Margaret Josephs Meets Up With Instagram User To Buy Donated Skinny Italian Pizza Oven Ahead Of Thursday’s RHONJ Reunion Taping Amid Pizza Gate Drama


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs sure knows how to deflect from her life by involving herself in everyone else’s. Last month, we revealed that the RHONJ reunion taping would be on April 20th and Margaret is making sure to make herself relevant by getting involved in the pizzagate drama with Louie Ruelas and Joe Gorga.

During season 13 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, we found out why Joe Gorga has resentment towards his now brother-in-law, Louie Ruelas.

It boiled down to Joe Gorga coming to Louie with a thin crust pizza oven idea that they were going to even do a monthly subscription on. The same oven is sold at Colombia Inn Restaurant located in Montville, New Jersey. That’s where Joe Gorga originally got the idea. The restaurant is known for shipping these ovens directly to your doorstep.

The restaurants writes, “Columbia Inn ships our famous thin-crust pizza nationwide with Goldbelly—straight from Montville, NJ right to your doorstep”

When Joe Gorga presented Louie with the idea – he thought it was a good idea and bought all the pizza ovens. Louie then started working on the marketing and logistics of everything. Louie spent over $200,000 dollars and Joe Gorga expected 50% of the business because it was idea and because he is a celebrity so he didn’t need to put any money into it. Louie disagreed getting an attorney on board and offered 5% then 10%.

Prior to that – Louie discussed naming the pizza ovens Skinny Italian because of Teresa’s New York best selling cookbook and the fact that it was thin crust pizza. 

When Joe refused to invest actual money in the pizza oven business, Louie didn’t steal the idea. Instead, he lost the money and donated some pizza ovens while storing the rest in a warehouse. 

One of the donated pizzas got on eBay where Instagram user yourmomsarewatching purchased it. The eBay account has zero relation to Teresa Giudice, Louie Ruelas or anyone in their family. 

When the Instagram user shared that she got the pizza oven, Margaret Josephs immediately reached out to her and asked if she could buy it from her. Margaret Josephs plans to bring it to the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion taping.

Yourmomsarewatching Story
Yourmomsarewatching Story

The Instagram user told another account that they only went to meet up Margaret to give her the oven and that Margaret DMed her when she posted that she bought it and Margaret wanted to buy it off of her.

Teresa never denied ordering the pizza ovens so it’s odd that Margaret Josephs is inserting herself in pizza gate when it has to do with Louie Ruelas and Joe Gorga.

Are you surprised Margaret would go as far as meeting with someone on Instagram to purchase the pizza ovens?

Joe Gorga has resentment towards Louie Ruelas because of a business idea involving thin crust pizza ovens. Joe presented the idea to Louie, who initially agreed and invested over $200,000 in the project. However, when Joe expected 50% ownership without contributing any money, Louie disagreed and offered a lower percentage. This disagreement led to resentment between the two.

 No, Louie Ruelas did not steal the pizza oven idea from Joe Gorga. When Joe refused to invest actual money in the business, Louie did not take the idea for himself. Instead, he lost the money invested and donated some pizza ovens while storing the rest in a warehouse. The fact that one of the donated ovens ended up on eBay was unrelated to Louie or his family.

 Margaret Josephs got involved in the “pizza gate” drama because she reached out to an Instagram user who had purchased one of the donated pizza ovens. Margaret expressed her interest in buying the oven from the user and plans to bring it to the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion taping. It is unclear why Margaret inserted herself into the situation, especially since Teresa Giudice, Louie Ruelas, or their family members have not denied ordering the pizza ovens.

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