RHONJ Recap: I Smell a Rat


On this week’s episode of RHONJ Recap, the drama continues to reign supreme in Ireland.

The episode kicks off with the group continuing to celebrate Teresa Giudice‘s bachelorette party. After dinner the group heads to a pub where things get wild and crazy.

RHONJ Recap: The ladies have a drink-off…

 Episode Of Rhonj

Yet, it seems like they had a little too much fun because five seconds after getting in the sprinter van to head back to their castle they are all passed out instead of whopping it up. Lame.

Rachel Fuda
Rachel Fuda

Rachel Fuda learns that Danielle Cabral called her a “Rat”

Danielle admits that she believes the rumors of Margaret Josephs‘ “arsenal” are true which Marge is offended by. Jennifer Aydin points out that Margaret does have a reputation for digging into people’s pasts. However, before the fireworks can be begin a very angry Dolores Catania shuts down the talk and says it’s time for everyone to get ready for the day. Dolores is pissed that another meal has been ruined by petty drama.

On the drive to shopping, the ladies discuss relationships and cheating. All of the women, except Teresa, say that cheating isn’t a dealbreaker in their marriages. The conversation moves on and Teresa explains to Jen Fessler how she and her ex-husband, Joe Giudice, wound up divorced. Teresa admits she never saw herself getting divorced but after going to prison then losing her mom she was done with her marriage. She continued with the marriage for the sake of her daughters but ultimately knew her marriage was over when she went to visit Joe in Italy following his deportation.

Rachel then asks Teresa is her kids and Melissa Gorga‘s kids are close to which Teresa replies, “They were.”

Teresa begins to say that things changed for her girls when Antonia Gorga didn’t come to Milania Giudice’s Sweet Sixteen.

Melissa cuts her off, saying “Are you going to blame Antonia now?”

The mom of four fires back, “I’m not blaming her” and adds, “Milania was so hurt.” Melissa then accuses Teresa of going after Antonia but Teresa insists that’s not the case. The back and forth continues with Melissa saying she won’t be the aunt that goes after the kids except that’s exactly what she’s done. Teresa notes that Joe and Melissa have BOTH gone after her daughters on and off the show.

RHONJ star cast good memories
RHONJ star cast good memories
Joe And Melissa
Joe And Melissa
Joe And Melissa
Joe And Melissa

Melissa adds fuel to the fire by saying that Teresa set a terrible example of family “closeness” by excluding her from being a part of her wedding.

While shopping Teresa made it clear that she was never trying to say anything bad about Antonia and the ladies know that wasn’t her intention however, Melissa doesn’t believe it at all. Melissa thinks that Teresa is now going to start going after her kids and blaming them for things.

Let’s be real, Rachel is the shirt-starter for asking the question. Wonder why she asked it to Teresa the question instead of her BFF Melissa.

At lunch, the conversation turns to the possibility of Dolores and Paulie being engaged this time next year. Dolores hints that she doesn’t want to have a big wedding like Teresa. She’d rather just elope but Paulie wants a wedding.

Dolores reveals that she is now living with Paul full-time. Yay!

Back at the castle, Melissa calls her hubby Joe Gorga and tells him that Teresa brought their daughter into the drama, which isn’t true. Melissa then tells Joe that she doesn’t feel like they belong at the wedding. Joe adds that this is Teresa’s goal so that then they look bad for not going.

At dinner, the ladies talk about boobs and breast implants which is a nice break from the drama.

Things turn sour when Rachel brings up Danielle calling her a “rat.” Danielle doesn’t back down, saying she called it like she saw it however Rachel says she was merely having her friend’s back.

She then accuses Danielle of being influenced by what others think about Margaret. Voices being to get raised and the conversation is about to turn an ugly corner. Danielle insists she wasn’t judging Margaret about the arsenal accusation but instead was keeping a note of the claim. This enrages Rachel, who accuses Danielle of lying. She begins to scream at the table. Everyone is embarrassed by Rachel at this point.

Margaret and Jennifer A start to go back forth as a result but thankfully their squabble ends semi-peacefully with Marge apologizing for calling Jen a drug addict. Jen accepts the apology but calls Marge a “boogawolf.”

As the drama dies down, Dolores escorts all the ladies out of out the restaurant before anymore fights can start.

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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The group continued to celebrate Teresa Giudice’s bachelorette party in Ireland, heading to a pub where things got wild and crazy. They had a drink-off and ended up passing out in the sprinter van on the way back to their castle.

 Rachel Fuda learned that Danielle Cabral called her a “Rat.” This caused tension between the two, with Danielle admitting that she believed rumors about Margaret Josephs’ “arsenal” and Rachel defending her friend.

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga had a heated argument about their children. Teresa mentioned that her daughters’ relationship with Melissa’s children had changed, particularly when Antonia Gorga didn’t come to Milania Giudice’s Sweet Sixteen. Melissa accused Teresa of going after Antonia, while Teresa claimed that both Joe and Melissa had gone after her daughters on and off the show.

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