All The Juicy Real Housewives Tea From Andy Cohen’s New Book Revealed


Andy Cohen has come out with his third book, The Daddy Diaries and he spilled all the juicy Real Housewives tea! 

Fortunately for us, a fan of Real Housewives went online and shared exactly what Andy Cohen said about each city and he didn’t hold back! Below are the main takeaways regarding housewife content from his book.


  • Wendy Williams called him personally to pitch herself to join RHONY. He said they would have gladly taken her a few years earlier but didn’t think it was a good idea with all her newfound mental health struggles.
  • It was Andy’s own idea to split RHONY up & he pitched the 2 shows to executives personally, but still dreaded telling the fans & the women the news. He knows how much everyone loved RHONY.
  • He first approached Bethenny about Legacy, but she didn’t understand the point of the show. However, she DID seem open to it & told him to make him offer she couldn’t refuse. He then insinuates she’s two-faced for publicly badmouthing the show the day after it got announced when she was asking for an offer to do it the day before. Doesn’t like Bethenny trashing Housewives in general.
  • Luann was not happy about Legacy & had “valid concerns” they discussed, but Andy wouldn’t go into them in the book.
  • Leah immediately texted him & asked to be on Legacy with the old-school bitches & not the reboot.
  • Parting ways with Ramona was mutual but very “zen.” Her new guy didn’t want to be on camera & she wanted a break anyway. He didn’t like that she called Legacy lame though (the “loser” show).
  • Literally NOTHING about S13 or the Eboni/Ramona HR investigation.
  • Says the two all-time biggest leakers to the press are in the RHONY cast (LuAnn & Jill?)
  • Talked to Carole for the first time in years after his phone got hacked & accidentally kept calling her. A “businesslike exchange” is how he described the convo.
  • Had many casting issues / dropouts with nu-RHONY. Jenna Lyons was the last to be cast & they really needed her (uh oh).


  • -Hates that the S12 Kathy drama happened off-camera & didn’t want Rinna to turn it into the main storyline of the season.
  • Hates the constant leaks with BH, but Rinna keeps swearing it’s not her doing it (sure Jan).
  • Hates the toxicity of fans on social media, but admits their unhappiness with the season kept him up at night.
  • Hates Diana for not showing up to the reunion when she had so much to answer for. He didn’t understand her at all & now holds the distinction of being the only housewife in history he’s never even met.
  • Feels like he “totally shit the bed” on the S12 reunion by not being tough enough on the Fox Force or asking enough follow-up questions. He said Garcelle was especially stressed before the reunion and that she texted him after to tell him how disappointed she was with how it went.
  • Rinna texted him in the middle of the night after the S12 reunion saying she’s officially leaving the show. He texted her back saying that “feels right.” Then he finds out weeks later from his team Rinna took it all back and wasn’t planning on quitting. He said he wished she would have left on a high note, but also calls her departure “a pause” & alludes to her returning down the road.
  • Couldn’t believe people thought Dorit’s home invasion was faked, says Dorit is not a good enough actress to ever pull that off.
  • Producers were courting Leslie Grossman to become a housewife & Andy didn’t even know about it.


  • Kind of admits he wanted Tamra fired but implies he now regrets it. He also thought her podcast with Teddi would prohibit her from coming back, but Tamra convinced him otherwise.
  • The OC S16 reunion was short & phoned-in, says Noella & Heather were out of tune with each other.
  • No mention of Casita/Hip driving OC into the ground or Heather’s lukewarm return but said he thought S16 was “good.”
  • Taylor Armstrong approached Andy directly about wanting to join OC after moving there. He thought “it wasn’t the worst idea in the world.”
  • Vicki immediately found out Taylor was in talks with the show & was all up in his grill wanting to know if she had gotten a contract.
  • Vicki cried to him after finding out Tamra was coming back & had to pull out of WWHL for the announcement because “she wouldn’t stay composed.” But later she did the show & wound up being sweet & supportive of Tamra, which made Andy emo. Meanwhile the entire crew was masked up because of Vicki’s anti-vax status.
Vicki Immediately Found
Vicki Immediately Found


  • Never saw anyone get as drunk on WWHL as Jen Aydin did in early 2022.
  • NJ S12 reunion was the most exhausting ever. Thought Teresa seemed over the show at that point. She talked to him off-camera about wanting off of Housewives for a few years.
  • Mentions several times he thought S13 would be Teresa’s last season.
  • They really wanted Caroline Manzo back for S13 because she was still chomping at the bit to take down Teresa, but he knew they’d never agree on a contract for Caroline. Sounds like they wanted her as a friend-of but she had too many “expectations” (aka full-time $$$).
  • He ran the Caroline Manzo idea by Teresa & she said she would never film with her. He begged her to at least let them go through the negotiation process with her.
  • Really likes Jackie & didn’t want to see her demoted. Said she had the greatest attitude about it & that she told him she’d be the greatest friend-of the show had ever seen (Kim D & Kim G beg to differ).
  • Teresa called Ramona “low class” off-camera after the wedding invitation fiasco.
  • Teresa wanted Andy to attend & officiate the wedding, but he couldn’t accept.
  • Matt Rogers did a huge anti-Gia Giudice rant on WWHL they had to cut from airing because Andy didn’t want it to look like an attack on a kid.
  • Kathy Wakile sent him tons of gifts for Lucy when she was born, despite not having talked to her in many years.


  • Thought early S13 was “subpar” & prayed the season would get better.
  • Sheree’s original tagline for S14 was “There is no greater OG than SHE.” Sheree hated it and demanded a redo.
  • Thought Marlo did too much on S14 — “She’s walking around on the show with an AK-47 & randomly firing at people.”
  • Thought the S12 & S13 reunions were terrible but loved the S14 reunion. Thought Marlo stole the show after they did a full 90 minutes about her past & present (…much of which didn’t air?)
  • On his fallout with Nene: “what a sad end to a relationship with someone I adored & put on a pedestal for years.” The door is closed.
  • The day after Nene’s racial discrimination lawsuit dropped, Amy Sedaris showed up to the set of WWHL screaming “RACIST” at Andy as a joke.
  • People still ask him all the time when Nene’s coming back & he doesn’t know what to tell them.
Andy Cohen and NeNe Leakes
Andy Cohen opens up about NeNe Leakes return to RHOA


  • No real opinion on Jennie facebook-gate other than that he was upset conservative media were all going after Andy for firing a woman based on her politics. Apparently John Mayer comforted him about it.
  • Didn’t think he did a good job on the S2 reunion. Hated Jen Shah’s performance — thinks she tried to deflect & blame her crimes on racism. Very bummed Mary didn’t attend & the “Maloof rule” meant she HAD to be fired because of it.
  • Also disappointed in the S3 reunion. He thought Jen’s absence would allow Heather & Meredith to be more honest & outspoken with their opinions, but it just didn’t happen. Admits he totally lost it at Meredith for not having stronger feelings about Jen’s crimes.
  • Furious at Jen for lying all through S3 about her innocence, but Bravo still had to try & play nice with her to try & score a 1-on-1 interview before her sentencing. Begrudgingly admits she was great for the show & admires her “relentless optimism.” He clearly doesn’t like her though.
  • Jen bought a bunch of crazy expensive gifts for Lucy that Andy was worried was paid for with money stolen from her victims & that his whole office was worried the government was coming to take them back (a very Meredith comment).

Are you shocked by any of the new revelations?

Andy Cohen’s new book is all about the behind-the-scenes stories and juicy secrets of the Real Housewives franchise. He spills the tea on the drama, conflicts, and memorable moments that have taken place on the popular reality TV show.

As of the latest information available, Andy Cohen’s new book is set to be released on [insert release date]. However, it’s always a good idea to check with the publisher or reputable bookstores for any updates or changes to the release date..

Yes! Andy Cohen promises to share some never-before-revealed information and untold stories from his years of experience as the creator and executive producer of the Real Housewives franchise. Fans can expect to gain new insights into their favorite housewives and their journey on the show.

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