Wedding Invite: A Missed Opportunity for the Marco Family


On the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Joe & Melissa Gorga admitted they were extremely frustrated with Teresa Giudice after noting she did not invite Melissa Gorga’s mom and sisters to her wedding. Joe Gorga called it the ultimate betrayal and labeled Louie a piece of sh*t for not inviting Melissa’s mother, Donna Marco as well as Melissa’s sisters Lysa and Kim.

It is common in close families, especially foreign families, that a respectful thing to do is invite your in-laws family to your wedding. And most of the time the parents of the bride and groom are expected to pay for the lavish wedding. So with this being Teresa Giudice, 50 years old, second wedding – the question remains: should Melissa Marco Gorga’s family have been invited to Teresa and Louie Rueles 200 person wedding?

In this article we will dive into what went wrong with Teresa Giudice and the Marcos. It began with Teresa Giudice starring on a show with her girlfriends that was supposed to be titled, ‘Jersey Moms’ that later changed to the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Teresa became a huge hit after her epic table flip scene and threw parties for Bravo to see always making sure to invite her brother Joe Gorga & his wife Melissa. At this point all seemed to be well with Teresa and Melissa’s family with us seeing a Facebook comment from Melissa’s sister, Lysa Marco-Simpson  saying how much fun she had with Teresa Giudice as she watched people starstruck by her in 09.

teresa giudice and the marco sisters

“Lysa Marco-Simpson spent the weekend with Teresa and the kids at her shore house! was so much fun with all the starstruck people asking for pictures at the beach. then we went to her house for spaghetti!” – Lysa Marco-Simpson, July 23, 2009 at 6:22 am, Facebook

This was prior to Melissa Gorga being cast on the show. And it has recently been revealed by Carlos King that Melissa Gorga got on the show explaining Melissa Gorga added several producers as well as Danielle Staub on Facebook to be noticed. She then shared the famous sprinkle cookie incident on Facebook for her new Facebook friends (Danielle Staub/RHONJ producers) to see:

Melissa Marco-Gorga finds it amazing how you can bring Christmas cookies to someones house, then go back there again the next day after Christmas b/c of a different celebration, and the woman of the house picks up some cookies and says to you, “these are the k…ind of cookies I like, when you come to my house bring these cookies, I threw out the ones that you brought, did you get them from A & P, a supermarket.” NO I replied, I got them from Corrados, an excellent Italian shop, that we all know and love. And I’m pregnant so those caught my eye and I bought them, then she replied, “I threw them in the garbage I don’t like those kinds of cookies” NOTE TO SELF: I should have said, “Well they are better then the NOTHING THAT YOU BRING TO MY HOUSE EVERY EASTER!!” How can someone be so rude, and always want to attack someone else, what could it be, HMMMMM! I think I might know but I wont go there. I think some people need to come back to plant earth, Oh I forgot, she also let everyone know Last night, AND I QUOTE “I AM A CELEBRITY”. I’ve been quiet for so long but now you’ve pushed me right over the edge! RIGHT OVER IT!! -December 28, 2009 at 10:41am

Melissa’s sister Lysa and her mom Donna seemed to be very surprised by the incident. Lysa commented, “I know whose house you went to for christmas and I’m shocked to hear that. What ever happened to thinking it and not saying it?” while Donna Marco said she was surprised by the the incident. A bit shocking to see Lysa and Donna that surprised since Melissa Gorga painted her relationship with Teresa Giudice prior to the show so horrible that you would think her family wouldnt be that surprised? Or that Teresa Giudice wouldnt invite Melissa’s sisters over to hang out.

Recently Jacqueline Laurita was on a podcast with Carlos King where she admitted Melissa Gorga got on the show after posting about the sprinkle cookie incident to her Facebook page knowing producers that she recently added on social media would see it. Melissa also knew that families were on the show and it could be one of the reasons she added producers and Danielle Staub on Facebook.

Jacqueline Laurita says Melissa and Joe Gorga came to all events during filming of the earlier seasons prior to joining the show. Jacqueline reveals that producers did see the Facebook post made by Melissa over sprinkle cookie gate. Jacqueline also confirms what we have all been saying: Teresa found out one week before the show started filming that her brother and sister-in-law would be joining.

Jacqueline adds that Teresa did not want drama with her family and found out that Melissa had been on Facebook always talking negatively about her but acted fine during holidays, birthdays. Jacqueline told Carlos King Teresa was ready to quit and did not sign her contract but Jacqueline convinced her one day before filming.

Jacqueline reiterates what was confusing to her saying on one hand the Gorgas said they didn’t come on the show to fight with Teresa but the christening episode told everyone otherwise. Jacqueline explains that the Gorgas are “really good” at playing the victims. Jacqueline also confirms that the Gorgas were upset that Teresa didn’t have them on the show with her season one and two.

On September 6, 2010, Danielle Staub told that both Melissa and Joe Gorga had been contacting her for the past year and a half saying,

Teresa never greeted her nephew. I have proof of that in email. She never said congratulations to her brother when her nephew was born. Her brother has been directly contacting me for the past year and a half, letting me know how he feels about his sister. And how he and his wife – pregnant wife – were thrown from her house because they brought my favorite cookies to Christmas Eve. My favorite cookies. From Corrado’s! The ones I took on The Today Show in season 1. “And not once do you see her with her brother and her sister-in-law and their beautiful children. Not once! But she glorifies everybody else. Why couldn’t she show her real family? Why? Just tell me why? Because they have more than her maybe? Because she’s jealous of them maybe? Or maybe they would have told the truth and said Teresa goes off like that all the time. ‘It’s not just Danielle. Teresa’s certifiably crazy.’ I think they’re going to have their chance now to speak the truth. Go for it, I’m all behind you.

Another excerpt on Melissa Gorga and her family coming for Teresa Giudice prior to getting on the show.

By HairLikeCher, Guest Blogger October 6, 2012

There is so much evidence that Melissa Gorga IS the destruction of RHONJ — and the Gorga family — and it has been that way since before season one even aired. Shall we look at it? There was a blog (On Common Ground) that was discussing RHONJ prior to season one and it had an “anonymous” poster who claimed to be a close family member of Teresa’s and who was bashing her up and down. Another “anonymous” poster was talking about Teresa’s brother and more specifically about his wife and how beautiful she is, how young and successful they are, how big their house is, etc…and how if Teresa is anything like her brother then the show should be interesting. The comments were clearly Melissa. They were also posted minutes apart from each other.

She wrote the song “On Display” before anyone even knew who she was. It is a narcissist’s anthem about how she is constantly plagued by paparazzi and jealous haters who are trying to take her down. That might have made sense if she wrote it AFTER she were already successful. However, her music career STILL hasn’t taken off enough to be considered successful. And I repeat, she wrote it while she was filming season three…nobody knew who the hell she was.

So the lyrics are basically her fantasizing about what she wants. Drama. “Melissa co-wrote the song ‘On Display’ before her first season on RHONJ aired, when only those within her tiny circle knew her name. It’s reasonable to imagine that Melissa was stalking Teresa’s whole life since 2008, the year season 1 was filmed, and wrote the lyrics as if she were Teresa. She had all the poses, smiles and red carpet interviews practiced for years in front of the mirror. She could ‘feel the weight of the world pushing down on her’ before she was on air! Imagine that.” – Obvious Lee, April 20, 2012, Reality Tea Her introduction to the show was the Christening episode. Her, her husband, her sisters and her brothers-in-law attacking Teresa. Verbally and physically.

Melissa Gorga finally got cast on RHONJ and that’s when Melissa’s sisters tone changed towards Teresa Giudice and we see it on season 3, episode one where Teresa says at little Joey’s christening that Lysa had confided in her complaintss about Melissa. Lysa then shouted at Teresa that there is only one side and not to get it twisted.

Below we will be sharing tweets throughout the years from Melissa’s sisters Lysa Simpson as well as when Lysa threatened Bravo on behalf of Melissa.

More tweets showing Lysa Simpson’s husband, Scottie Simpson, getting involved with the drama

That’s not all. Here’s a post back in 2011 where we compiled a list of all of Melissa’s family members and friends that went on twitter to bash Teresa Giudice directly & indirectly 

Post from 2011 via AllAboutTRH:

“Melissa has many family members & friends that go on Twitter and bash Teresa directly or indirectly. It is sad and just goes to show her and her family are bullies. I have compiled a long list of just SOME of the hate tweets the Marco family has put out. There are a lot of tweets that have been deleted, and many that I couldn’t catch. Melissa has her aunts, cousins, nieces, sisters and mother on Twitter. Almost all mention that they are related to her in their bio. Almost all constantly retweet Melissa’s accomplishments- whether it’s about “On Display” or an article about her in a magazine. Here are just a few examples of the hate seen:

1) Melissa’s aunt Lou Marco Orlick. Countless retweets about Melissa’s appearances and magazine articles. Countless praises to Melissa.
Retweeted about the Zenvous article (indirect slam towards Teresa’s followers aka “haters”):

@melissagorga was my choice from day one! Read this weeks InTouch magazine and all the haters can shutup
19 Nov via Twitter for iPhoneFavorite Retweet Reply
Retweeted by LouMarcoOrlick and 6 others
Mentioned in this Tweet

Posted an article about Teresa:

@LouMarcoOrlickLouella Marco Orlick
RHONJ Star Melissa: Teresa’s A Self-Made Target – Star via @AddThis
16 Nov via Tweet ButtonFavorite Retweet Reply

Wow, a mean tweet about Teresa:

@LouMarcoOrlickLouella Marco Orlick
T doesn’t know the meaning of most of the words of her questionshaaaaa
23 Oct via Twitter for iPhoneFavorite Retweet Re

Retweeted Jac’s Tweet about Dina

JacLaurita Jacqueline Laurita
I talked to Dina for a while the other day. We are good.
23 Oct
in reply to ?

@LouMarcoOrlickLouella Marco Orlick
Not surprised ..shame on “Teresa@JacLaurita
23 Oct via Mobile WebFavorite Retweet Reply
Mentioned in this Tweet

Retweeted another user’s Tweet about Teresa:

@mcollins0920Marie Collins
I’m sorry but Tre is a “twisted Sista” I don’t think she can remember all the lies she tells..
23 Oct via webFavorite Retweet Reply
Retweeted by LouMarcoOrlick

Posted a not so nice article about Joe Giudice:

@LouMarcoOrlickLouella Marco Orlick
‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ Recap: Joe Giudice Is a Bad Person, Worse… via @The_Stir
29 Aug via Tweet ButtonFavorite Retweet Reply
Mentioned in this Tweet

2)Donna Marco- Melissa’s Mom
Was only able to find one tweet towards Teresa… and it’s not a good one. She retweeted this (I wonder what her in laws would think if they saw this)

@NotSoSoccerMomJill Hickey
devil with a blue dress, blue dress, blue dress on……. (just downloaded this- — no relation) #reunionnj
23 Oct via TweetGrid.comFavorite Retweet Reply
Retweeted by donnamarco1 and 1 other

3)Lysa “Don’t Get it Twisted” Sympson” aka Melissa’s sister. Was able to only get some of the tweets. There are many that were deleted, and some that I couldn’t go too far back to see:

Of course, we know this is towards Teresa:

@LysaSimpsonLysa Simpson
what’s the matter, people seeing your husband’s true colors and your looking for a way out of your corner? LIAR
25 Jul via web Favorite Retweet Reply
Retweeted by SaraESpivey and 6 others
Lysa retweets after the Posche Fashion Show:

@Miss69230Melissa Mazzarella
@joegorga Joe “blood is thicker than water” in most cases this is true…with the exception of those with Ice running through their veins!!!
28 Sep via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply
Mentioned in this Tweet

joegorga Joe Gorga • Follow
Proud husband and father.. My wife is the newest cast member on #RHONJ. For bookings & endorsements, contact
Retweeted byLysasimpson and 10 others

4)Joe Gorga- Teresa’s own brother. Puts his wife’s family before his:

Curious who “fixed” their family? No one that I can see:

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
Wait to you see who fixes my family…… you will be suprised…..
17 May via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Takes a snipe at his sister:

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
Just read the blogs, when will she stop?
11 Jul via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

And of course, after the fashion show:

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
I thought the saying was blood is thicker than water. #BULLSHIT

Retweets this indirectly towards Teresa the day after the Posche Fashion Show:
Retweeted by Joe:

@joegorga Jealousy makes people make bad decisions.
28 Sep via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

And accuses “ALLABOUTTRH” of being on Teresa’s payroll:

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
@AllAboutTRHONJ keep on trying I know u work for Teresa stop hiding come out come out who ever u r!!!
28 Sep via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

Retweeted by Joe:

joegorga Joe Gorga
I thought the saying was blood is thicker than water. #BULLSHIT
28 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply
in reply to @joegorga ?

@Miss69230Melissa Mazzarella
@joegorga Joe “blood is thicker than water” in most cases this is true…with the exception of those with Ice running through their veins!!!
28 Sep via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply
Mentioned in this Tweet

Another Tweet by Joe the day after the Posche Fashion Show:
Retweeted by Joe:

@sue34747 @lynnnchicago I think Teresa must have set Melissa and/or Joe up to look bad (ie @JacLaurita tweets and now@joegorga tweets).
28 Sep via web Favorite Retweet Reply

And then almost a month later this:

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
I love my sister there is a history between us that u will never figure out watching an hr a week trust me I’m a man who loves his family
23 Oct via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

Tells someone to “bite him” when they call him out

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
Bite meRT @Karribe_Wilson: @joegorgaHow do you associate with ppl who Trash your Sister. How do you look your parents & nieces in the face?
23 Oct via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

Then retweets this:
A retweet by Joe:

@FrederikVenturaFrederik Ventura
@joegorga @Karribe_Wilson you can’t judge someone w out knowing the back story. His sis is not innocent by any means!

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
I’m sick, wish she could just love my family & stop trying to tear us apart. Fact. this was way before the show, the show is her excuse.
1 Nov via web Favorite Retweet Reply

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
If she never wrote it I wouldn’t have to respond… always has to stir things up when they are quiet.
1 Nov via web Favorite Retweet Reply

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
Bye byeRT @bbartolomucci: @joegorgatoo late! U trash ur sis on twitter u lose fans. done!
1 Nov via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

What haters does Teresa follow Joe?

@joegorgaJoe Gorga
Did u ask her the same quesRT@NatalieMathis19: @joegorga why don’t you follow your own sister on twitter? But you’ll follow all her haters?
1 Nov via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

5) Kim Pirrella, the other wicked sister:

She retweeted this tweet:

@bronzebeauBronze Beau
@jaymohr37 I’ve been on @melissagorgaside since the beginning. Congrats for finally seeing Tre for wht she really is: rude, jealous, greedy
11 Aug via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Another retweet by Kim Pirrella:

I love that Jerry oconnell is trying to talk some sense into @Teresa_Giudice ! She won’t listen. Like @CarolineManzo said “brickwall” #WWHL
7 Aug via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Kim Retweeting Jacqueline Laurita:

@JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita
She did know at the christening that they were all filming.
16 Oct via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

@JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita
This is what I’ve dealt w/all season.On camera T seems sincere&tries so hard but in reality it wasn’t sincere.
16 Oct via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

@JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita
T never wanted Melissa on camera Asked us she wouldnt be on camera
16 Oct via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

@JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita
Teresa told Kathy before I even met her that I said she was immature. I did. Only because of things Teresa told me about her.
16 Oct via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

Tweets during the reunion:

@kimpirrellaKim Pirrella
#ReunionNJ condescending bullshit again! Seriously? Wedding? NOW I’VE HEARD IT ALL!!
23 Oct via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Indirectly towards Teresa?

@kimpirrellaKim Pirrella
I have ALWAYS believed What Goes Around Comes Around! And I live by it!
1 Oct via Twitter for iPad Favorite Retweet Reply

Kim Retweeted Wendy Williams:

@WendyWilliamsWendy Williams
Are you serious Teresa? @bravoAndyshe’s not fun anymore….find a new NJ Housewife to replace her! #sayitlikeyoumeanit
16 Oct via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

@WendyWilliamsWendy Williams
Teresa gudice has lost her mind! She has become lovable…now evil before our eyes!! Im glad she’s not my friend. #sayitlikeyoumeanit

Kim Pirrella retweeted a Manzo relative:

@candicelauritacandice laurita
Btw @JacLaurita and @CarolineManzoare not lying about anything! #TRUTH
16 Oct via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

More retweets by Kim Pirrella… Bully much?

@ImaJustSayingWhats in a Name??
WTF? @TeresaGiudice on her blog post says ” I really don’t carry grudges.” ARE YOU F’N KIDDING ME? Still has the card from housewarming!!!
4 Oct via Power Twitter Favorite Retweet Reply

@ImaJustSayingWhats in a Name??
#TVTIME101 Teresa Giudice Has Lost Her Mind And Jill Zarin Thinks We Are All Aimlessly…
19 Oct via Google Favorite Retweet Reply

6)Scott Simpson (Lysa Simpson’s husband):

baby_heidicakes heidi
@scottie_simpson what dya think of the whole Teresa fiasco?
23 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply
in reply to ?

@scottie_simpsonScott Simpson
@baby_heidicakes out of respect for @joegorga and @melissagorgaI won’t comment out of family respect!!!!
23 Oct via Twitter for iPhone

baby_heidicakes heidi
@scottie_simpson I appreciate that. Sorry, didn’t mean2offend. Joe&Melissa are awesome and Lysa is HOT!x
23 Oct Favorite Retweet Reply
in reply to ?

@scottie_simpsonScott Simpson
@baby_heidicakes no offense taken really!!!! I won’t ever disrespect my brother in law!!!! I know it’s a tough situation!!!
23 Oct via Twitter for iPhoneFavorite Retweet Reply

7)George Miguel C- Melissa’s makeup artist (or as he likes to put it, “celebrity makeup artist:”)

Retweeted this:

@LisaLampanelliLisa Lampanelli
@GreggyBennett Very smart move! BTW I’d rather be 1/16th Italian than 100 percent cunt like 1 housewife I know. LOL
10 Oct via web Favorite Retweet Reply

And the deleted tweets by George Miguel:

8)Tara Bogota (TMARIEMARCO)- Melissa’s cousin Part of her tagline on Twitter is this:
Joined twitter to support #Team Melissa #Team Gorga & the Marco Sisters!! and to follow my favs!!
Retweeted Jacqueline Laurita:

@JacLauritaJacqueline Laurita
T never wanted Melissa on camera Asked us not 2 talk to her on camera 2nd season when she came 2 parties filmed so she wouldnt be on camera
16 Oct via Mobile Web Favorite Retweet Reply

During the reunion:

@tmariemarcoTara Bogota
@melissagorga the way you are handling yourself during all this is great!! #keepinitclassy #proudcousin

@tmariemarcoTara Bogota
@CarolineManzo your facial expressions tonight #priceless #loveit
16 Oct via Twitter for iPhone

@tmariemarcoTara Bogota
#oneside @LysaSimpson
16 Oct via Twitter for iPhoneFavorite Retweet Reply

@tmariemarcoTara Bogota
Serve it up @melissagorga
16 Oct via Twitter for iPhoneFavorite Retweet Reply
And indirectly towards Teresa:

@tmariemarcoTara Bogota
Someone is being putting on BLAST tonight on bravo! Karma is a bitch!!
16 Oct via Twitter for iPhone”

AllAboutTRH 2011

On top of tweets throughout the years, The Marco Sisters twitter fan site that the Marcos constantly shared shut down suddenly claiming that Melissa Gorga has a double persona.

From MarcoSistersFan – Source Famewhorgas:

I am sorry to say that I will be closing down this [Twitter] account very shortly. After some time, I’ve become aware of Melissa Gorga’s double persona. She has proved to be a narcissist and has showed an extremely passive aggressive attitude. I also found Joe Gorga’s actions in the premiere episode [of season 4] to be extremely disturbing. This family will stop at nothing to bring Teresa down. Joe Gorga is a vile man who will stop at nothing to bring his sister down. Teresa has showed us viewers that she can rise above the pettiness. Melissa came on the show with the intent to hurt, and that’s something I can no longer support. Her makeup artist should be reprimanded for talking ill of her sister-in-law.

Melissa Gorga, you came on the show to air out your dirty family laundry and did not care who got hurt on your path to “fame.” You’re a lousy singer. Your husband is a famewhore; he just wants to be made into a 6th housewife! I am tweeting to let you all know that Melissa and Joe Gorga are not innocent. They try to portray themselves as such, but it is an ACT! Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga are phonies. They want America to believe they are victims when in reality they are SCUM.

This season [season 4] will put more things into perspective for all you fans of the Gorgas! Team Teresa! Teresa Giudice, I am so sorry if I ever wrote anything negative about you. I see the truth now! You’re amazing, as a mother, sister, daughter, friend, etc. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise! Shine on! Caroline controls Jacqueline. It’s sick! I once tweeted Jacqueline something in defense of Teresa, and I was immediately DM’ed by the Marco sisters asking to delete my tweets because Jac was their friend. They never once asked me to delete anything negative I wrote about Teresa!

RHWGOSSIP, give it a rest, and take your head out of the Gorga’s ass! We see the truth! RHWGOSSIP, you would love the world to believe that everyone HATES Teresa, but the truth I see is that she clearly has a bigger fan-base than you can fathom! Yes, I did lie about @bino989 sending me DMs. I’m sorry. I was told that you and that blogger site were harassing the Marco sisters! I was used as a shield to protect them! Lysa Simpson, why don’t you tell everyone how you had no problem letting me speak in defense of you guys and how you had no problem if I threw Teresa under the bus. Lysa believes that Bino and AlllAboutTRH are the ones who were starting the most mess for them. I am not proud of my actions. I was just merely a fan in the beginning trying to protect those I was a fan of. I’m glad I realized what a mistake that was.

We’ll also be sharing the messiness of all the Gorgas being so invested in RHONJ prior to Melissa joining with Melissa chiming in on her thoughts of each episode

via Famewhorgas:

This is Melissa’s reaction to Caroline winning the best mom poll while watching the reunion:

-Melissa Marco-Gorga I would pick Caroline without a doubt!!!!! August 30 at 9:23pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (16)Hide Feedback (16) 7 people like this..

-Melissa Marco-Gorga But not because her kids are twenty…. Just because shes good… some people cant take defeat!!!! -August 30 at 9:27pm ·

Linda Deeck-NunesI love her! She’s like the best big sister! -August 30 at 9:27pm ·

.Tamara Markowitz shes a great protector dont mess with her familia -August 30 at 9:29pm ·

Giovanna Cinquemani Deff.. she’s an incredible strong woman!!! -August 30 at 9:35pm ·

Tara Marie Me too!! -August 30 at 9:37pm ·

Josephine Petrazzuolo- Adornetto Melissa , WOW. Enough said. Lollllll

This is her reaction to Danielle’s “nephew” comment:-

Melissa Marco-Gorga Wow Wow Wow!!!! August 30 at 9:13pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (21)Hide Feedback (21) 5 people like this..

Todd Bianchiwhat nephew was danielle talking about? –August 30 at 9:15pm · .

Debra Murphy You don’t know what happens already?!!!! -August 30 at 9:16pm · .

Sheila Marino-Giudice Omg lmfaoooooooo -August 30 at 9:19pm · .

Linda Deeck-Nunes Missy, LOVE< LOVE< LOVE your sister-in-law! She is a riot! -August 30 at 9:23pm ·  .

Amanda Royle Constantine wow… meliss -August 30 at 9:37pm · 

Todd Bianchi so whats the truth then? -August 30 at 9:48pm · .

Amanda Royle Constantine Ben loves the drama…. -August 30 at 10:09pm ·

Jennefer Acosta D’Antonio Wow I knew that was about you :+( -August 30 at 10:46pm · .

Andrea Festa Zembilis That about sums it up! haha -Tuesday at 1:11am ·   

Martha E. Aleman-Fava Interesting -Tuesday at 5:45am ·

Christi Vosper Romano OMG!!!! -Tuesday at 6:15am ·

Lysa Marco-Simpson what happen…………hit a nerve? -Tuesday at 8:22am · .

Lisa Gelinas I didn’t understand that comment, but I’m guessing it is a private family issue? I hope your family isn’t getting dragged into some mess by Danielle. -Tuesday at 8:47am ·.

Caroline Lombardi-Rauseo hahaha, Danielle definitely got to her and the crazy came out. This morning on news 12, Kim G said some pretty interesting things about her, hope u caught it, if not put it on, they will repeat it! -Tuesday at 11:34am · .

Edel Aleman Di Gangi sheila you made me pee in my pants with yoru comment -Tuesday at 5:03pm · .

Lisa Gelinas Now, there is all kinds of speculation online as to who the ‘mystery nephew’ is…most comes back as Joe G’s illegitimate son. I would imagine it would be hard to have your personal business on tv when you never signed up to be on the show. The media, being the way they are, I hope they don’t start harrassing you. -Tuesday at 6:10pm · LikeUnlike.Write a comment….

Here is a comment she made during a discussion about her live in nanny. I think it’s pretty clear who she is referencing here:

-Melissa Marco-Gorga Thats right Andrea! I agree I hate when people say I don’t need a nanny I do everything myself, & their mother is there everyday!!!! March 26 at 12:48pm

These comments were made in references to the “red sauce/time of the month” episode:

-Melissa Marco-Gorga How funny was my father-in-law on the housewives? Me & Joe are still laughing! April 23 at 9:31am via Mobile Web · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (14)Hide Feedback (14). 2 people like this..

-Donna Marco Hes going to steal the show.Love him!!!! -April 23 at 9:32am ·

GelinasHe was too cute! How hysterical was that conversation! And the look on Joe’s face was priceless. -April 23 at 9:44am ·

Caroline Lombardi-RauseoHe is hysterical…cannot wait to see more. R u n Joe going to make an appearance this season? -April 23 at 10:09am ·

Melissa Marco-GorgaWe were at some of the parties but she really didn’t do any thing with her brother or his family…. April 23 at 10:23am · LikeUnlike

If you go to twitter and check out Melissa Gorga’s sisters, Melissa Gorga nieces, and nephews twitter account- you will see them liking posts of people trashing Teresa Giudice all the way back from 2011 until present.

Teresa clearly made the right decision by not inviting the Marcos as Lysa Marco Simpson made sure to go on Instagram the day of Teresa’s wedding and throw shade at her while Teresa Giudice’s brother Joe Gorga reposted

Lysa simpson

While it’s easy to forgive – sometimes you just can’t forget. And this was a family who was after Teresa once she saw success on the show.

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