John Fuda’s RHONJ Reunion Claims Against Louie Ruelas Debunked


John Fuda proves he is a liar who made up the claims against Louie Ruelas!

During part three of the RHONJ season 13 reunion, John Fuda accuses Louie Ruelas of having his son Jaiden Fuda’s imprisoned mother, Brittany Malsch, investigated by Bo Dietl. Brittany is currently serving time in prison and has been in and out of jail since 2018. She is up for release in September 2023.

Mugshot of Brittany Malsch, the ex of RHONJ's John Fuda.
Brittany Malsch’s mugshot.

According to John Fuda, only a private investigator would have been able to track down Brittany.

“Because I happen to know a private investigator reached out. You can’t just contact somebody in prison. Those people happen to use a number to look up people in the system. That number was traced back to the people of Bo Dietl and I found out they were hired by him,” John Fuda alleged at the reunion. He did so while waving around a manila envelope with his alleged “proof.” More on that later.

“Apologize like a man,” John then told Louie when the New Jersey businessman that he “can’t admit” to investigating John Fuda because it never happened. “You found [Brittany] in jail, brought her out, and this is what you did. So if you’re going to come to me, apologize and f–king own it.”

It is important to note that, from behind bars, Brittany has talked to several media outlets, including The U.S. Sun, who had no problem locating her within the New Jersey prison system.

Now, AllAboutTRH can reveal just how easy it is to search the New Jersey Department of Corrections website. In fact, the NJDOC has an offender search engine on their website that ANYONE can access to find out information. ANYONE.

Check out the clip below!

Over the last few months, Brittany has publicly called out John and his wife, Rachel Fuda, which seems to have rubbed John the wrong way and left him looking to put the blame on someone. Naturally, John decided to put the blame on Louie Ruelas and pretend to have proof that Louie hired a private investigator to track down his son’s mother.

Brittany has publicly accused John of keeping their son Jaiden from her while also accusing him and his wife Rachel Fuda of using the adoption of their 16-year-old son as a storyline for RHONJ.

John Fuda and Rachel Fuda smiling for a photo on date night
RHONJ’s John Fuda and Rachel Fuda (Instagram/RachelFuda)

When asked by The U.S. Sun about Rachel’s wish to adopt Jaiden, Brittany said, “It doesn’t surprise me one bit. I knew they would, so I was expecting it.”

“I actually predicted this would happen when I first heard about them being on the show,” she said. “John will take any opportunity to make himself look better by making me look worse.”

She added: “But I’m unfazed by what others say and think.”

Despite Brittany’s issues with John and Rachel, she ultimately made the “extremely selfless decision” to give up her parental rights “for Jaiden’s own good.”

During part three of the reunion, Louie Ruelas and his wife, Teresa Giudice, kept telling John Fuda to provide proof to back up his claims. Despite John having a manila envelope with him at the reunion, he never pulled one ounce of evidence from that folder to back up his claims.

RHONJ Reunion: Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas confront Joe and Melissa Gorga
Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas at RHONJ reunion

Also, John and Rachel are the ones who decided to make Jaiden’s adoption and his estrangement from his birth mother a storyline on RHONJ. Did they really think no one person watching, or any media outlet for that matter, wouldn’t go Google John’s ex? It doesn’t take a private investigator to locate and contact someone in prison.

Rachel Fuda and John Fuda pose with the three children at Universal Studios
Rachel Fuda and John Fuda of RHONJ

John and Rachel could have adopted Jaiden off-camera and kept his mother’s criminal history out of the public eye for the sake of their son, but they didn’t. Instead, they chose to exploit the situation for a storyline on RHONJ, which has probably embarrassed Jaiden to no end at school. I’m sure Jaiden never wanted his schoolmates to know about his birth mother being in prison.

Production for season 14 of RHONJ will start in late August.

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