Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice’s Fiery Exchange Over Gia’s Stay at the Shore House


The drama between RHONJ stars and sisters-in-law Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice is heating up!

On this week’s episode of RHONJ, Teresa made some bold and valid claims about her brother and sister-in-law amid their trip down the shore.

According to Teresa, Joe, and Melissa have never invited her, and her now-husband, Louie Ruelas, to stay at their shore house located in Toms River, New Jersey.

While staying at Jennifer Aydin‘s shore house, she asked the RHONJ OG if she “ever stayed at [her] brother’s beach house,” to which Teresa replied, “No, never.”

“Gia asked to stay there once, and Melissa said no,” Teresa added. This shocked Jennifer as well as RHONJ newbie Danielle Cabral. Viewers at home were also surprised by the claim.

“I wanna be around people that love us,” Teresa told her co-stars. “Like, I feel like you guys are happy for us.”

Despite Teresa’s claims, sources close to the Gorgas tell Page Six why they said no to allowing Gia to crash at their shore house.

“The reason she said no is because it was on a weekend where Joe and Melissa were not going to be at the house,” the insider insists.

The insider says that Gia “wanted to stay there with a couple of friends” when she was “underage” however the reality TV couple “didn’t feel comfortable” letting the college student stay there with “no adult supervision.”

“They obviously love Gia,” the source insists. “If Joe or Melissa — just one adult — was at their house, they would have let her stay.”

While this “insider” tea is an interesting theory, Melissa told a different story on the RHONJ: After Show. Instead of addressing the claim, Melissa said she didn’t want to talk about her four nieces despite bad-mouthing them multiple times while filming season 13 of RHONJ.

“I just am not talking about the kids, okay? It’s like so sad,” Melissa said on the RHONJ: After Show before scoffing off claims that she and Joe would say no to Gia staying at their shore house.

“But you know what’s so funny? Why have I never been asked to stay at her shore house? Why don’t we ever talk about that?” Melissa notes.

Next up, Melissa sent a strong message to Teresa; telling her to “shut the f–k up,” and “stop [being] fake.”

“I am so sick of the double standard, like, you’re not staying at my house. Because you don’t want to shut the and stop faking. Just stop. Do us all a favor, please cuz I’m exhausted,” she said.

The On Display podcast host questions why should she invite Teresa to stay at her shore house when her sister-in-law, doesn’t even like her.

“[Teresa] says to Louie this season, ‘I am not close with my sister-in-law. Why would I invite her family to my wedding?'” Melissa explains.

In reality, the RHONJ OG told her now-husband Louie “If I didn’t put Melissa in my wedding, I’m not close to Melissa. Why would I be close to her family?”

According to Melissa, this comment is exactly why Teresa shouldn’t expect an invite to her shore house. In fact, Melissa says Teresa should just stay at her BFF, Jennifer Aydin’s house.

“Why would you sleep in my house? It doesn’t take a genius right? Why are you staying at my house? Stay at your bridesmaid’s house. That’s why. Stay at the girl that you want to walk you down the aisle. Oh my God, it doesn’t make any sense,” Melissa said angrily.

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on Melissa’s comments? Who’s side are you on – Teresa or Melissa? Sound off below!

Teresa claimed that Joe and Melissa never invited her to their shore house because she stated that Melissa said no when her daughter Gia asked to stay there once.

Joe and Melissa said no to Gia staying at their shore house because they were not going to be at the house during that weekend and they didn’t feel comfortable letting an underage college student stay there without adult supervision.

Melissa refused to invite Teresa to her shore house because Teresa has openly stated that she is not close with Melissa and doesn’t like her. Melissa believes that if Teresa doesn’t want to invite her to her own wedding, then there is no reason for Teresa to expect an invite to her shore house.

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