RHOP Recap: Robyn Dixon Breaks Down Over Husband Juan’s Lawsuit

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Everything, including the drama, is bigger in Texas. The ladies of RHOP confront Robyn Dixon about her private life during cast trip to Austin.

On Sunday’s episode of RHOP, Wendy and Nneka‘s day one drama in Austin, Texas, continues with the two bickering over how they may or may not be connected.

The group is confused by Wendy’s claim that she doesn’t know Nneka’s mother-in-law, Lebe, but there’s footage of Wendy praising her three years earlier at her daughters’ sip and see.

They are also baffled by Wendy’s accusation that Nneka was “smoking crack in L.A.,” a claim that the RHOP denies and says is nothing more than “deflection” from Wendy.

The ladies put a pin in the drama and head to dinner. In the car, on the way to dinner, the ladies discuss what went down between Nneka and Wendy.

Nneka says Wendy’s claims about her are “incredibly defamatory” but notes that she doesn’t see Wendy apologizing.

“She’s not going to because she’s upset about the scenario and her mom. And for her to admit that any conversation like that transpired would admit that her mom consults with a shrine or, like, has interaction with a shrine. Like, who can admit that? I’m open to anything, even just saying, “Girl, I didn’t know,” ’cause mamas be crazy, right? But just the whole dismissal is ridiculous,” Nneka says.

As for Wendy, she says there’s “no relationship to salvage there” with Nneka.

At dinner, the ladies pause the drama and discuss their various sex capades. Afterward, Robyn invites everyone back to her hotel room to hang out.

Robyn is surprised that Canidace is hanging out in her hotel room after bashing her on social media over the last several months.

“It was literally just weeks ago Candiace chose to bash me online,” Robyn says in her confessional as Candiace’s array of tweets flood the screen, including one calling the RHOP OG a “fraud.”

“And now she’s in my room, wearing my slippers, acting like nothing ever happened. I’m confused as s**t,” Robyn continues.

As the ladies all start to leave Robyn’s room, Candiace tells Robyn, “It’s time” that they talk, to which the RHOP OG agrees.

Candiace adds in her confessional interview, “Robyn has always been like a big sister to me, and being in this space where we’re able to have fun definitely reminds me of where we used to be. So, bitch, we need to talk.”

The following day, Robyn, Gizelle, and Ashley have breakfast together, and they all agree they were all surprised Candiace came to Robyn’s room the night prior.

“Candiace, for sure, she’s been trashing me left and right, incessantly,” Robyn says as Ashley notes: “I found it odd she came to your room.”

Robyn adds that Candiace is “saying that I plotted on her husband and, you know, calling me a fraud. And saying whatever was going on with Juan, like, was a cover-up so that we could talk about Chris.”

Gizelle confronts Robyn about Juan's brushing off her concerns about their marriage on RHOP.
Gizelle confronts Robyn about Juan’s brushing off her concerns about their marriage on RHOP.

The rest of the RHOP cast arrives to participate in Ashley’s activity to “reconnect with our femininity.” Karen clarifies that she has zero interest in “painting [her] coohcie,” Ashley tells her she can paint a rose if she’s more comfortable.

Karen quickly shifts her attention to Robyn and asks the mom of two how she’s doing amid all the gossip in the streets about her husband, Juan Dixon.

The Grande Dame asks, “Robyn, Ashley wanted to make sure you had the second penthouse room because she wanted to make sure you were okay. And honestly, there’s a whole group of friends over here that don’t know what you’re going through. I feel like, Robyn, you selectively speak to one pocket of the friendship circle, okay? Okay, in doing so, you certainly divide the group. So, Robyn, I’m asking you directly. How are you doing?”

Robyn explains, “So, I don’t– um, first of all, what I’ve experienced personally is not dividing the group. I speak to the people who actually reach out to me and say, “I’m sorry you’re going through this. Are you okay?”’

“So, when I reached out to you, and you ignored me,” Candiace adds as Robyn replies, “Are you serious?’ After you’ve trashed me on social media incessantly, really? Do you know what I’ve gone through? I have gone through f***ing torture!”

“Well, so-so have I,” Candiace begins to say before Robyn cuts her off, interjecting, “But at my expense? No,’ but Karen says, ‘Robyn, listen. Yes, Robyn, at your expense because of you hiding your truth.”

Robyn continues, “If I didn’t tell my mama what happened, why the f**k would I walk in front of any of y’all?”

Karen adds, “Robyn, you need to be accountable,” which infuriates Robyn, who stands up and says, “Well, what do you wanna do? You wanna f***ing beat me up or something’? What do you wanna do? Hold me accountable. I’m here. I’m here.”

“You lied the entire year, but you asked all of us to be accountable,” Karen quips.

In her confessional, Karen continues, “You know what? This outfit reminds me of those women in a polygamy camp, and they’re gonna stand up for their man. Only thing Robyn was missing was her bonnet. ‘Juan is a good man. You just don’t know. Ask me, ask me! Ask me anything about Juan.’ Girl, the whole world know about Juan. We don’t need to ask you about Juan. Sit your a** down and get a bonnet. Robyn, it’s yours. I’ll save it for you.”

Robyn then asks the group, “Can we stop with this because this is a very personal experience?”

“Which you drug us into. I’m sorry. The minute you put a price [of] $5.99 on it, Robyn, and sold it to the world, you drug us into it,” Karen fires back.

Karen Dixon throws shade at RHOP co-star Robyn Dixon
Karen Dixon throws shade at RHOP co-star Robyn Dixon

Robyn asks what that has to do with Karen, to which she replies, “You betrayed us with your accountability. You compromised the integrity of our entire group.”

Wendy interjects, “How come we never saw you going up your homegirl saying, ‘You know what? I’ve been really stressed because this is going on.'”

Robyn replies, “Okay, I will address that. This girl DM’d me. I wasn’t looking at my messages. She messaged Gizelle.”

Gizelle adds, “And just because y’all did not see or hear our discussions doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” but Karen isn’t buying it: “Bulls**t,’ as Ashley says under her breath, ‘We need to just paint some p***ies.”

“I have a question,” Candiace broachs. “You said that there was a DM exchange, and you didn’t read it,’ as Robyn says she didn’t. But there’s no part of you that wants to know what they were saying to each other that was potentially inappropriate?”

Robyn responds, “It– no. Uh, Juan no longer had the messages with her. Like, he cleans his phone out like crazy. Like, he deletes everything, okay? So, he did not have the messages with her.”

Robyn continues, “Like, literally, he doesn’t even store people’s phones. He’ll have coaches reach out to him, and he’s like, “I don’t know who this is,” ’cause he’s weird, okay?’ So, he did not have the messages with her, and I don’t communicate with thirst buckets.”

Gizelle says in her confessional, “In Robyn’s defense, there is something called trust. So, if you are gonna trust somebody, then you don’t have to try to verify everything that they’re saying. But it wouldn’t be me. I’d be looking all up and through.”

Robyn Dixon is confused by RHOP co-star Candiace Dillard bashing her on social media but acting like nothings happened to her face
Robyn Dixon is confused by RHOP co-star Candiace Dillard bashing her on social media but acting like nothings happened to her face

“And if y’all wanna hold me to this fire all week, I’m good,” Robyn tells the group as Karen insists, “That-that was not what this was about.”

Ashley adds, “Robyn, I am glad we had the discussion because, you know, the activity that we had today, even though I think would have been fun and nice, we’re not doing that now, okay? So, yeah, y’all took up the whole damn morning. So, now we’re gonna do two activities. We’re either gonna go to a distillery. Or we’re gonna go to a cowboy boot shop. We can’t go as a whole group ’cause there are a lot of us. And then we’re all going to have lunch. So, everybody take a thing out the hat.”

Later in the episode, the RHOP cast does some shopping and then heads to lunch, when Robyn finds herself back in the hot seat.

Ashley tells the group that she’s still getting a divorce from Michael Darby but admits they are working out custody of their two sons. This opens the door for Mia to ask Candiace about Michael’s lawsuit against her.

“I’m not speaking about that in this group,” Candiace says, which surprises Robyn, who asks, “So, can we get a list of, like, what we can talk about and what we’re not supposed to talk about?”

Candiace replies, “No. We can be dense a different day.”

Juan defends himself against infidelity allegations
Juan defends himself against infidelity allegations

She continues, “Robyn, you’re not dumb. It’s a legal matter. Which, I mean, you, I think– you kind of went against that when you spoke about your husband’s legal matter.”

A flashback to Robyn discussing her husband Juan Dixon’s legal woes at the RHOP reunion flashes across the screen.

“I don’t know that that helped you. I’m not making those mistakes,” Candiace quips.

Robyn insists, “His legal matter has nothing to do with anything,” however, Wendy disagrees: “A Title IX violation has nothing to do with why a university employee was fired?”

“Think about it. The State of Maryland is representing Juan. You know why? Because they all know that it’s bulls**t,” Robyn fires back.

In her confessional, Wendy says, “A Title IX violation prohibits discrimination on sex, gender, sexual orientation. Coaches are supposed to be leaders. If they’re not of good moral standing, that trickles down to the entire team. And between the lawsuit, the publicity for infidelity, for her to really think that that’s not why he got fired, Robyn, you can’t be that naive.”

“The university actually knows that he did not do anything wrong, that he called his athletic director as soon as he found out, that they were meeting with campus police the very next day. They know the actual facts. He didn’t commit a Title IX violation. That’s all I’m saying,” Robyn explains.

Robyn continues in her confessional, “He did not do anything that he was accused of in this lawsuit. There is no Title IX violation. So, Miss Smarty-pants can shut up ’cause clearly she’s trying to make things worse.”

As the ladies get into their cars to head back to their hotel, Robyn breaks down in tears while talking to Juan about the lawsuit.

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