RHOSLC: Lisa and Angie Slam Monica For her Behavior At Greek Easter


A breakdown of all the Twitter drama between RHOSLC stars Lisa Barlow, Angie Katsanevas, and Monica Garcia following Tuesday’s episode.

The weather may be getting cold in Salt Lake City, but the drama between the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast is heating up.

Following Tuesday’s episode of RHOSLC, Lisa Barlow, Angie Katsanevas, and Monica Garcia got into a major spat on Twitter.

As RHOSLC fans know, Monica freaked out on her mom at Angie K’s Greek Easter event. Monica’s mom was trying to keep the peace as Monica and Angie K’s conversation began to get heated in front of the party guests, which included children.

Angie K and RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia are stunned by Meredith Mark's meltdown in Palm Springs
Angie K and RHOSLC newbie Monica Garcia are stunned by Meredith Mark’s meltdown in Palm Springs

Lisa slammed Monica’s treatment of her mother at Angie K’s party. According to the Vida Tequila founder, the fight between Monica and her mom was actually way worse than what aired on RHOSLC.

The 48-year-old tweeted:

“I would never talk to my mom like this. Ever. #RHOSLC.”

RHOSLC fans tried to defend Monica, noting that her mom “is nasty to her” and that Lisa no one knows the “trauma [Monica] experienced with her mom.”

However, Lisa wasn’t having any of it. She clapped back:

“It’s nasty to be yelling on a religious holiday with minors. I do know what I saw, and it was a lot more than what you did.”

She added:

“My agenda is RESPECT MY MOM and don’t abuse senior citizens.”

Amid all of this, Monica took to social media to defend herself while insisting that she NEVER wanted to get into an argument with anyone in front of her daughters.

The RHOSLC newbie tweeted:

“Say what you want about me. Whore, rat, disrespectful, home wrecker, spoiled, broke, an assistant, whatever you want to say. I let everybody run with it, but I MADE SURE my girls were not there for that situation. That did not happen in front of my kids. Go through the stills.”

She then elaborated:

“I let people say whatever they want to say and go off on me as they sit there and judge me for going off on others (the irony); I understand I opened my life up to be judged by outsiders that truly do not see 99% of a situation. However, what I will not allow is people saying things about me acting [in] a way in front of my children. I did NOT. I did not want that convo between Angie and I done with my girls present, and they were not. All of the children were downstairs doing Easter festivities during that entire interaction. And YES, they had an Easter egg hunt that my girls did enjoy.

NONE of that conversation between Angie and my mother happened with my daughters present or any children for that matter. There is a TON more to clarify from that day and what happened, and I cannot wait to bring light to it all.”

Monica defends her actions at Angie's Easter party
Monica defends her actions at Angie’s Easter party
Monica Garcia denies that she fought in front of her kids at Angie K's party.
Monica Garcia denies that she fought in front of her kids at Angie K’s party.

After Monica’s post started grabbing the attention of RHOSLC fans on Twitter, Angie K clapped back, alleging that Monica did, in fact, argue in front of her kids. She also alleged that production didn’t even show the entire fight and that Monica almost hit her two-year-old niece in the head.

Angie K shared:

“Production did you a favor. We don’t need to see stills to know you did this in front of your kids. Don’t forget you almost hit my two-year-old niece in the head with your shoe when you threw it. And STFU with your lies about Shawn #rhoslc.”

While Monica denied Angie K’s claims, Lisa Barlow backed them up and confirmed that a shoe was thrown at the Greek Easter party.

“Angie… you are a LIAR!!!!!! Just like you lied about meeting me once. You and I BOTH KNOW the kids were in your basement, you sick POS!! Go get your house up to code, and I’m sending you my ER bill after falling down your basement stairs because you didn’t have a railing!” Monica tweeted.

See Lisa’s confirmation tweets below!

Lisa Barlow backs up Angie K's claims about Monica Garcia from this week's episode of RHOSLC.
Lisa Barlow backs up Angie K’s claims about Monica Garcia from this week’s episode of RHOSLC.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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