Andy Cohen Denies Sutton Stracke Faked Medical Emergency at RHOBH Reunion To Avoid Kathy Hilton Confrontation


Andy Cohen dishes on part three of the RHOBH reunion and insists that Sutton Stracke didn’t fake her health scare to avoid Kathy Hilton’s wrath.

On the Thursday, March 14 episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live host Andy Cohen broke down the drama from the final part of the RHOBH season 13 reunion.

According to Andy Cohen, Sutton Stracke and Garcelle Beauvais didn’t know Kathy Hilton was going to make a surprise appearance at the reunion so when she popped up they were genuinely surprised.  

Oddly enough moments after Kathy sat down on the RHOBH reunion couch, Sutton all of the sudden starting having a medical emergency.

The Bravo head honcho explained, “Now, Sutton and Garcelle did not know that Kathy was coming out. When I mentioned, ‘Oh, and then we’re bringing Kathy out.’ Garcelle goes, ‘Kathy’s coming out?’ and Sutton was like, ‘Kathy’s coming out?’ Now, because Kathy had been, I mean because Sutton had run her mouth a wee bit this season about Kathy, and so then Kathy came out. Then we play the clip package in which Sutton says some stuff about Kathy and now Kathy is giving Sutton the stink eye, okay?”

He continued, “And Sutton truly, all of a sudden, and then we get back into it. We start talking and all of a sudden, Sutton is like, you know, something is happening over there and Garcelle’s like, Oh, she’s not okay. She’s not okay.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my god.’ Now I’m fanning her with my cards and I’m like, ‘Well get Annemarie over here. She’s a nurse anesthetist or whatever,’ like she can help, and so she came, but when I tell you Sutton was shaking like a leaf. It was no joke. She was not-.”

Andy Cohen then confirmed that Sutton was NOT faking her health scare, noting her hands were really shaking.

“She was not. No. She was truly her hands, and then even kind of a couple minutes into it, because then the medic is coming, we’re on this huge sound stage. It took a while. This medic was coming and he’s talking to her and she’s like, “No, I’m okay. I’m okay,” but her hand was really shaking. Now they take her off and- Garcelle then [follows].”

As Sutton prepared to go to the hospital, Garcelle insisted that she go with Sutton for support.

Andy admits he wished he’d gotten up to stop Garcelle from going with Sutton but his focus at the time was keeping the reunion train going in order to wrap filming at a decent hour.

The Watch What Happens Live host recalled: “Well, Garcelle was really insistent like, ‘Look, I want to go to the hospital with her. I’m her friend. I don’t want her to have to go alone.’ Now, in retrospect as a producer, I wish that I had gotten up. I was kind of like, ‘Let’s keep the trains running and let’s go forward.’ I wish that I had gone and said, ’Garcelle, let one of our producers take Sutton to the hospital. Come join us.’”

He continued, “Because the interesting thing is I think that Kyle thought during, because all that we hadn’t done yet was all of the Kyle/Mauricio stuff, all of the Kyle/Morgan stuff, and a lot of the, are y’all scared of Kathy Hilton stuff, which Garcelle and Sutton were going to be the most verbal about. They had a lot to say it during the season, so we lost them for the segment and Kyle of course was like, ‘Well, I think we’re done. Let’s go home now,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh no, we have a lot to talk about,’ so of course we went on with the reunion without them, but it is interesting.”

After the RHOBH reunion concluded filming, Andy Cohen ran into Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards at dinner where they brought up how odd it was that Sutton and Garcelle suddenly disappeared from the reunion when they are two of the most outspoken cast members.

“So, I ran into Kyle and Kathy Hilton at dinner after the reunion. I went and met John Mayer for dinner at San Vicente Bungalows. In walks Kathy Hilton who comes over and starts talking to us. John thought she was speaking Japanese because she was talking all Housewives stuff and he’s sitting there like, ‘Now you said what?’ You know, like he didn’t know,” Andy explained.

“Then Kyle came over and she goes, ‘Can you believe the two people who had the most to say suddenly disappear?’ and Kyle’s like, ‘I’m bringing these magic crystals everywhere I go from now on,’ and I was like, ‘That is some voodoo witchcraft that you just did. You and Kathy pointed your crystals at those gals, and they disappeared.’”

He added, “I have never in thousands of hours of reunions that I have shot, I have never seen two person’s foes go up in smoke right before they are about to confront the situation. I think I just respected the fact that Garcelle was like, ‘I want to go be with my friend,’ and Garcelle by the way is not, Garcelle is someone who is unafraid of confrontation. I don’t think she was trying to get out of the reunion. I think she was trying to be with her friend.”

“And by the way, because then I was texting Garcelle after dinner, I’m back to my hotel. She’s like, ‘I’m still at the hospital with Sutton.’ I go, ‘You’re a good friend.’ She goes, ‘Well, that’s what friends do,’ which I thought was so sweet and she’s there in her Dolce & Gabbana sequin dress, Garcelle looking like a million dollars at Cedars ER,” he concluded.

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RHOBH is expected to return to Bravo in late 2024 or early 2025.

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