Leah McSweeney Insists She Has Good Intentions With Andy Cohen & Bravo Lawsuit


Real Housewives of New York alum Leah McSweeney has broken her silence on her ongoing lawsuit against Bravo and Real Housewives executive producer Andy Cohen.

“As hard as it is to be going up against a very powerful entity, and for people to maybe also just not agree with me or, you know, come at me and get blowback and all the things, I don’t care because this is the truth, you know?” Leah McSweenry shared on the Thursday, March 21 episode of the Addiction Talk podcast. “And my intentions are really good. And I check myself all the time about that.”

The former Bravo star said that despite the blowbacks her lawsuit has created, it doesn’t matter because “this is the truth, you know? And I have it on my side.”

And despite it all, Leah McSweeney claims she’s doing “great.”

“I’m leaning into my program, my meetings, my sober friends, and my regular friends who are not sober but are amazing,” she shared. “And I use things that I learned in recovery about intention and about taking inventory. And I’m in a really good place right now.”

“It’s taken a long time to get here. It’s a journey, and it’s not linear. The thing I’ve learned is to have a healthy fear of your addiction. And you can never feel like it’s that far away. Because it’s not. I have a very healthy fear of my addiction and my alcoholism. But I’m doing good.”

When asked if she regrets participating in reality TV knowing what she knows now, Leah McSweeney said, “As an addict, there are so many things that have been not great that I could regret. But what’s the point? I can’t change it now.”

In February, Leah McSweeney filed a lawsuit against Bravo and Andy Cohen for intentionally preying on her alcohol addiction so they could hit the ratings jackpot.

The lawsuit claims that Bravo, Shed Media, and Andy Cohen “discriminated against, tormented,  demoralized, demeaned, harassed and retaliated against Ms. McSweeney because she is a woman with disabilities, such as alcohol use disorder and various mental health disorders, all in the name of selling drama. But being in the business of reality television does not relieve [them] of their obligation to follow employment laws that prohibit the exact type of discrimination, hostile work environment, and retaliation that Defendants subjected Ms. McSweeney to. Now, Ms. McSweeney  seeks justice.”

In her filing, Leah McSweeney also alleged that Andy Cohen “snorts cocaine” with Housewives.

 Andy’s attorneys have denied the Real Housewives of New York alum’s allegations.

Earlier this month, the WWHL host’s legal team fired off a letter demanding Leah McSweeney retract her “baseless and false.” allegations or face going to court

“We demand that you immediately retract and withdraw all allegations relating to Mr. Cohen’s purported ‘cocaine use,’” the legal letter read.

The letter continued, “Mr. Cohen never used cocaine with any cast member on any Real Housewives or with any other Bravo employee. The absence of any reasonable basis to make such allegations is confirmed by your pleading itself.”

Since then, Leah McSweeney’s legal team has teased that there are more lawsuits coming for both Bravo and Real Housewives executive producer.

“There are more lawsuits coming and there are more people who are going to speak out,” McSweeney’s lawyer, Gary Adelman, said in a statement to Us Weekly on Tuesday, March 12. “It doesn’t matter what people say or think — that Andy’s a good guy, or that you should expect to drink, or that you should expect this behavior.”

“Andy Cohen had his counsel and PR agents write a threatening letter to give to the press is hardly surprising. Mr. Cohen is accustomed to using his power in the media to scare and intimidate people like Ms. McSweeney so that they will not speak out,” the statement read. “Mr. Cohen’s attempt to discredit and intimidate Ms. McSweeney to deter her from engaging in legally protected activity in Court is exactly the type of retaliation that this lawsuit was brought to address and only is further evidence for Ms. McSweeney.”

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