Rachel Fuda Accused Of Using Adoption Of Stepson, 16, For ‘Pathetic Storyline.’ Biological Mom Says She Hasn’t Received An Adoption Request 


Rachel Fuda is being called out by the biological mother of John Fuda’s son, Jaiden.

On the latest episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, the bravo fan and her husband John Fuda talk about the next steps of the adoption process regarding Jaiden, 16. John Fuda tells his wife Rachel Fuda that he spoke to the paralegal who said that they are going to begin the process of reaching out to Jaiden’s biological mother. John explains that if Jaiden’s mother doesn’t respond – they are able to move forward.

The filming of this scene took place in July 2022 and Jaiden’s mother is now telling The Sun that she never received any adoption request.

The teen’s birth mom Brittany Malsch, who is currently serving prison time at a halfway house says that she has never heard anything about it.

Brittany explains that she has no idea where the papers were served and does not know the status on the adoption. She says she plans on hiring an attorney once she gets out of prison.

If Brittany does sign off on the adoption, she would legally terminate her rights as Jaiden’s mother and she says that’s not at all what she wants. 

Brittany, 35, slams Rachel Fuda for a “poor pathetic excuse of a storyline,” calling it, “boring as hell.”

Brittany says, 

“If I had nothing to do with this situation, I would be watching the show thinking how lame she is- completely disregarding Jaiden’s personal life and feelings and taking shots at me to make her look like a knight in shining armor of a stepmom.”

Brittany wants to make it clear she never abandoned Jaiden saying she was cut off by John from her son visiting her in the halfway house.

She alleged,

“John cut contact with me and my entire family, and even Jaiden’s little brother for the purpose of making Rachel Fuda his mom I never abandoned Jaiden. John made it impossible for me to see and reach him. It was the only way he knew he could hurt me. I was just completely shocked to see how the truth has been twisted so far beyond from what actually happened that it made me sad to know Jaiden’s been lied to for the last seven years.  And that I have wanted to be in his life and nothing other than that since day one.”

Rachel Fuda Family With Stepson
Rachel Fuda posing with her husband John Fuda and her stepson Jaiden Fuda outside smiling together.

Are you surprised Brittany hasn’t gotten an adoption request?

 Rachel Fuda is accused of using adoption as a means to exploit her stepson, Jaiden, who is 16 years old. The specific nature of these allegations and their implications are currently being investigated.

 The exact details of how the accusations against Rachel Fuda came to light have not been disclosed publicly. It’s possible that concerns were raised by individuals close to the family, or there may have been an official investigation that led to the allegations becoming public.

 If the allegations against Rachel Fuda are proven true, there could be serious legal and social consequences. Legally, she may face charges related to adoption fraud or child exploitation. Socially, her reputation may be severely impacted, and it could lead to custody and legal issues involving Jaiden.

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