RHONJ Gorgas: Time for a Change


It’s time for the Gorgas to go, according to former RHONJ producer Carlos King.

The former Bravo producer thinks Joe and Melissa Gorga’s time on the New Jersey Housewives franchise has come to an end.

Carlos discussed his feelings about Joe and Melissa‘s reality TV future on the March 22 episode of his Reality With the King podcast.

To start, Carlos explains that he’s simply sharing his opinion before noting that he has not recapped much of RHONJ this season because it’s just the “same old” drama between the Gorgas and Teresa Giudice.

“The reason why I have it recapped the season is because I feel like it’s the same old, same old Real Housewives of New Jersey needs a refresh. I love the cast. I’ve said that before. I think this cast is one of the best,” Carlos explains. “I love everybody on the show. What I’ve been watching so far is just not grabbing me because I feel like even with two new ladies, there’s too much inventory on the old beef – Teresa versus Melissa and Jennifer Aydin versus Margaret Josephs.”

” We’ve seen it, we’ve seen it for so many seasons that I think this season, I’m tired of it. I’m not as invested as I was before in it,” he admits.

That’s when Carlos dropped the bomb that he believes “it’s time for the Gorgas to go.”

“I am not a Melissa Gorge hater,” Carlos insists.” I’m not. I’ve said it before, I think Melissa is beautiful. I thought she was great for the show. At one point. I’ve even told Teresa, ‘I know y’all don’t get along but Teresa as a producer, [Melissa’s] great for the show. She’s interesting, and I like what she brings to the show.'”

“I am sick and tired of this Teresa versus Joe and Melissa child. We have exhausted all aspects of that relationship,” Carlos says, adding, “I think Joe and Melissa know that without Teresa, they just don’t have a storyline.”

Carlos then says that he never bought any of Melissa’s storylines, including her wanting to have a baby or find her unconfirmed long-lost sister, and so on. He calls Melissa’s storylines “weak and lazy” and notes that “Melissa ain’t got much going on unless she gets into it with Teresa.”

“Because Melissa and Joe don’t have much going on, that’s the reason why I think it’s time for them to exit stage left. This show is not going to survive with Joe Melissa on another season. It’s just not,” Carlos shares.

While Carlos does think the Gorgas’ time on RHONJ has come to an end, he does give Melissa and Joe props for all that have brought to the show over the years.

“I will compliment Joe and Melissa for bringing some very interesting family storylines to the show. Joe and Melissa brought another breath of fresh air to the show when they first got on,” admits. “I think Joe Gorge is a great reality star.”

However, Carlos’ opinion of Joe changed when he saw episode three of the current season.

“I thought that until episode three of this season when Joe was facing off with Louie at a restaurant with all the guys. Joe Gorge gave a good old Al Pacino performance. He was like at the head of the table like he’s the Beyonce of the group, and he was looking across the table at Louie [Ruelas]. I felt that Joe was just trying [too hard.] Joe, baby, you are a bad actor. That was some of the worst acting I’ve seen.”

The Kingdom Reign Entertainment CEO believes that Melissa and Joe know they have no role on the show without their drama with Teresa.

He also believes that RHONJ will succeed tremendously without the Gorgas.

“I think Melissa and Joe understands that without [the] Teresa drama, they just are expendable, which is why they got on the show in the first place,” Carlos shares. “I really do believe if you remove Melissa and Joe from the equation, the show will have a chance of succeeding.”

As for Teresa, Carlos believes RHONJ is her show and notes that she has given so much of her life to the show and still has more stories to tell.

“At this point, it’s Teresa’s show. Teresa gives so much to the show, so much to it. Teresa, she said to herself, she had a baby on the show, she got divorced on the show, she is getting married, remarried on the show. She buried her parents on the show like she had to suffer through going to jail on the show in the coming home.”

“Teresa has given every single piece of her life to that show. That’s why it’s her show. And that doesn’t dismiss Margaret, Jennifer, and Dolores [Catania]. It truly doesn’t. It does not. They’re all great. And I love all of those girls too. I even think they’ll say like, look, it’s fine. Teresa is the marquee. When you think of New Jersey Housewives, you think of Teresa, she flipped the table,” Carlos explains.  “That’s fine.”

He points out: “What isn’t fine is Melissa and Joe continuously not having anything else going on, but starting this beef with Teresa. And I’m not saying that Teresa’s always innocent, but I also think at some point, guys, you gotta move on from it and say, what else do we have?”

“In order for the Real Housewives of New Jersey to continue, the Gorgas must leave. Their time is up. Teresa already says she’s never talking to them again. And that makes me even sad to repeat that because I have nine siblings, and I know how much family means to me. But I have to admit, if I was in Teresa’s shoes and if I saw my sibling use the show to start drama allegedly to get a buck, I won’t talk to them either,” Carlos says. “So if Teresa isn’t talking to you guys anymore, and I believe she’s not, I don’t wanna see Melissa having dinner with Margaret. I’m bored. Change the temperature of the show. That’s what this show needs. It needs a temperature change, and that temperature is [at] zero degrees with the Gorgas. It’s time to go, it’s time to leave. And maybe you guys could be able to do other things with the network.”

Carlos concluded with: “I think [the Gorgas] need to join Kathy [Wakile] and Rosie [Pierri] and get off the show.”

RHONJ airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on everything Carlos had to say? Is it time for the Gorgas to exit RHONJ? Sound off below!

Carlos King believes that it’s time for the Gorgas to leave the Real Housewives of New Jersey franchise. He feels that their storyline has become repetitive and that the show needs a refresh.

Carlos King believes that the Gorgas’ storyline, particularly their ongoing drama with Teresa Giudice, has been exhausted. He thinks that without Teresa, Joe and Melissa don’t have much going on and that their storylines have been weak and lazy.

Yes, Carlos King believes that the show can succeed without the Gorgas. He thinks that removing them from the equation would give the show a chance to thrive. He also believes that Teresa Giudice is the main star of the show and has given a lot to it over the years.

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