season 4 reunion.

Andy and his Andy Cohen Live co-host, John Hill, discussed the RHOSLC season 4 reunion on Wednesday, and they had quite a bit to say about all the drama and what is to come.

“What was your overriding feeling? I was so glad that people responded to it so well because, look, part three is supersized, and we go very deep into Reality Von Tease,” Andy teased.

 “I know that that was going to be the response. It’s like there’s so much to get through, and we’ll get to Reality Von Tease, but it’s almost like, and I know that’s the way in every reunion, but it’s a little awkward for me to sit there. There’s a huge elephant in the room, which puts a shadow and a cast over every single issue in this. So, I don’t like having to, it’s like why would I listen to anything that comes out of this girl’s mouth when she’s a liar and a troll, so like, it’s weird,” John said.

Andy noted, “Well, conversely, if we had started with the Reality Von Tease, then where do you go from there?” to which John responded, “I don’t know. It might’ve been like, maybe you do a first-hour special, and let’s get through that.”

RHOSLC cast duke it out at season 4 reunion.
RHOSLC cast duke it out at the season 4 reunion.

“We did. I was talking to the producers, and I was saying, ‘I think we need to lead with part of this.’ The problem is, because we’re coming off of this crazy reunion or this crazy finale, but once you start with something, it is very hard to then pick a moment and say, ‘We’re gonna finish this later.’ Now, in reality, we ended the day, and it was a very long day. I believe we shot until 9:30 or 10:00 at night and we ended the day, the last few hours was Reality Von Tease and the black eye,” the Real Housewives executive producer continued before asking, “What did you think of Monica’s performance last night?”

John made it clear he wasn’t a fan of Monica and didn’t believe anything that came out of her mouth. Andy couldn’t help but somewhat agree, noting that Monica came out swinging against her RHOSLC co-stars at the reunion.

“I am not in a place right now to give her anything other than GTFO. I don’t want to hear from it. I don’t like it, and so I’m working through that. I want to try to give people a moment. I’ll give her three, I don’t like it. But that’s also, by the way, coming from an ex-reality show producer who feels the line between fan and cast member has rocked me. I don’t love it,” John confessed. “It doesn’t make me like her that she is so hateful and seems like she has axes to grind.”

He continued, “I was thinking this morning, I wish she would’ve had a director that said, ‘Listen, here’s how you need to…’ I wish I could’ve curated her performance. I would’ve said, first of all, back to the finale just a little aside, if you had known this was gonna come out, if you’re that much of an expert tea dropper, whatever you are, you should be prepared for when it ever comes out, to go, ‘Okay. I’m glad you finally figured it out. Here’s how I’m gonna one-up you,’ instead of, ‘Oops, I got caught,’ and then because of her anger toward Angie, her rage toward these other people is so ugly that it doesn’t endear me to have any sort of empathy or sympathy for what could’ve ever caused her motivation to do literally any of it. Be a part of six people of Reality Von Tease, help Jen Shah write an email then lie about what you said in it on the day. Going into a reunion, you want to be, ‘Okay, masks are off. We’re just gonna lay it all bare.’ Truth, healing, blah blah blah, not, ‘You’re a bitch. You’re a leathery old whore.'”

“It was interesting for me that she came out so hard on the others. When you think about the idea that, okay, this is your reunion to kind of get them on your side again. Resolution,” Andy concluded.

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City reunion airs on Tuesday, Jan. 16, at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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