RHOSLC Recap: Monica Garcia Confronts Mom Linda For Kidnapping Her Car


On this week’s episode of RHOSLC, Monica Garcia’s bitter feud with her mother, Linda, rages on & remains icier than ever as they come face to face.

Monica Garcia and her mom, Linda, faced off yet again during Tuesday’s all-new episode of RHOSLC.

Their latest showdown comes on the heels of Monica and Linda’s heated blowout at Angie Katsanevas’ Greek Easter party on the October 31 episode of RHOSLC. The fight between the mother-daughter duo resulted in Linda taking Monica’s car in retaliation.

“I come bearing gifts,” Linda says as she exits Monica’s black Range Rover Sport after showing up unannounced at Monica’s house.

The RHOSLC newbie responds, “This is not a gift!”

In her confessional, she adds that “there’s been zero communication” with her mom since their blowout at dinner following Angie K’s party.

Monica and her mom duke it out on this week's episode of RHOSLC
Monica and her mom duke it out on this week’s episode of RHOSLC

Linda clarifies that she’s returning Monica’s Range Rover as “a peace offering.” However, Monica has reached her limit with her mom and puts her foot down.

“I can’t do this anymore,” Monica declares. “I can’t live with when you get upset or mad that you are just going to come and take my car from me.”

Linda promises never to do it again, but Monica isn’t buying it.

“This is our pattern,” the 40-year-old RHOSLC star explains. “Our relationship has always been very volatile and very up and down. It’s like high highs and low lows.”

Monica Garcia and her mom Linda get into argument at Angie K's Greek Easter party
Monica Garcia and her mom Linda get into argument at Angie K’s Greek Easter party

As for Linda, she pleads with Monica to go to counseling to work on their relationship issues.

“I clearly have some skills to learn,” Linda notes. “When we had dinner, I was serious about therapy. I think it would be so good for us. We need to get back on track. The cycle of dysfunction in our family goes back generations, right? You and I can be the ones to break it. Are you down to have therapy with me?

Monica fires back, “Mom, you just kidnapped my car from me, and you want to talk about dysfunction?”

When it comes to going to therapy, Monica tells her mom, “I don’t know. I would like to think about it honestly because we have gone to therapy for years.”

“You and I can be the ones. I’m serious,” Lindsa tells her daughter, who will “think about” going to therapy.

RHOSLC star Monica Garcia appears on WWHL
RHOSLC star Monica Garcia appears on WWHL

In her confessional issues, the RHOSLC newbie opens up about her hesitation to move forward with her mom.

“My mother and I have been to therapy together several times—it did not help,” she admits. “We go to therapy, my mother shows up, she’s not herself, and unless you’re going to go to therapy and be really freaking brutally honest and show up as your messed up self, it doesn’t fix anything.”

Monica then makes her mom walk home – in the cold.

Turns out Linda had to do just that, according to her Twitter, where she revealed that even RHOSLC production wouldn’t give her a ride home because it was a “liability.”

Monica's mom reveals RHOSLC production wouldn't give her a ride home from Monica's house
Monica’s mom reveals that RHOSLC production wouldn’t give her a ride home from Monica’s house.

See their face-off below!

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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