RHOBH Finale Recap: Kyle Richards Lost ‘Trust’ In Mauricio Umansky


The news of Kyle Richards separation sends shockwaves through RHOBH cast as the OG admits she’s lost “trust” in Mauricio Umansky and there’s a “big chance” their marriage won’t last.

On the season 13 finale episode of RHOBH, Kyle Richards and her co-stars were reeling after the news of her separation from husband Mauricio Umansky became public knowledge.

In July PEOPLE broke the news that the longtime RHOBH couple had separated after 27 years of marriage. This news send shockwaves through the entire RHOBH cast.

While Facetiming with her husband, Paul “PK” Kemsley, Dorit Kemsley revealed that “Kyle never, ever gave an indication that they were separating.” PK dubbed the whole thing, “pretty f—ed up.”

Sutton Stracke, on the other hand, noted “this didn’t happen overnight and the truth is, we’ve always known about problems in her marriage leading up to this.” She then listed off the clues that everyone missed which foreshadowed Kyle and Mauricio’s separation.

“I think that Kyle was lying to us the whole time. … This is suss. The whole thing,” Sutton added.

After releasing a statement about their marriage following PEOPLE‘s article about their separation, the RHOBH OG reflected on how each member of her family is handling the news and their new normal.

“When the PEOPLE magazine article came out, I was with Mo and the girls and all of our phones just started blowing up,” Kyle recalled. “Mo was really focused on who gave the story and I was more focused on how it was affecting all of us. I saw Alexia start to cry. We got in the car, all of us, and it was this weird … like, nobody knew what to do or say.” 

“It just felt like my whole life was over in that moment. The life as I knew it,” she added.

In RHOBH finale, Kyle and Mauricio have a family meeting with their daughters after news of their separation breaks.
In RHOBH finale, Kyle and Mauricio have a family meeting with their daughters after news of their separation breaks.

Elsewhere in the episode Kyle sat down with RHOBH co-star Erika Jayne, who apologized for not being “the most observant of friends”

However, Kyle let Erika off the hook, noting that there wasn’t “anything to observe because we’ve been dealing with things privately.” 

“I think the hardest part about what we’re going through is that there isn’t one big huge thing. That’s the hardest part for me,” the RHOBH OG admitted. “There’s these things that I’ve been needing and wanting more for my marriage that I just can’t get. And, since that article came out, I’m seeing, you know, ‘Oh, it’s obviously because Mo cheated’ or ‘Now, Kyle has cheated.'” 

“What is the truth with that?” Erika then asked, acknowledging the rumors swirling about Kyle cheating on Mauricio with country singer Morgan Wade.

Kyle shared, “There’s literally nothing to do with anybody else. This is really just about Mo and me. It’s not about our family, it’s not about external family, it’s not about another person on his side or my side. This is just about Mo and me.”

“I think that he’s more like the person that likes to pretend that every is OK,” she explained.

“When we first met, we were really opposites. Complete opposites. And that worked. I always would joke and say – if it wasn’t for me, he would be dead, because I keep him safe. And if it wasn’t for him, I would never take chances in life,” the mother of four continues while choking up. “And that worked. And also like — we always grew. Because we’ve been together since our early twenties.”

Erika tells Kyle she should be “proud” that her marriage lasted this long to which Kyle replied, “I know. And it is very admirable and it’s always been something I’m very proud of.”

Kyle admits she fears her marriage won't survive in RHOBH finale.
Kyle admits she fears her marriage won’t survive in RHOBH finale.

Kyle then admits she feels her separation from Mauricio is a “letdown” which baffled Erika leading her to ask, “For whom?”

“For me, for him, for the kids, for people who don’t even know us. I mean complete strangers are like, ‘We looked up to you guys and you made us believe in true love,’ ” Kyle continues. 

Erin quickly reminds Kyle:

“This is true love. This is true love. Listen to me. There’s only two people in this marriage. So everybody else’s opinion can f— off.”

“You have to make yourself happy. You’ve raised these girls. You’ve been a good wife to this man. You’ve been a great sister, a great daughter, but if you’re not happy inside – whatever that means for you — you must take that time and find out what you need, and where you need to go with this life,” Erika advises her friend and longtime RHOBH co-star.

A week later, Kyle confesses that she and Mauricio are still grappling with their separation being made public.

“Things have been a lot more uncomfortable with me and Mo ever since the article came out, I think because it made it just so much more real,” she shared. “I feel like my kids have basically lived a fairy tale but then, I felt like the article coming out, they thought that the rug had been pulled out from underneath of them because things are worse than we led on to be.”  

The two decided to sit down with their daughters and “clear up” what’s being said in the press.

Kyle told her four daughters: “I think the most important thing is just for you guys to know we haven’t told you guys everything because we tried to protect you. And then, all of a sudden, you get blindsided by this public news and then you don’t know about it, it’s probably difficult.” 

Kyle comforts youngest daughter Portia as the family discusses their new dynamic.
Kyle comforts youngest daughter Portia as the family discusses their new dynamic.

She added, “I just wanted to make sure that we were open and that you guys knew what we were going through and see if there’s any questions. I do want you guys to know that we haven’t talked about a divorce.” 

However, the RHOBH OG later admitted that she doesn’t have much hope for the future of her marriage.

“I’ve come to realize that, you know, there’s a big chance that we’re not gonna end up together,” she said in her RHOBH confessional.

When asked by a producer what happened in her marriage, Kyle responded:

“There were things that happened that made me lose my trust and I wasn’t able to recover from…. I just want to be at peace wherever I’m at because I haven’t really had that. Am I done? It’s over.”

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