RHOSLC Recap: Monica Garcia Details ‘Volatile’ Relationship With Mom


On this week’s episode of RHOSLC, Monica Garcia details “volatile” relationship and “abandonment” issues with her mom, Linda.

Monica Garcia‘s mommy issues continued to play out on this week’s episode of RHOSLC.

On Tuesday’s episode of RHOCLC, Heather Gay provided a shoulder to cry on for Monica Garcia following her fight with her mom, Linda, at Angie Katsanevas‘s Greek Easter brunch.

The 40-year-old opened up about her troubled childhood and detailed her volatile relationship with her mom that stems from her “major abandonment issues.”

Heather reached out to Monica after witnessing her argument with Linda at Angie’s brunch and suggested they go snowmobiling. After having some fun in the snow, the two sat down for a serious conversation.

“My mom and I, our relationship is so volatile. I think it dates back to my whole childhood,” Monica told Heather. “When I turned 12, my mom decided that she wanted to chase her dream, so she dropped me off with a family in Pennsylvania and went and lived in New York. My dad left me when I was 4, and then my mom left me, so I have major, major abandonment issues because of that.”

Monica explains that she “started junior high” in Pennsylvania but was living with people who “weren’t even family.” 

“They were friends that my mom and I knew, and they had moved to Pennsylvania, and she called and asked them if she could leave me there,” she told Heather.

She noted that things between her and her mom got “so intense” at Angie’s brunch “because again, in that moment, I felt so abandoned by her.”

Monica Garcia and her mom Linda get into argument at Angie K's Greek Easter party
Monica Garcia and her mom Linda get into an argument at Angie K’s Greek Easter party on RHOSLC

“I wouldn’t have even left my bed, truly, that isn’t a joke,” Monica told Heather, noting that she was so “grateful” Heather reached out.

Heather replied, “You’re going to be OK.” 

Later on in the episode, after a cross-country skiing tailgate, Monica revealed to RHOSLC co-stars Whitney Rose, Meredith Marks, and Heather that she was driving a rental car because her mom took her car following their argument.

She explained, “When I had to buy a new car, I pay for everything, but it’s in my mom’s name, so every time she gets mad at me, she takes the car. She took my car after Angie’s Easter dinner and left me without a f—ing car and my four kids.”

Meredith noted that Monica’s car situation sounded like a “nightmare” and that “there’s no reasoning” with Linda when she’s upset.

Monica agreed, “This is what she said, ‘I want the car by 4 p.m. or I’m calling the police and saying it’s stolen.’ It’s sick.”

“It’s a control tactic” and “tantrum,” Monica added, who all agreed that the RHOSLC newbie needs to “take the control back.”

The 40-year-old met up with her mom, Linda, later on in this week’s episode of RHOSLC, but their attempts to work through their issues turned sour.

Monica and her mom duke it out on this week's episode of RHOSLC
Monica and her mom duke it out on this week’s episode of RHOSLC

“I don’t want that to happen to us,” Linda told Monica, referencing a movie she watched about a lady who was unable to resolve her issues with her mom before she died.

“You want me to feel bad for you? When I was crying, you didn’t give a s—,” Monica said.  

She continued, “You made me feel completely alone. You picked everybody else’s side. You were apologizing for me to those people that you just met. And then you expect me to sit here and feel bad for you that you are crying right now.”

Linda wasn’t moved by Monica’s words, saying, “I’m not asking you to feel bad for me. I’m asking you to have a conversation with me.” 

“Don’t talk to me like that,” Monica quipped, to which Linda replied, “I’m not going to talk to you like some weak-ass bitch either.”

RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia wears puffy sleeved black dress in confessional interview
RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia wears puffy sleeved black dress in her confessional interview

“You don’t know half of it, nothing, but you instantly took her side,” Monica said. “I don’t have that in me to apologize to someone I’ve never met before for my child.”

Linda claims she was trying to “calm [Monica] down” at Angie’s brunch before scolding her daughter for being “disrespectful.”

“Don’t mock my feelings,” Linda told Monica, who attempted to interrupt but was shut down. “Let me talk, motherf—er.”

She then attempted to change her tune by asking Monica where her issues stem from.

“My childhood,” Monica said. “I’m not saying you are a bad mother; I’m not saying any of that. What I’m telling you is that Easter at Angie’s was reliving my abandonment as a child. And I’m telling you, if you want to get to the root of this, you are going to have to hear these hard things from me that you don’t like to hear.”

Monica explains that Linda was abandoned by her parents and claims that they never liked her.

“You treat me the same way you hate how your mother treated you,” Monica told her mom. In her confessional, Monica explains that she comes from “a long line of complicated relationships between mothers and their daughters.”

“I’ve dealt with emotional and mental abuse my entire life, so I think I’m just completely f—ed up,” Monica said in her confessional. “All I can do is make sure my kids ever feel that and break that cycle, I guess, of emotional and mental abuse.”

Despite Monica being candid about the emotional turmoil she experienced as a child, Linda didn’t seem moved by any of it. In fact, she told Monica to “get over it” and asked when she would be forgiven.

RHOSLC airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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