Proof of Joe Gorga’s Hypocrisy – See How He REALLY Talks to Women


The truth about how Joe Gorga really talks to women is uncovered after the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 finale episode!

Joe Gorga is nothing more than a hypocrite, and that was further proved during the season 13 finale episode.

The drama started when Melissa Gorga continued to antagonize Louie Ruelas to the point he needed to reply to the 44-year-old directly.

Melissa quipped

“Why are you looking like that with your eyes, like, what’s the matter? Why are you talking like this? I’m the one getting all this s–t, thank you very much.”

Louie fired back with nothing more than a “you’re welcome,” which enraged Joe so much that he went charging after Louie and had to be held back by the other husbands.

According to Joe, it was inappropriate for Louie to “talk to his wife [Melissa] like that.”

In his confessional, Joe said:

“Don’t get in her face like angry like the devil. I mean, who talks to a woman like that?”

This drama resulted in Melissa and Joe skipping Teresa and Louie’s wedding. Melissa and Joe blame Teresa for the cheating allegation against Melissa coming to light on the show, even though that is NOT true at all, according to our insider sources. In fact, this all was just an excuse for Melissa and Joe to come across as justified in skipping Teresa’s wedding. From the looks of it, they NEVER had any intention of attending Teresa and Louie’s wedding.

However, let’s get back to Joe Gorga’s anger issues and how he has treated women over the years.

AllAboutTRH tweet about Joe Gorga's anger
Tweet from AllAboutTRH

It’s no secret that Joe has a long, long history of treating women horribly. For years, Joe has been seen talking to women in a way that is not only degrading but also cruel and full of vitriol.

Examples of Joe Gorga’s Anger Towards Women

Over the years, on and off RHONJ, Joe has referred to his sister, Teresa Giudice, as “scum,” “a b-tch,” and “garbage.”

He infamously called Kim DePaola a “Dirty ass. F—ng whore.”

Joe Gorga attacks Kim D at Posche fashion show
Joe Gorga vs Kim D at Posche Fashion Show

Then at BravoCon last year, Joe verbally attacked Jennifer Aydin in the lobby of their hotel, telling her, “Shut up, you dirty b–ch.”

Joe Gorga screaming at Jennifer Aydin in hotel lobby during BravoCon
Joe Gorga yelling at Jennifer Aydin during a confrontation at BravoCon.

If all of that weren’t enough proof, Joe has been caught having numerous aggressive tantrums and outbursts on and off RHONJ.

He’s screamed, hit tables, caused a brawl at his own son’s Christening, and more, all because he can’t control his temper.

As the RHONJ finale episode aired on Bravo, fans couldn’t help but call out Joe’s hypocrisy on Twitter.

One fan wrote: “Joe treating women horrible. A compilation.”

“Joe is a clown!! He can call women “trash, garbage, & scum” & get the guys together to mock/watch Danielle Staubs sex tape, etc., but LOUIE is the monster- nah, you have met your match,” a second fan commented.

Said fan continued: “I need the screenshots of Joe calling women: TRASH, SCUM, DIRTY B*TCH, etc. This man really thinks he is a saint. It’s scary. It’s certifiable.”

A third fan notes: “Joe Gorga did not just say, ‘who talks to a woman like that?’. He’s out of his f@cking mind.”

“Joe Gorga is a violent thug. How many physical altercations w/ different cast mates does he have to have before @BravoTV realizes he’s a liability and a complete menace to the show? I am shaking, watching his extreme temper and constant threats,” another fan wrote.

Others noted that Joe has a history of being “unhinged” on the show.

Fans then began posting their favorite photos of Joe’s tantrums on Twitter.

A compilation of Joe Gorga’s tantrums

Joe Gorga's tantrums and outbursts over the years on RHONJ
Joe Gorga’s tantrums on RHONJ
Joe Gorga has multiple angry outbursts
Joe Gorga yelling and screaming.
Joe Gorga screams at Louie Ruelas over drama with his sister Teresa Giudice
RHONJ’s Joe Gorga

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Is Joe a hypocrite? Do you think there’s an issue with how Joe talks to women? Sound off below!

During the RHONJ Season Finale, Joe Gorga was caught criticizing others for their behavior while engaging in similar actions himself. This exposed his hypocrisy as he preached one set of values but acted differently.

Sure! In one scene, Joe Gorga criticized another cast member for spreading rumors, yet he was later shown gossiping about someone else behind their back, contradicting his own stance on gossip and rumors.

Many of the other cast members expressed their disappointment and frustration with Joe Gorga’s behavior. Some confronted him directly about his hypocrisy, leading to heated confrontations during the Season Finale.

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