RHOP Recap: Nneka and Wendy Go Head-to-Head During Cast Trip to Austin

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On Sunday’s episode of RHOP, Nneka Ihim and Wendy Osefo’s drama over how they know each other takes center stage during the cast trip to Austin.

Different zip code, same drama! The RHOP cast left the 20854 and headed to Austin, Texas, for their first cast trip of season 8.

Despite leaving Potomac in their rearview mirror, the RHOP cast flew their drama first class to Austin, Texas, leading to Nneka Ihim and Wendy Osefo unpacking all their issues.

Nneka claims that her mother-in-law, Lebe Iwu, received calls from Wendy’s sister, Ivy, and her mother about the 36-year-old joining the RHOP cast.

According to the RHOP newbie, Wendy’s mom called her mother-in-law, Lebe, to say she submitted Nneka’s name to a shrine after they learned she was joining the Potomac Housewives franchise.

“During pickleball, Nneka kept on saying, ‘Your mom says she’s gonna put my name on a shrine. She’s gonna do this. She’s gonna do that.’ It was never about Nneka. It was always about her in-law, Lebe, and Ivy, my sister. Her and my sister were friends. They’re no longer friends. They have been on and off for the past two. It’s been shaky,” Wendy told the group.

Nneka fired back: “Nice try. Nice try. It was not a fight between friends.”

She explained that Ivy told Lebe that Wendy was upset “that I had allegedly used her name, and I’m telling people that she and I are friends, to be amongst a social circle.”

RHOP newbie Nneka Ihim fires back at Wendy Osfefo's lies
RHOP newbie Nneka Ihim fires back at Wendy Osfefo’s lies

“Which is incorrect. I met her at an event, but I’ve never said that she and I are friends ’cause I don’t know her. I met her in passing,” she continued.

“You knew exactly who I was. You came, and you specifically went against your fellow Nigerian sister with the sole purpose and intent to attack me,” Wendy said while pointing her finger at the RHOP newbie.

“Goodbye, goodbye,” Nneka told Wendy, who replied, “You knew who I was.”

“Get outta here. Get outta here. I didn’t know. I still don’t know you,” Nneka quipped.

RHOP OG Gizelle Bryant interjected, asking what was the source of all the hatred between Nneka and Wendy.

Nneka says it stems from Wendy’s sister Ivy calling her a clout chaser.

“I think there’s some truth to the fact that Wendy didn’t want Nneka to come on the show,” Ashley Darby said in her confessional.

“Unfortunately, Wendy is jealous,” Robyn Dixon commented in her confessional.

Wendy Osefo confronts RHOP newbie Nneka Ihim over her allegations
Wendy Osefo confronts RHOP newbie Nneka Ihim over her allegations

“I mean, you know, she should just say it. Just say, ‘You know, I wanted to be the only Nigerian. I wanted to hold it down for my Niger people.’ Just say that,” Ashley added.

Wendy and Nneka’s argument then intensified after Wendy insisted that she was NEVER friends with Nnecka’s mother-in-law, Lebe.

“How old is Lebe?” Candiace Dillard asked Wendy, who replied, “I don’t know. That’s my sister’s friend.”

“Wait. Is she your sister’s friend?” Nneka interjected.

“Are you lost? Are you lost?,” Wendy replied.

“But she’s not your friend. But she’s not your friend?” Nneka fired back before asking, “So, why are you announcing her at your daughter’s sip and see then?”

‘That was, …that was …no,” Wendy stammered.

Production then rolled previously unseen footage of Wendy praising Lebe.

“Oh, she was there?” Gizelle asked. Wendy insisted that Nneka was confused, but the RHOP newbie only replied with a smile, knowing she had caught Wendy in a lie.

“It’s weird to say that you don’t know someone when you would invite someone to celebrate the birth of your child. So, no, I don’t have the answer. Did they fall out? I don’t know,” Candiace said in her confessional.

“Who announces somebody as someone you want your daughter to emulate if that’s not your friend?” Nneka asked the RHOP cast as Wendy stayed silent.

Wendy then accused Nneka of “smoking crack” while living in Los Angeles but failed to have receipts to back up her claims.

Speaking of receipts, following Sunday’s episode of RHOP, Wendy took to Twitter to share some text messages to back up her claims.

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