Melissa Gorga: The Controversial Housewife


Danny Pellegrino thinks Melissa Gorga‘s time on the Real Housewives of New Jersey has come to an end!

The author and Everything Iconic podcaster appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, where he was asked to share his thoughts on the New Jersey Housewives franchise, more especially Teresa Giudice‘s relationship with Joe and Melissa Gorga.

“By the way, in Jersey, any way to repair Teresa and Joe’s relationship? Or you think they should call it a day?” Andy Cohen asked the podcaster.

“I think they have to call it a day,” Danny admitted before taking the opportunity to let Andy know that he needs to kick Melissa to the curb for season 14 of RHONJ.

“I’m curious where it goes next, next season. Do we keep them both around? I dunno if we can keep them both around. I think Melissa has to go, and Teresa sticks around. That’s what I think,” Danny explained.

This isn’t the first Danny has shared that he believes Melissa’s time on RHONJ has come to an end.

According to Danny, “Joe and Mel aren’t interesting enough TV without Tre, so I can’t imagine they would stick around after this season.”

“I imagine they’ll try a bunch of offscreen stunts/antics to stay one,” he continues, noting that Bravo “wouldn’t keep Me/Joe if [Teresa’s] gone. Their paychecks are too high, and there’s not much value without their feud with Tre.”

“The show needs to move on from the family feud, and anyone who thinks the network would choose Mel over Tre is kidding themselves,” Danny adds.

Meanwhile, in a new interview with 103.5KTU, Melissa claims that she is a “polarizing” figure on RHONJ while also shading newbie Danielle Cabral for wanting to be a reality TV star.

“You know, they don’t cast Jersey that often,” Melissa explains, noting that she was surprised but excited that Bravo cast two new Housewives for season 13 of the franchise. “They don’t recast Jersey. We don’t get a lot of new people. We’ve had the same cast for almost five years straight. Which is unheard of because all the other franchises, they get a new one here, a new one there. It’s very hard to cast us because I think Teresa and I can be polarizing. It’s hard to blend. It’s just they keep it very the same usually. So, for the fact that they brought two in almost three because of Jen Fessler – I love it. I always ask for new; I wanna see what’s going on in other people’s lives.”

Melissa then shades Danielle for wanting to be a reality star. The mom of three then admits she’s surprised fans have taken a liking to Danielle thus far.

“I’m happy they’re so opposite. They’re so different,” Melissa says of newbies Rache Fuda and Danielle.

She adds: “Danielle was someone who was always kind of wanting to be on reality television. And I, I have to be honest, I didn’t know how that was gonna go over with the fans, but they seem to really like her. Sometimes they don’t like it when they know someone wants it. But they are enjoying her. So that’s awesome. I’m glad.”


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Naturally, fans had a lot to say about Melissa’s claims. To start, many laughed at Melissa calling herself “polarizing.”

“Teresa is polarizing, and Melissa is surfing on her coattails,” one fan commented, while another fan said, ” I don’t think she knows what polarizing means.”

Others scoffed at Melissa’s comments about Danielle considering how thirsty she was to get on RHONJ ahead of season three.

“Says the woman who went behind Teresa’s back messaging anyone she could to get on the show,” a fan wrote.

A second fan commented, “Danielle wants it, LMAO. Almost as bad as Melissa, who was messaging Danielle Staub and every producer who would email back.”

“Um…saying Danielle really wants it. Girl, no one wanted it more than YOU!!!” a third fan wrote while a fourth added, “Lol, look at Melissa trying to shade someone for wanting to be on tv.”

Oddly enough, Melissa’s good friend Rachel is the one who had a Finsta/RHONJ fan page she ran before getting on the show.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs on Tuesdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

Should Melissa Gorga be Removed from RHONJ? Audience Opinions and Reactions

Yes, Danny Pellegrino believes that Melissa Gorga’s time on the Real Housewives of New Jersey has come to an end.

Danny Pellegrino thinks that Melissa Gorga is not interesting enough without Teresa Giudice and that the show needs to move on from the family feud.

 Melissa Gorga claims that she is a polarizing figure on RHONJ and expresses surprise that fans have taken a liking to newcomer Danielle Cabral, who she believes wanted to be on reality television.

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