RHONJ Recap: Teresa Gets Married


OG Jersey Housewife Teresa Giudice says I do to the man of her dreams in tonight’s special episode of RHONJ.

Tuesday’s episode of RHONJ Recap, called Teresa Gets Married, starts with Teresa and Louie Ruelas gushing over how much they love each other. Love, love, love.

Teresa Learns her Brother Isn’t Coming to the Wedding

The RHONJ couple hosts a rehearsal party with their nearest and dearest – minus a few – the day before they are set to walk down the aisle. The beautiful night is slightly spoiled by the fact that Teresa has to tell her daughters that their aunt and uncle, Joe and Melissa Gorga, will not be attending the wedding.

Teresa admits that it is super disappointing that Joe and Melissa aren’t coming to the wedding. What’s even worse is that Joe didn’t even call Teresa to tell her he wasn’t coming to her wedding. Instead, Dolores Catania broke the news to Teresa.

As the evening goes on, Gia Giudice chats with Dolores and Jennifer Aydin about her uncle Joe skipping her mom’s wedding. Gia admits she is disappointed and feels that her uncle completely burned the bridge with their family. The 22-year-old says that she and her sisters are “done” with their uncle and aunt at this point.

RHONJ: Gia Giudice slams her uncle Joe Gorga for skipping her mom's wedding
RHONJ’s Gia Giudice

Jennifer attempts to turn things around and encourages Gia to focus on the positive. Dolores admits that she never thought she’d see the day when Joe wasn’t walking Teresa down the aisle, considering how close they once were.

While having a special moment with Louie and his mom, Teresa reminisces about her own mom. She confesses that she wishes her parents were here and that her mom got to meet Louie because she would love him. Teresa reveals that her mom never liked her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, and didn’t want her with him.

However, Teresa is glad she has finally found her soulmate. You can tell by the smiles on the faces of Teresa’s daughters that they know their mom is happy and truly in love.

Louie’s dad then gives a beautiful speech about how they can’t wait to have Teresa be their official daughter after tomorrow. In his confessional interview, Louie admits he hasn’t always had the easiest relationship with his dad due to his father’s drinking. Yet, they have since mended their relationship amid his father’s sobriety.


As Teresa gets her makeup done for the wedding, she receives a beautiful text from a family friend about her parents, and it causes Teresa to break down into tears. The 50-year-old RHONJ OG admits she wishes her parents could be walking her down the aisle, but she knows they will be with her all day – in spirit.

Teresa’s longtime friend and makeup artist, Priscilla Distasio, asks if Joe Gorga is coming to the wedding. She is shocked when Teresa reveals that Joe isn’t coming. This conversation gets Gabriella Giudice upset because she doesn’t think her uncle shouldn’t be brought up since he chose not to be present for the biggest day of his sister’s life. Gabriella wants her mom to enjoy her wedding in peace.

RHONJ: Jennifer Aydin gives Teresa Giudice a special wedding day gift
Jennifer Aydin gives Teresa Giudice a special wedding day gift.

When Jennifer pops into the bridal suite to give Teresa a gift, the Giudice girls continue getting their hair and makeup done. Jennifer present Teresa with a little frame containing a picture of her parents that can be hooked to her bridal bouquet. She then apologizes to Teresa for telling Danielle Cabral about the cheating rumor, which ultimately caused a fight between Teresa/Louie and Joe/Melissa. Teresa tells Jennifer it’s not her fault and that Joe and Melissa made their decision. Again, Gabriella is upset to hear another person mentioning her uncle. Gabriella and her sister Milania Giudice don’t want anyone bringing up her uncle and getting her mom upset.

Gabriella and Milania Giudice explain why they don't want their uncle Joe Gorga brought up on their mom's wedding day
Gabriella and Milania Giudice’s RHONJ confessional interview

Jennifer tells Teresa she won’t bring Joe up again, as Teresa reveals she’s done with her brother for good but notes everything worked out exactly as it was supposed to be.

At the same time, Gabriella starts crying while in the makeup chair, which infuriates Milania. The 17-year-old starts screaming, asking why her sister is crying. Teresa is confused about what’s going on as she and Jennifer enter the room where the Giudice girls are getting ready. Teresa tries to ease tensions, but Gabriella snaps, telling Jennifer no one should bring up Joe Gorga today. Jennifer apologizes to Gabriella and her sisters, which seems to calm things down a bit. The Giudice girls are as protective of their mom as they should be.

The Hair

It’s no secret that Teresa’s hair stole the show on her wedding day, but not everyone loved her over-the-top hairdo. Teresa’s dramatic hair took a long, long time complete. Jennifer isn’t loving it but is supporting all of Teres’s wedding day decisions. The Giudice girls aren’t exactly thrilled with their mom’s tiara or hairstyle, but everyone is being a team player and gushing over Teresa.

Wedding Guests Begin to Arrive

Danielle arrives at the wedding. In her confessional, the RHONJ newbie admits that she never thought her telling Melissa about the cheating rumor would result in Melissa and Joe skipping Teresa’s wedding.

Housewives from all over the Bravoverse start popping up on the screen. Jill Zarin and Dorinda Medley from RHONY, Chanel Ayan from RHODubai, Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks from RHOA, Alexia Echevarria from RHOM, and more.

RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs and Jennifer Fessler chat will Jill Zarin during welcome drinks. Jill asks if Marge Sr was invited to which Margaret reveals that she was but chose not to come since Melissa’s mom wasn’t invited to the wedding. Jill is clearly confused. This is not the time or place for Margaret to discuss this.

Margaret Josephs, Jill Zarin and Jennifer Fessler discuss Melissa Gorga's mom not being invited to the wedding
Margaret Josephs, Jill Zarin, and Jennifer Fessler on the RHONJ special – Teresa Gets Married.

The Macbeth Collection owner claims she wants to be here to support Louie and Teresa but knows how hurt Joe and Melissa are now. Let’s be real, Margaret is only at the wedding for the paycheck.

Teresa and Louie Say I do

It’s August in Jersey, so it’s hot and humid as hell. Everyone is sweating their butts off as they wait for Teresa to walk down the aisle.

The entire bridal party looks stunning as they get into place. It’s finally time for Teresa’s big moment – she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Louie’s sister does an amazing job officiating the wedding as Teresa and Louie read their own vows.

Teresa and Louie are MARRIED! They kiss and live happily ever after!


Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas exchange vows surrounded by their wedding party
Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas say ‘I do.’

Cocktail Whorgas

As the bridal party takes photos, everyone else enjoys a cocktail hour. Margaret, who got emotional during the wedding, says she’s having such a hard time being here since it’s Joe Gorga’s sister. She says she can’t feel as happy as she should. In fact, she doesn’t feel that she can celebrate the night and is thinking about leaving early. However, RHONJ stars Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer F tell her she can’t leave early and that it’s not her place to insert herself into their drama, but Marge doesn’t want to hear it. She shuts down the conversation.

Margaret then tells Dolores that she’s going to leave the wedding after Teresa and Louie do their entrance into the wedding reception.

Of course, Melissa and Joe Gorga have to find some way to take the attention away from Louie and Teresa on their big day.

On social media, Joe and Melissa post all this bullshit about how “family isn’t blood” and how they are so thankful for Melissa’s family.

Louie catches wind of their social media posts. He’s rightfully pissed off at Joe Gorga, especially since he skipped his sister’s wedding.

Party Time

Teresa and Louie arrive at their reception. They have a beautiful first dance and party the night away with their nearest and dearest.

Part one of the RHONJ season 13 reunion airs on Tuesday, May 30, at 8 pm.

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The latest episode of RHONJ titled “Teresa Gets Married” revolves around Teresa Giudice’s wedding and the drama leading up to the big day. It showcases the emotional journey and challenges faced by the cast members during the celebration.

In the episode “Teresa Gets Married,” Teresa Giudice, one of the main cast members of Real Housewives of New Jersey, is the one getting married. The episode follows the events and preparations leading up to her wedding day.

The “Teresa Gets Married” episode of RHONJ features the emotional wedding ceremony of Teresa Giudice, where friends and family come together to witness the joyous occasion. Additionally, it delves into the conflicts and tensions between some of the cast members, adding drama to the celebratory atmosphere.

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