VIDEO: Lala Kent Reveals Sex of Baby No. 2!


Lala Kent’s girl gang is growing. The Vanderpump Rules star reveals that the sex of baby number two is a GIRL! Get all the details!

The 33-year-old pregnant reality TV star revealed she’s expecting a baby girl during an Amazon Live on Tuesday, April 9.

The baby girl will join big sister, Ocean, 3, who Lala Kent shares with ex Randall Emmett.

“I did not pick the gender because I did IUI [Intrauterine insemination], which is where my eggs stay inside my body. I went to a doctor, they put a little tube up there with the goods and I get what I get, so I didn’t get embryos created like they do with IVF [in vitro fertilization],” she explained to fans during the live stream.

The Vanderpump Rules star spoke with PEOPLE ahead of the announcement, gushing over how “incredible” it has been to share this journey with fans, friends, and her family.

“They played such a big role in getting everything that I needed for Ocean. I would forget things because I was a first-time mom and just being able to order and having it delivered quickly — that was when it became like, ‘Okay, Amazon has my heart and soul. They really showed up for me.’ And then, when I teamed up with them to do Amazon Live, it added an element of safety for me,” Lala Kent says.

“I feel like when I do Vanderpump Rules, it’s a show where I get to be myself, but I don’t have control of my story. Doing Amazon Live, I feel like I’m hanging out with a bunch of my friends, and it just felt so right to have my gender reveal on there, because the people who have clicked the follow button, those people have become my homies. They slide in the chat. We’ve become real thick, so I’m very excited to do it this way.”

“It’s incredible to talk to people who I’ve been close to for many years about how I’ve chosen to do this. I was really nervous at first to tell people that I was doing it this way because it was out of the norm, but I feel like it’s a very inspiring and empowering way to go about motherhood,” she continues.

“But really, no one voiced any concerns about this except Lisa Vanderpump, who you guys saw on the episode, you know, talking about how I’ll find love. Other than that, everyone has been so supportive and excited.”

Lala also reveals that this pregnancy is a completely different experience to her first one.

“It’s a lot different from my first pregnancy because then, I was kind of hunkered down. People asked me if I had morning sickness with Ocean and I just laid around all day and ate, so I don’t really remember,” she explains.

“So this time, I’m out and having to work, but luckily my energy has been very high. When I’m ready to go, I’m ready, but once I’m tuckered out, I’m tuckered out. And I have a toddler to chase after as well, so that adds an element of difference from the first time.”

While being a pregnant mom to a toddler isn’t easy, Lala Kent says Ocean’s excitement about her baby sister makes the entire journey that much more enjoyable.

“She is so cute and so excited and loves the fact that Mama has a baby in her belly,” the 33-year-old raves.

“Ocean tells me that she’s going to teach the baby how to sleep in its own bed, and I’m like, ‘Well, that’ll be interesting because you don’t even sleep in your own bed,’ “ she laughs. “She’s really excited and I’m hoping that it stays that way. There is going to be a difference with this baby.”

Lala Kent with daugther Ocean
Lala Kent with daugther Ocean

The Utah native explains that it is important to her that Ocean feels special and valued throughout this transition as “this baby is going to always be with Mom and she bounces back and forth.”

“My biggest thing is making sure that she knows that she’s not ever going to be replaced and that this is our baby. It’s not just Mama’s baby,” she emphasizes.

And so far it’s been smooth sailing.

“As of right now, she hasn’t expressed any jealousy or anything like that, which I know that kids can do,” she notes, adding that Ocean is coming into her own and developing her own personality.

“I’m so enjoying her becoming her own little person,” Lala shares.

“She’s very ahead of the game. Her vocabulary is insane. She’s potty trained. She talks about how delicious the candy she had at Disneyland, and it’s just like, ‘Wow, this is a real human being.’ It’s so fun to hear what comes out of her mouth and what goes on in her mind,” she adds.

Kent is proud of the village she’s cultivated for herself, Ocean, and the new little one —whose name will start with an S — they’re eager to meet.

When it comes to baby names, Lala Kent says her second daughter’s name with start with an S before admitting that the village that helps her and Ocean is eager to meet baby S.

“My village consists of a lot of people. I would say the regulars are my mom, my brother, his friend from back home, Jessica, who moved out here and is a tremendous help,” she shares. “And then, obviously, Brock and Scheana, who live around the corner from me. They’re a part of my orca pod. I’m really excited about the way that we’ve structured the team for this little one to arrive.”

Now that she knows she is having a baby girl, the Vanderpump Rules star is looking forward to having a “baby monsoon.”

“I never had a baby shower. It’s usually a baby shower, then a baby sprinkle for your second. But because I’ve never had one, I’m actually doing a baby monsoon. My mom and Stassi are going to be planning it. I want zero gifts. I want to just have a charity of choice that if people want to do something, they can give to that charity. I just want people to show up on a fabulous rooftop, have some cocktails and mocktails and celebrate this little life that is about to come into the world. I’m very excited.”

After her baby shower, Lala will be solely focused on getting ready for her baby’s arrival later this summer.

“With Ocean, because she came three weeks early, I was induced, and I loved that part. So I’ve spoken to my doctor, and he’s like, ‘Well, if we do, if everything looks good, we could induce you in late August. But I don’t know that I love an August birthday. So I’m just gonna rock it. We’ll see what happens.”

She continues, “I just want a healthy delivery. I’m gonna let the universe guide me, but I’m not the person that’s like home birth in a bathtub.”

“I’m excited to see Ocean become a big sister. I think she’s really going to thrive in that role,” she says. “And I’m also just excited to have a baby in the home that I don’t have to share with anyone. I know how that sounds, [that] it can come off as selfish, but I’m just excited to not share with anybody.”

The Bravo star adds, “Unless I need a babysitter one night. I’ll share then, but I can’t wait to have this human come into our world and just freaking rock it.”

“I feel like I’m going to be able to enjoy it a little bit more because I know what I’m doing. You kind of just like fall into motherhood and hope that you’re doing the right thing,” she continues.

“I remember the hospital discharging me with Ocean and me looking at her being like, ‘Oh my God, I’m keeping you alive. This is really intense.’ So I feel like this round, in the beginning stages, I’ll be able to enjoy it because I’m gonna know that they’re not as breakable as I thought Ocean was when I first brought her home.”

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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