Dorit Kemsley Addresses Rumors About Her Marriage to PK; Says Their Marriage Is ‘Great’


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Kemsley is opening up about the gossip concerning her marriage to her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley

On the RHOBH After Show, Dorit Kemsley acknowledged that she and PK have had a lot of “difficulty” over the past several years, mostly because “he wasn’t physically around.” 

“You know, a lot of the difficulty that I had with PK over the last couple of years, especially post-home invasion, was that He wasn’t physically around. And when we worked through our issues, and we really decided to press reset, It was great. So we were in a much better place,” Dorit explained.  

As for PK brushing off celebrating Mother’s Day with Dorit during this week’s episode of RHOBH, Dorit says, “It was a little tongue in cheek, but it was also a little bit, like, not the right time. And you know, him being away also, it’s a little bit of a trigger.”

On Wednesday’s episode of RHOBH, PK was getting ready to go to England when Dorit brought up the fact that he would be gone for Mother’s Day. Instead of being sympathetic that he would be missing the holiday, PK quipped: “You’re not my mother.”

Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley
Dorit Kemsley and PK Kemsley of RHOBH fame

Back on the RHOBH After Show, a producer asked Dorit: “How is your relationship today?“

This is when Dorit Kemsley addresses the recent rumors about her marriage

If you recall, back in October, In Touch reported that Dorit and Paul ‘PK’ Kemsley were “living separate lives” after eight years of marriage.

At the time, a source told the gossip outlet:

“They’ve been living separate lives for about two months after she ended it. Paul is apparently ‘heartbroken.’”

Shortly after the report was published, Dorit and PK released a statement denying the rumors. The RHOBH couple told PEOPLE that they “remain committed” to each other amid “challenging years” in their marriage.

“So there’s been some recent rumors online that PK and I are separated, and PK and I immediately put out a statement, joint statement together, um, which you would think would kind of quell the rumors, but I don’t really know [of it has],” Dorit said on the After Show.

As for where the rumor came from, Dorit said, “How would I ever know? How would I ever know? But you know, listen, we’re no strangers to these things. I would think that at the point that you put out a statement, it’s good enough.”

She continued, “I don’t really spend much time thinking of the origin of these things because it’s like going down a rabbit hole. It could be anywhere, anyone. The rumors are false. PK and I have had our struggles, and we’ve worked through them, and we’ve been through a lot.”

Dorit Kemsley's RHOBH season 13 confessional look
Dorit Kemsley’s RHOBH season 13 confessional look

Additionally, Dorit Kemsley notes that she and PK love each other very much and have worked through the challenges they’ve faced. While she believes their marriage will continue to be “great,” she insists they will be the ones to reveal if they ever decide to part ways, not the rumor mill. 

“And as a married couple, we have our moments that are were really great and moments that we’re working through something. I think that most Married people are gonna face challenges. And I think that you know PK and I are good. We’re gonna be good. We’re gonna be great. And if that isn’t the case, then at least we will be the ones to say, listen, we’ve decided to part way,” she explained. 

“I love PK very much. PK loves me. There’s a lot of love there. There’s 2 beautiful children. I’d like to believe we won’t get [to the point of divorce]. We weren’t there then. We aren’t there now.  But, you know, I can tell you that there is no catastrophic event. No one has done something. And the love is not lost. The passion’s not lost. The will to be together is not lost. So, you know, and if and when, You know, that does happen, which I would like to think it won’t and wouldn’t. But it’s not gonna be rumor and hearsay. Yeah. I think that we will be the ones that are saying we’ve decided not to be together.”

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