EXCLUSIVE: Joe Gorga Accuses Frankie Jr Of Calling Him To Talk Poorly Of Louie After Working With Him At The RHONJ Reunion; Frankie Catania Jr. Denies It!


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Gorga continues to throw out false allegations – this time doing it at the RHONJ reunion taping on 4/20 and involving Dolores Catania’s son, Frankie Catania Jr.

Sources close to producers tell AllAboutTRH exclusively what happened during the taping explaining,

“During the reunion taping, Joe Gorga accuses little Frankie of calling him to talk poorly of Louie after working with him insinuating that Louie did something wrong to Frankie when he worked for his company.”

Dolores Catania couldn’t believe what was coming out of Joe Gorgas mouth immediately shutting the rumor down,

“Dolores was pissed. She knows for a fact that little Frankie would never call Joe Gorga and couldn’t believe Joe Gorga was dragging her son. She denied it right away and told Joe Gorga not to drag her son into this mess especially when it’s not true. Joe Gorga didn’t fight back and stopped talking about it after Dolores denied it.”

AllAboutTRH reached out to Frankie after this rumor initially came out in early April and Frankie told us that he had no issues working with Louie Ruelas saying,

“Absolutely not. Job was great, learned a bunch and ended up going to a bigger firm. Awesome experience.”

Frank Catania Jr.

We reached out to Frankie Jr for comment after hearing Joe’s latest accusation on the reunion taping and Frankie shut the rumor down again telling AllAboutTRH exclusively that he doesn’t want to get involved adding,

“I never complained about Lou to Joe. Like I said before, (I) had a great experience working at his RE firm and it allowed me to pivot in a great position. I really like Lou and Joe. I really don’t even know why I would be brought up either. But understand lots of bad blood there so tempers flaring.”

As for where Dolores and Teresa stand? Our sources reveal,

“They are in a great place. They went to dinner with each other after the reunion taping along with Paulie, Louie, Danielle Calabral and her husband Nate. They were very much loyal to each other at the reunion.”

The reunion is set to air at the end of May.

Are you surprised Joe Gorga is dragging Frankie Jr?

Joe Gorga accused Frankie Catania Jr., Dolores Catania’s son, of calling him to speak negatively about Louie Ruelas, insinuating that Louie had done something wrong to Frankie while working for his company.

Dolores Catania was furious and immediately denied the allegations. She stated that Frankie would never call Joe Gorga and expressed her disbelief that Joe would drag her son into the situation, especially when it was not true. Joe Gorga did not argue further after Dolores denied the allegations.

Frankie Catania Jr. stated that he had no issues working with Louie Ruelas. He described the job as great, saying that he learned a lot and eventually moved on to a bigger firm. Frankie emphasized that he had a positive experience working with Louie and did not complain about him to Joe Gorga.

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