Dorit Kemsley Slams Kyle Richards: ‘I’m Not Your Doormat’


Dorit Kemsley insists it was her who leaked Kyle Richards’ text message during the RHOBH season 13 reunion.

On top of that the longtime RHOBH star is calling out Kyle Richards for not treating her like a friend.

“The day before the reunion, you send me a message and it was, ‘Let’s not mention anything here,’ and, ‘Let’s stick together.’ It’s out there now so you can see it,” Dorit Kemsley said on the March 13 episode of The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast.

“It just felt like an even bigger slap in the face and I just thought to myself, ‘I’m not a doormat. Yes, I have a kind heart. But I really care about you and I really believe that we’re friends. This is not the way you treat a friend.’”

Kyle and Dorit get into a heated argument at season 13 reunion.
Kyle and Dorit get into a heated argument at season 13 reunion.

According to the 45-year-old there was “no way” she could not address the tension in her and Kyle’s friendship at the reunion.

However, Dorit says she never planned to expose Kyle’s private text message.

“I discussed it with [Erika Jayne] in the trailer before the reunion and someone leaked the text message. It was not me,” she explained. “I don’t know who did but I have an idea. Listen, it’s gonna be the powers that be because they’re the ones that had the text message.”

As AllAboutTRH previously reported, during part one of the RHOBH season 13 reunion, Dorit Kemsley revealed a lengthy “manipulative” text message Kyle Richards sent ahead of filming the reunion.

“There’s stuff with Kyle and I that’s going on and it hurts and bothers me the most,” Dorit told RHOBH co-star Erika Jayne“I haven’t heard from her in a couple of months. Then, she sends me a text yesterday, basically trying to silence me. It was so manipulative, it was so calculated.”

In the text message, Kyle told Dorit that some of her comments “hurt my feelings” and “created more issues for me.”

Kyle then told Dorit that she loves her, her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, and their kids, Phoenix and Jagger, and doesn’t want to “lose someone else in [her] life over a TV show.”

Dorit Kemsley exposes Kyle Richards' "manipulative" text message to her at RHOBH reunion.
Dorit Kemsley exposes Kyle Richards’ “manipulative” text message to her at RHOBH reunion.

“They don’t even know we are going through a hard time, so I don’t see the need to bring it up there,” Kyle noted. “I should have said something sooner, but I honestly haven’t been strong enough. But relationships and YOU are more important to me than RHOBH.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG recently admitted that she was taken aback when she learned Dorit shared her text message with not only co-star Erika Jayne but also producers at the reunion.

“I was really shocked, honestly. I was really surprised by that,” Kyle admitted during an Amazon Live when asked about Dorit’s shady reunion antics“Because in all of the years of doing this show—14 years there now—I’ve never, ever shared anything that’s been said to me off-camera or a text that’s off-camera [and] private.”

She noted that it didn’t matter if someone was her best friend or “enemy;” she would “never” share their private text messages on RHOBH.

“I never have, and that’s just a rule that I have, and so that really surprised me,” she said.

When asked if she and Dorit were still friends, Kyle said, “Yes, we’re friends,” before admitting, “Right now, it’s not good.”

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RHOBH is expected to return to Bravo in late 2024 or early 2025.

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