Pump Rules Reunion: Unveiling Secrets, Seating Arrangements, and Cast Controversies


Buckle up, the drama is coming!

The Pump Rules season ten cast filmed their most anticipated reunion ever on Thursday, March 23.

Ariana Madix, Tom Sandoval, James Kennedy, Scheana Shay, Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, and Raquel Leviss sat down with Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump to hash out all theIr season ten drama, including Sandoval and Raquel’s cheating scandal that is STILL rocking the Bravoverse on a daily basis.

We are going to break down all the reunion tea but before we do let’s take a look at the seating charts for the season ten reunion. Yes, I said seating charts as in plural.

For the first time in Pump Rules history there will be two seating charts for the reunion with Scheana and Raquel each taking turns sitting on the reunion couch. Due to their ongoing legal issues, two cannot be within 100 yards of each other. As AllAboutTRH previously reported, Raquel filed a restraining order against Scheana on March 2, claiming that Scheana physically attacked her after learning of her and Sanodval’s affair on March 1.

The only way to have both Scheana and Raquel attend the reunion in person was to have them swap spots throughout the reunion taping.

Check out the season ten seating chart below. It is quite odd that Sandoval and Raquel are sitting next to each other adn that Scheana is sitting on Sandoval’s side of the couch when she’s best friends with Ariana. Guess Bravo did the best they could to make it work.

Scheana and Raquel’s musical chairs isn’t the only Pump Rules reunion first happening. According to Entertainment Tonight, Sandoval and Ariana will be filming a separate segment with just them and Andy.

”Bravo wants to make sure Ariana and Tom have the ability talk, so Andy Cohen is planning to do a sit-down with just them, either together or separately depending on how things go,” a source says. “There is also talk of Raquel getting alone time with or without Sandoval.”

Now, let’s breakdown some of the reunion tea that’s floating around.

According to Lala, the cast’s phones were being taken away at the start of the reunion. Why? Well, apparently there is a leak among the cast. Lala revealed this on the most recent episode of her Give Them Lala podcast.

We got a call they are taking our phones because there is a leak,” Lala confessed before noting that she thinks the leak is coming from some of her cast mates shady friends.

Deux Moi also reports that “Sandoval [went] hard defending his actions and Raquel. [He was] trying to justify it with the narrative that they weren’t happy and never had sex.”

On top of that Andy teased a bit of the reunion on his Instagram Story. He poignantly asked Schwartz: “We’re you silent or silenced?” Schwartz replied that he was “going to marinate on that” but noted that he was ready to get “down and dirty.”

While on the topic of Andy, the night before the reunion the Watch What Happens Live host teased the second half of season ten.

“My mouth is on the FLOOR,” Andy said of the remaining episodes of the current season.

He added: “I’m speaking as a fan. I have nothing to do with this show besides hosting the reunion. I will say without hyperbole that they second half of the season is some of the best TV I’ve seen on Bravo.” Wow.

C Speaking of what’s to come this season on Pump Rules, the Bravoverse is also learning when the cast first suspected something was going on between Raquel and Sandoval.

Turns out some members of Pump Rules crew grew suspicious of Sandoval and Raquel’s growing friendship not long after they began their affair. The suspicion started when James’ girlfriend Ally Lewber spotted Raquel and Sandoval embracing each other at The Abbey in West Hollywood in August 2022.

“James’ girlfriend, Ally, saw Tom and Raquel at The Abbey dancing alone together and thought it was weird,” one source tells Page Six“When they realized they’d been spotted looking cozy, Tom and Raquel appeared to act a little strange like they were caught doing something bad.”

“The cast began speculating that something weird was happening then, and Ally was the first to call it out,” adds the source. “But Raquel and Tom were both adamantly denying it at the time.”

A second source explains that Bravo cameras were not rolling when Sandoval and Raquel’s canoodling session took place at The Abbey despite production for season ten of Pump Rules being in full swing.

Ally did not initially mention what she saw while filming,” the second source says. “She confided in other cast members off-camera simply because she was very much bothered by Tom and Raquel’s interaction.”

“Over the past couple months, the girls have been thinking things weren’t adding up,” the source notes.

Meanwhile, Jax Taylor revealed on reunion day that he wished the ladies of Pump Rules good luck via text message.

”Knock ‘em dead today girls!! Don’t forget to breathe. You’re pros. Thinking of ya,” Jax texted Lala, Ariana, and Scheana. All three thanked Jax for the well-wishes.

Pump Rules airs Wednesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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 There are two seating charts for the reunion because Scheana and Raquel cannot be within 100 yards of each other due to their ongoing legal issues. Raquel filed a restraining order against Scheana after Scheana physically attacked her upon learning about her affair with Sandoval.

Yes, there will be a separate segment with Tom Sandoval and Ariana. Andy Cohen plans to do a sit-down with just them, either together or separately, depending on how things go. There is also talk of Raquel getting alone time with or without Sandoval.

The cast’s phones were taken away because there is a leak among the cast. Lala revealed on her podcast that they received a call about the leak, and she suspects it is coming from some of her castmates’ shady friends.

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