RHONJ Reunion Recap: Part Three!


It’s the final part of the RHONJ reunion recap! It’s been one heck of a ride, hasn’t it?!

Part three of the RHONJ reunion recap kicked off with the men joining the reunion stage. Reunion host Andy Cohen catches up with all the men before diving into the drama. Andy discuss the iconic calendar from the men of Real Housewives of New Jersey – everyone agreed that Frank Catania’s Easter bunny photo was the best of the bunch

Then Andy dives right into the drama, asking Louie Ruelas about wearing Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga’s late father’s pajamas. If you remember, earlier this season, Louie told Joe that he wear’s his father’s pajamas to comfort Teresa’s daughters who miss their Nonno. Social media had a field day with the comment; many fan found it creepy and odd.

At the RHONJ reunion, Louie explained that she never wore Nonno’s pajamas. He says that when they were cleaning out Teresa’s old house he kept a sweatsuit that Nonno never got around to wearing and wore it once. Louie said his comment came out wrong in his attempt to connect with Joe and get him to like and accept him as a member of the family.

Joe says he wants to believe Louie but has been screwed over by him and Teresa too many times. He claims that when Teresa got out of jail she was the best version of herself and that they were talking everyday. Teresa chimes in that the only reason they were speaking daily was because they were filming for RHONJ and that once the cameras went down the phone calls from her brother went away as well.

The comments from both sides result in back and forth bickering between Melissa Gorga, Joe, and Teresa. The RHONJ OG tells Melissa to shut up, saying that she only wants to speak to her brother. Teresa accuses Melissa of gaslighting her and says that she’s sick of being bashed and made out to be the bad guy by Melissa and Joe. While Teresa admits that she previously said she never wants to speak or see Melissa and Joe after this reunion – she is willing to hash it out with Joe. However, Teresa only wants to speak to Joe about their issues and wants Melissa to keep her mouth shut.

Bill Aydin insists that he doesn’t ignore his kids and family but admits he has missed some of their games and activities due to his schedule and running a thriving plastic surgery practice. As for Paulie Connell, he’s ready to marry Dolores Catania any day but admits he needs to get divorced first. He then reveals that he has a decent relationship with his ex-wife but notes that Dolores is the first woman he’s ever brought around his kids.

The topic of conversation then turns to Frankie Catania Jr. no longer working with Louie Ruelas. Frank Sr confirms that Frankie is no longer working for Louie and alludes to something shady. Dolores attempts to intervene but Joe stirs the pot, teasing that there’s more to the story than is being said. However, Frank Sr refuses to be the one to spill the beans and look like the bad guy. Dolores again interjects, saying that Frankie Jr loved working for Louie and that she is so thankful that Louie gave her son a chance.

Joe then claims that Frankie Jr told him some things about working for Louie and why he stopped working with him. Dolores warns Joe to watch his tongue and that he needs to drop it. Melissa tells Joe that Dolores doesn’t want the story out there. Dolores again tells Joe that while they’ve never had any issues they will he continues this BS. Meanwhile, Teresa insists that Joe is lying, saying that she doesn’t even know who her brother is at this point.

Dolores Catania confronts Melissa Gorga at RHONJ reunion
Dolores Catania confronts Melissa Gorga at RHONJ reunion

The tension at the RHONJ reunion mounts but everyone is staying tightlipped despite Joe’s attempts to antagonize Louie. Andy notes that now he has even more questions but he clearly won’t be getting any answers.

John Fuda decides to throw his hat in the ring. He asks why Louie has dragged his son’s mother into the spotlight and more importantly why did he have him investigated by Bo Dietl. Louie denies the allegation but John and Joe Benigno insist the claims against Louie are true. John claims to have proof that Louie had him and his son’s mother investigated but doesn’t show what the actual proof is to anyone on the reunion stage, including Andy. Instead, John just waves a manila envelope around and claims it is proof. Yawn.

As for the Bo Dietl of it all, Louie says that he misstated the comment about Bo having a file on the entire cast during the finale due to the overwhelming anger he was feelings.

John tells Teresa and Louie that he sees right through them before warning that he has “big connections” as well. As the bickering starts again, Andy can’t get a work in edgewise and grows frustrated. He is forced to scream to get everyone’s attention before revealing that production just told him that a security person hired by Louie just showed up the reunion. Louie explains that Bo Dietl hired the security person because he and Teresa received death threats last week. Louie says that Bo is working on a case involving someone from Louie’s past (most likely his ex-girlfriend Vanessa) that a member of the RHONJ cast is in contact with at the moment. Teresa then reveals that it is Margaret who is contact with this person from Louie’s past and that is harassing her and Louie. Margaret denies the claims while Louie calls Margaret a liar and says that she pays bloggers to plant fake stories all the time. While Margaret doesn’t deny the claim, she pivots and accuses Louie of calling and harassing her son at his place of business. She hands Andy a print out showing Louie’s number on her son’s work phone however, Louie says that he never called Margaret’s son ever.

In the middle of Margaret’s accusations against Louie being addressed, Frank jumps in, asking Louie if he hired Bo Dietl to do a smear campaign against him and Joe Gorga. Again, Louie denies ever investigating Frank or Joe Gorga, noting that there’s nothing he could find on either that would benefit him. At this point nobody is believing anyone. It’s all he said, she said and we are not getting to the bottom of anything. Melissa and Margaret explain that the alleged smear campaign is on social media while Rachel adds that Louie is behind all those nasty tweets, comments and posts about certain members of the cast. Sure, Jan. How about people can see through the BS and are calling it like they see it?

Louie then alleges that Joe Gorga was hit with a million dollars in fines just last week. Joe Gorga fires back that Louie has hired all these bloggers to do his dirty work and that they talk and know for sure he’s behind it. If you have the proof Joe, bring it to the table because at this point your claims are just baseless fodder.

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga slam Teresa Giudice at RHONJ Reunion
RHONJ’s Joe and Melissa Gorga

The pizza oven drama then comes up. Louie tells his side of the story, explaining that Joe approached him with the pizza oven idea for Teresa and he agreed to do it. Louie then met with Joe and Melissa’s nephew and shelled out $110k for 2200 pizza ovens which Joe gave the green light on. He explains that everything about the pizza oven business was in Teresa’s name so he approached Joe to see if he wanted to invest and own a small percentage in the business which is when Joe got upset. Louie notes that he was not getting any percentage of the business and simply invested in the start up costs for his wife.

As for Joe Gorga, he says that he thought the business would cost half a million to a million to start, insisting that him and Louie never talked money, percentages, and start up costs. Three weeks after bringing the idea to Louie, Joe claims he was cut out of the business and screwed over by Louie. John Fuda adds that while Joe Gorga has the idea there should have been an agreement drawn up at the start of it all. Teresa agrees with John and says she told Louie that but he didn’t think it was necessary with family. While John is still trying to get his complete point out, Melissa and Teresa start bickering which angers Andy. Eventually, Andy looses his cool and screams “LET HIM TALK!”

When it comes to the rumors Louie had a falling out with Dina Manzo’s husband, David Cantin, over a business deal gone bad, Louie says that’s a lie that Joe Gorga perpetuated. Louie reveals that David called Joe after he brought him up on RHONJ and threatened to sue him over his false statements.

Joe then tells Louie that he doesn’t respect him because he’s a woman abuser. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

As the back and forth fighting continues, Joe calls Louie a disaster because of his past and all those videos. Teresa fires back, threatening to expose Joe’s secrets: “You have stuff in your past. So, you shouldn’t talk about anyone’s past.”

Andy then asks Joe Gorga if he regrets not going to Teresa and Louie’s wedding to which he says no. The conversation turns to the rumor Melissa cheated on Joe. Louie explains that called Joe to tell him about the rumor, noting that neither he or Teresa believed the rumor. He adds that there was no specific reason he only invited Joe over to discuss the rumor and apologizes for error in judgement.

RHONJ Reunion: Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas confront Joe and Melissa Gorga
Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas at RHONJ reunion

Teresa says she never said Joe could do better than Melissa. Joe then says that it was Gia who told him that he could “do better” than his wife, Melissa Gorga.

Teresa Giudice denies her oldest daughter would ever say that to Joe. The RHONJ OG decides to call Gia so she can set the record straight.

When Gia picks up the phone she insists that she “never” took a shot at her aunt Melissa and questions why her uncle is lying. Gia explains that she did call Joe but only to try and get him to attend her mom’s August 2022 wedding to now-husband, Louie Ruelas.

Gia also admits that she criticized Joe and Melissa‘s decision to skip her mom’s wedding, noting that Teresa and Joe’s parents would be very disappointed.

“I called him regarding the wedding saying that he should do the right thing,” Gia explains.

She continues, “[And] that Nonna and Nonno are looking down on them and my mom wanted him to walk her down the aisle. I never told him that he could do better than my aunt Melissa. And it’s sad, zio Joe, that you’re trying to call me a liar.”

Melissa chimes in, asking, “Why would he ever make something like that up?” to which Teresa fires back, “Because he’s married to you.”

As all of this plays out Teresa grows more and more emotional so much so that she eventually breaks.

“I just don’t understand this, I was always good to you,” Teresa tearfully tells Joe. “I always put you first. We were best friends. This is absolutely disgraceful. I really can’t.”

“This is disgraceful, this is absolutely disgraceful,” she continued while walking off the reunion set. “You’re f—king disgusting. Disgusting! This is not how I would raise my children, ever!”

Teresa Giudice walks off RHONJ reunion stage
Teresa Giudice walks off RHONJ reunion stage

Melissa calls Teresa’s emotional outburst “embarrassing.” Girl, your coldness is embarrassing.

Backstage, Teresa tells producers that she doesn’t want to make up with Joe and that she doesn’t want to go back on the reunion stage. She wants this to be over and wants to be done with her brother for good. Teresa calls Gia on the phone and breaks down into tears again. She tells Gia that Joe is continuing to lie even about her which Gia isn’t happy about.

On the reunion stage, Danielle Cabral encourages Joe to make amends with Teresa but Joe says his sister will never change or stop these crazy theories she has in her brain about him and Melissa.

Melissa then claims that Teresa is taking this all too far and is now having her daughter lie for her which Jennifer Aydin shut down right away. However, Melissa claims that Joe would have be a monster to make up such a lie about his niece. Well, if the shoe fits.

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga slam Teresa Giudice at RHONJ Reunion
RHONJ’s Joe and Melissa Gorga

Frank adds that he’s never seen it this ugly before. Melissa agrees noting that there’s all these private investigators involved in stuff now however, Jennifer insists that Louie told her he never hired a private investigator to look into the group. John Fuda doesn’t believe it, saying he’d never bring his child or ex into this is the claims weren’t true. Andy questions what Louie would gain by reaching out to John’s ex in prison. John can’t answer that, admitting he doesn’t know. Melissa has a theory, claiming that because there is so much out there about Louie that he wants to have dirt on everyone else to use when needed.

Finally, Teresa makes her way back to the reunion stage where Andy gives her and Joe Gorga a chance to speak to each other before sending the husbands away.

Teresa tells Joe that he broke her heart. Joe replies that he’s not closing the door on them reconciling in the future and says that if Teresa got sick or was in an accident he’d be by her side however Teresa shuts that down, reminding Joe of what there father told them: “Honor me while I’m alive, not dead.” Teresa adds that she never says never on a reconciliation but it is clear this family needs time away from each other. Joe tells Teresa to forget about him and he will do the same in return.

Melissa Gorga, Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice, and Jennifer Aydin discuss season 13 drama at reunion.
Melissa Gorga, Andy Cohen, Teresa Giudice, and Jennifer Aydin discuss the season 13 drama at reunion.

Frank then chimes in asking Louie if they can have his word that he won’t investigate anyone in the cast. Louie tells him he’s never done that and would never. He walks over to Frank, shakes his hand and gives him his word. Before heading back to his seat, he shakes Joe Gorga’s hand and wishes him well after making it clear that Joe’s promise to stay out of Teresa’s life is “beautiful.”

As the men leave the reunion stage, Louie goes over to Rachel Fuda and tells her she’s a good mother for adopting her stepson while insisting he’d never investigate them or John’s ex however John still doesn’t believe him. John tells Louie that the only way they can move forward is if Louie admits the truth. Louie insists he has nothing to apologize for because he never tracked down John’s ex in prison. Things get heated between John and Louie so Joe Gorga steps in between them.

The reunion closes out with Andy asking the ladies how they can move forward. Jennifer says she wants to move past her drama with Margaret and leave it in the past to which Margaret agrees. Jennifer notes that she show is about their friendships and is much better when everyone is having fun and not hating on each other. Rachel and Danielle are also hopeful that they can continue to get to know each while both admit they have more in common than they don’t and do enjoy each other’s company.

Melissa Gorga and Tereas Giudice face off at RHONJ reunion
Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice face off at the RHONJ reunion.

Teresa stands by wanting to close the chapter on her drama and relationship with Melissa for good following the reunion. Melissa tells Andy that it’s clear Teresa hates her and always has, adding that somethings never change. She tells Teresa that she loves her and does worry about her no matter what Teresa may think. As for the future, Melissa says she will go with the flow of whatever the family as a whole decides to do about their relationships.

And that’s a wrap on season 13 of RHONJ!

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

It’s possible! The RHONJ reunion episodes are known for their unexpected twists, emotional outbursts, and shocking revelations, so you can anticipate some surprises in the final part as well.

RHONJ season 13 has been an eventful and dramatic journey, filled with ups and downs, conflicts, and surprising revelations.

Yes, viewers can look forward to some surprises and unexpected revelations as the cast reflects on their actions and interactions throughout the season.

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