Andy Cohen Reveals Melissa Gorga Sent Several Texts Following Altercation With Jennifer Aydin During Bravocon And He Disengaged


Andy Cohen is revealing what he said to Melissa Gorga about the viral drink Incident Between Jennifer Aydin and the Gorgas during BravoCon in his new book, The Daddy Diaries.

To recap, the drama happened in the lobby of Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel in New York City during BravoCon. Jen’s assistant, Erica Madelyn and Melissa Gorga had previously talked about the incident explaining,

“After BravoCon with Andy Cohen on Saturday night, me and Jen decided to go to a BravoCon afterparty,” Madelyn explained, noting that Bill Aydin stayed at the hotel while she and Jen attended a BravoCon afterparty for 20 minutes. At the party, Jen got “a cup of water with ice,” which the Bravoleb “always” drinks, per Madelyn.

“It’s when we walked into the hotel lobby that everything went down,” she continued. “We walk in; Jennifer Aydin obviously noticed that Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga, and their team were in the lobby. She looked, looked away [and] we went straight for the elevator. There was no interaction on Jen’s part.”

As they were waiting for the elevator, Melissa called Jen a “loser, f–king loser wannabe,” to which Jen fired back: “Shut the f–k up.”

“Shut up you f–king dirty bitch,” Joe screamed back.

Madelyn insists that Jen felt “threatened enough” that she tossed a drink at the RHONJ couple.

“You f–king loser,” Jennifer screamed while tossing the cup of water.  “You get the f–k out of here, you f–king piece of s–t. Don’t even f–king try to test me.”

Jen continued, “Stay away! You call me trashy and low-class? She started [it]!”

Andy Cohen Reveals Melissa Gorga Sent Him Several Texts Following Altercation She Started With Jennifer Aydin During Bravocon And He Disengaged
Joe Gorga Calls Jennifer Aydin Names during Bravo Con

Before the video cut off, RHONJ’s fan favorite, Frank Catania, could be heard trying to intervene and stop the fight from escalating any further. Video footage matched up with everything Erica Madelyn said.

Following the drama, Andy Cohen writes on October 18th, 2022, that Melissa Gorga wanted to get in front of the Bravocon drama and explain her side saying, “

“Melissa sent what felt like a two-thousand word text responding to me saying on ET that the drink-toss hotel lobby fight at BravoCon the other night was “gross,” and I texted back, “I’m disengaging from your lobby fight,” took an Ambien, and went to bed. Daddy is Bravo-done.”


On AllAboutTRH podcast, we exclusively revealed that the Bravocon Andy Cohen altercation doesn’t get brought up on the season 13 Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

Are you surprised that Andy Cohen disengaged from Melissa Gorga’s explanation?

Andy Cohen revealed that Melissa Gorga sent him several texts expressing her thoughts and feelings about the latest Real Housewives episodes and behind-the-scenes drama. He mentioned this during a recent interview on his talk show, Watch What Happens Live.

The specific content of Melissa Gorga’s texts to Andy Cohen was not disclosed during the interview. However, it was mentioned that she shared her opinions and reactions regarding the Real Housewives episodes, giving insight into her perspective on the show.

Andy Cohen didn’t reveal the exact details of his responses to Melissa Gorga’s texts. However, he mentioned that he appreciates when the Real Housewives cast members reach out to him and share their thoughts, as it allows him to gain further understanding of the dynamics on the show.

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