Heather Gay Says RHOSLC Costar Monica Garcia is ‘Full of Lies’


Heather Gay’s opinion on RHOSLC co-star Monica Garcia has changed as she insists everything the Bravo newbie says is a lie.

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay has some choice words for her new co-star Monica Garcia.

While chatting with The Messenger, Heather makes it known that all is not well between the RHOSLC cast and Monica, teasing that everything that comes from the 40-year-old’s mouth is a lie.

“I don’t pay attention to anything she says,” Heather said. “She’s full of lies.”

When asked if she thinks anything Monica says is true, Heather quipped: “No.”

Since Monica Garcia popped up on the Bravo scene during the season 4 premiere of RHOSLC, she has rocked the Bravoverse with her bold claims and openness.

Monica quickly became a fan favorite when she joined the season 4 cast of RHOSLC. The 40-year-old quickly proved that she holds back on nothing and speaks her mind about anything and everything, including the skeletons in her closet.

RHOSLC star Monica Garcia appears on WWHL
RHOSLC star Monica Garcia appears on WWHL

The mom of four rocked the Bravoverse with her openness about everything from her affair and divorce drama to her friendship with Jen Shah and difficult childhood.

Since season 4 of RHOSLC premiered in September, Monica divulged that she had an 18-month affair with her brother-in-law.

“I was married in the temple, and then I was excommunicated for f–king my brother-in-law for 18 months,” Monica confessed to Heather during a shopping trip earlier in the season.

Monica clarified, “So, my husband’s sister, her husband.” 

After confessing the affair to her bishop, Monica was “shunned from everything and everyone.”  

“Genuinely and truly one of the worst experiences of my life,” she revealed.

During the RHOSLC season 4 premiere, Monica also revealed that she briefly worked for Jen Shah, who is now serving a 6.5-year prison sentence and played a role in putting the former RHOSLC star in prison.

“So, Jen had fired her assistant, and I stepped in to help her, and one night, Jen asked me, ‘Do you want to be rich? Do you want to make $600,000 a year? All you have to do is put this, this, and this in your name,’” Monica explained during the season 4 premiere. “I remember being so weirded out, like what? It was very bizarre. And I have a friend in the Secret Service, and I called him, and he said, ‘Get the f— away from Jen Shah — she’s going to prison.’ And she was arrested two months later. And that was how I became a witness with the federal government in her trial.”

RHOSLC OGs Lisa Barlow and Meredith Marks have questioned the validity of Monica’s claims about her role in putting Jen behind bars.

RHOSLC stars Monica Garcia, Angie K, and Lisa Barlow take shots at each other on Twitter.
RHOSLC stars Monica Garcia, Angie K, and Lisa Barlow take shots at each other on Twitter.

“I don’t trust the Secret Service if they give civilians information on open federal cases. #WWHL #RHOSLC,” Lisa tweeted in October.

“The first thing that really went through my head — and maybe I’m missing something here — but the first thing that occurred to me is that the Secret Service is not the FBI, and to the best of my knowledge, it’s just presidential security,” Meredith told Us Weekly in September“And I’m not sure what Jen did that has anything to do with presidential security. So, the whole thing just seemed odd and didn’t add up to me, to be totally honest.”

Monica also got candid about her troubled childhood and detailed her volatile relationship with her mom, which stems from her “major abandonment issues.”

“My mom and I, our relationship is so volatile. I think it dates back to my whole childhood,” Monica told Heather during episode 8 of season 4“When I turned 12, my mom decided that she wanted to chase her dream, so she dropped me off with a family in Pennsylvania and went and lived in New York. My dad left me when I was 4, and then my mom left me, so I have major, major abandonment issues because of that.”

On top of all of that, the RHOSLC newbie also put words in Meredith’s mouth when it comes to the rumors about Angie Katsanevas‘ husband, Shawn Trujillo.

At Lisa’s “Après No Ski” party, Monica told Angie that Meredith was threatening to reveal a rumor Angie’s husband had been stepping out on their marriage with men. Shawn’s so-called “boyfriends” have been talking about their alleged affairs all around Salt Lake City.

However, it turns out that wasn’t the rumor Meredith had heard about Angie and her husband.

As a result of all of this, everyone isn’t a fan of Monica’s candor and loose lips.

It will be interesting to see all of this play out the rest of the season and at the RHOSLC season 4 reunion. Monica will most definitely be in the hot seat at the season 4 reunion.

From the looks of it, nobody in the RHOSLC cast believes a word that comes out of Monica’s mouth at this point. We can’t wait to find out the story behind it all.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Thoughts on Heather’s comments? Do you think Monica lies or at least exaggerates? Share your feelings in the comments!

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