Melissa Gorga’s Accusations Against Teresa Giudice’s Forehead Work: Exclusive


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is throwing her co-stars under the bus. The housewife who is famous for getting 4 nose jobs and denying it to everyones face is now making it known that every housewife does something to their face.

Jacqueline Laurita recently even clarified the 4 nose job comment she made to Melissa Gorga to AllAboutTRH saying,

“It wasn’t her 4 nose jobs that I was calling out at the dinner. That was already obvious to everyone. Who cares that she did procedures. Everyone on the cast does stuff. The part you missed was that I was giving an example of how she can lie with a straight face, like she did when Andy Cohen asked her the first time on WWHL if she had a nose job and she lied straight to his face and said it was “contour”. I said “You and your 4 nose jobs” meaning…that’s how easy it is for her to lie with a straight face, as she was doing again that night in Vermont.

Jacqueline Laurita

In a clip from Bravo TV shared by @AllRhonjfacts on Instagram – Melissa Gorga points out that she’s not the only housewife to get work done and that her co-stars have gotten work done as well.

In the After Show clip, Melissa Gorga is seen telling newest housewife Rachel Fuda that Giudice got work done saying “Teresa did her forehead.” Rachel and even the producers filming appeared surprised by this since Giudice has never admitted to doing a forehead surgery.

Gorga even doubles down saying, “Yeah, She (Teresa) went back a little further.”

Rachel jokes that she needs the opposite and would like to move her forehead forward.

Melissa also throws Jackie Goldschneider under the bus saying that after Jackie saw herself on season one – she got new teeth. Also something Jackie has never opened up about.

According to our inside sources, this is not true. Teresa Giudice never got her forehead done and doesn’t understand why Melissa would make that accusation up when Teresa has never once had a conversation with Melissa about her forehead to begin with. Teresa has done botox on her forehead but she never got a surgery done to move her hairline back.”

Is Melissa Gorga’s Accusation of Her Co-Stars’ Cosmetic Procedures Justified?

Yes, Melissa Gorga pointed out in a clip from Bravo TV that she’s not the only housewife to have undergone cosmetic procedures. She mentioned that her co-stars, including Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider, have also had work done on their faces.

 In the After Show clip, Melissa Gorga claimed that Teresa Giudice had work done on her forehead. She mentioned that Giudice had her forehead done and even stated that she went back a little further. However, it should be noted that our inside sources have stated that this accusation is not true.

Yes, Melissa Gorga also threw Jackie Goldschneider under the bus by claiming that she got new teeth after seeing herself on season one of the show. However, it should be noted that there is no confirmation or open discussion from Jackie Goldschneider about getting new teeth.

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