Kathy Griffin Says Real Housewives Are ‘Scared’ of Boss Andy Cohen Plus Claims Producers Push Housewives To Fight By Threatening to Fire Them If They Don’t


Kathy Griffin has jumped on the Andy Cohen hate train amid the ongoing attacks against the Bravo head honcho. Find out what she has to say!

While appearing on the Miss Understood with Rachel Uchitel podcast, Kathy Griffin said she believes that some Real Housewives are “scared” of Andy Cohen because of the power he yields over their careers.

“As long as he’s choosing the ‘Housewives’ and involved with the ‘Housewives,’ they’re probably pretty scared of him, and I don’t blame them,” the comedian said.

“I mean, these are women that are on that show, and many of them are getting DUIs … gone to prison. “I listen to those women when they say we were pummeled with alcohol,” she continued. “I wouldn’t write that off.”

Andy Cohen looking annoyed by the drama.
Andy looks annoyed by the drama.

While Kathy Griffin doesn’t believe Andy Cohen is “pouring the drinks” down Housewives throats, it “wouldn’t surprise” her if he supports plying them with alcohol, given the “nature of the behavior” seen on the various Real Housewives franchises.

“If you’re not flipping a table, you might get fired,”
she said. “In order to stay on the show, [they think], ‘I have to manufacture this drama.’

Speaking of manufacturing drama, Griffin also alleges that several Real Housewives have told her producers have threatened to fire them if they don’t create fights every episode.

“I’ve spoken to housewives who have had producers say, if there’s not a fight every episode, we’re gonna let you go. You know, these housewives—I’ve known so many of them—their lives are ruined. They’re getting DUIs. They’re going to jail. They’re going to prison,” said Griffin.

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“There’s, you know, these girls on The Bachelor that can’t get jobs because they got drunk on the very first night, and they probably weren’t eating because they wanted to look skinny in their formal dress. Like, I know the whole drill. I mean, I think the problem is the mandate comes from probably as high as you can imagine. Like I said, who’s ever signing the checks ultimately? But the other thing is there is still a thirst from the audience to see that kind of behavior, and I feel like we’ve really seen enough reality people vomit, fall down and hurt themselves, go to the hospital,” she continued.

“Think it’s important that as we’re watching these shows, just to be conscious of the fact that probably a lot of these people that are behaving this way probably weren’t this way or were encouraged to drink a lot. I don’t know if anybody was, like, handing out pills, but I certainly know that reality producers push for the most abhorrent behavior. “

Andy Cohen being shady on WWHL
Andy Cohen being shady on WWHL about RHOC’s Gina Kirschenheiter

As many Bravo fans know, Kathy Griffin previously claimed that Andy Cohen offered her cocaine before appearing on Watch What Happens Live.

“Right before we went live, Andy Cohen privately asked me in an office in Embassy Row — which is the production company that does that s–t show — if I wanted to do blow,”
she said in a 2017 Twitter video. “You guys know I’m no prude, but I’m, like, kind of a straight edge — I thought he was kidding the first time.”

Thoughts on Kathy’s comments and allegations? Do you believe her? Sound off below!

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