RHONJ Cast: Louie Ruelas’ Ex Cozies Up to RHONJ Cast on Instagram


Just when you think the behavior of RHONJ cast Louie Ruelas’ ex-girlfriend, Vanessa Reiser, couldn’t get any crazier – it does!

After doing a deep dive on Louie’s ex Vanessa and her history of alleged stalking, harassment and framing exes, RHONJ Cast Vanessa’s plot to take Louie down thickens!

When it comes to Vanessa’s alleged plot to take Louie down, she’s gone to great lengths to get her claims out there even if that means involving the RHONJ cast – and their families/kids.

Vanessa is allegedly behind the leaks of those super embarrassing and odd videos of Louie that surfaced during season 12 of RHONJ.

Since Louie joined RHONJ, not only has Vanessa engaged with Melissa Gorga and her sisters Lysa Simpson and Kim Pirrella, she’s only become friendly with Teresa Giudice‘s brother Joe Gorga on Instagram.

Vanessa likes and comments on almost every single one of Joe and Melissa Gorga’s Instagram posts. She also follows their daughter, Antonia Gorga, on Instagram and TikTok and almost always engages with the 17-year-old’s posts in one way or another whether that be commenting or simply liking her posts. Vanessa even has liked posts by Bravo websites that write articles about the Gorgas and the Giudices. Most recently, Vanessa liked a post from Reality Blurb about Antonia Gorga and Milania Giudice reuniting at prom. She has since unliked the post once people caught on to her antics.

When Joe Gorga posted about Antonia attending the University of Delaware in the fall, Vanessa commented on the post, writing, “@antoniagorga Congrats! Enjoy every minute.” She also commented with a red heart emoji on Melissa Gorga’s post about Antonia’s senion prom.

Vanessa Reiser engaging with RHONJ's Joe Gorga and Antonia Gorga on Instagram
Vanessa Reiser engaging with Joe Gorga and Antonia Gorga on Instagram
Vanessa Reiser engaging with RHONJ's Melissa Gorga on Instagram
Vanessa Reiser engaging with Melissa Gorga on Instagram

Of course, Melissa’s sisters Lysa and Kim are also commenting on Vanessa’s page as well and follow her back on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Vanessa also follows RHONJ stars Margaret Josephs, Rachel Fuda, Jackie Goldschenider, and Frank Catania on Instagram. Isn’t it interesting how she only follows members of the RHONJ cast who have issues with Teresa or Louie. Hmm..

Over the past few months, RHONJ fans have caught wind of Vanessa’s interactions with the RHONJ cast and their families so naturally they began documenting it all.

To make this whole situation even creepier, Vanessa had the balls to follow Teresa Giudice’s ex-husband Joe Giudice on Instagram and her extremely private second daughter Gabriella Giudice as well as Gia Giudice’s boyfriend, Christian Carmichael. Since fans noticed Vanessa’s creepy antics, she has since unfollowed all three.

Vanessa Reiser stalking RHONJ OG Teresa Giudice's children and ex-husband on socia media
Vanessa Reiser follows RHONJ OG Teresa Giudice’s children and ex-husband on Instagram

On top of all of that, multiple AllAboutTRH readers confirm that Vanessa Reiser would go into PEOPLE writer David Quinn’s club, on the social chat app clubhouse, and would always speak in the room about Louie and Teresa.

Louie Ruelas Ex-Girlfriend Exposed! We Reveal History Of Alleged Stalking, Harassment And Framing Exes Forcing Exes To File Orders Of Protection; What Margaret Josephs Isn't Telling You
Vanessa Reiser stalking

Vanessa most recently made headlines after she alleged that one of her patients was hired to “spy” on her by Louie Ruelas. She filed a restraining order against him despite being the one who is talking about him daily and contacting anyone affiliated with Teresa Giudice. Prior to providing the restraining order to Page SixVanessa called former RHONJ friend of, Kim D and told her that she was going to be putting a story out there and to spread the word. Not something a normal victim of abuse would do.

As AllAboutTRH hit publish on this post new information about Vanessa popped up in our inbox.

Vanessa continues to comment on Gia Giudice and her life, while no knowing the 22-year-old at all. In fact, Vanessa has NEVER met Gia before in her life yet she’s commenting on Gia’s state of mind.

Vanessa Reiser comments on Teresa Giudice's daughter Gia on social media
Vanessa Reiser comments on Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia on social media

She also denies that she comments on posts made by the RHONJ cast and their kids; insisting that she doesn’t know them personally.

Louie Ruelas' ex Vanessa Reiser answers questions from RHONJ fans on Instagram
Louie Ruelas’ ex Vanessa Reiser answers questions from RHONJ fans on Instagram

One fan called out Vanessa in her DMs, asking: “There have been screen shots where you respond how beautiful or gorgeous they are? Specifically Antonia. Can you explain that?”

Vanessa replied: “She’s gorgeous.” After the fan pushed back saying that Vanessa claimed she didn’t comment on the RHONJ cast’s posts, the therapist got nasty in her next response.

“I said I don’t know her personally,” Vanessa said. “That’s the I don’t. I think Antonia is gorgeous as i’ve watched the show for years. Why do you seem to care so much who I think is gorgeous? Gia and her sisters are also gorgeous. What it your point here? It’s America and I’ll comment where I like. Thank you.”

The fan fired back:

“I feel like that was a manipulative response, it was not direct whatsoever. You’re the one who asked for people to ask you anything and now you’re upset that I’m asking for clarification to a question I asked,” the fan said.

Said fan continued, “My point is, that it’s odd that someone who is fearful about her ex (abuser) [- allegedly -] would circle so so closely to his life. I’m as curious as everyone else who is privy to the drama going on. That’s what happens when you asked for public feedback.”

Part three of the RHONJ season 13 reunion airs on Tuesday, June 12 at 8 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

Louie Ruelas’ ex-partner is [Name], and the reason they are cozying up to the RHONJ cast on Instagram is not directly related to Louie himself. Instead, they might have their own connections or friendships with some members of the cast.

As of now, there have been no reports of drama caused by Louie Ruelas’ ex-partner with the RHONJ cast on Instagram. Their interactions seem to be amicable and unrelated to any personal issues.

As far as public statements go, there is no information about Louie Ruelas expressing any concerns or negative feelings about his ex-partner cozying up to the RHONJ cast on Instagram. It appears that everyone involved is comfortable with the situation.

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