Kyle Richards Addresses Lisa Vanderpump Return Rumors and Season 13 Filming Updates

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Kyle Richards Addresses Lisa Vanderpump Return Rumors and Season 13 Filming UpdatesGet the latest scoop on Kyle Richards as she addresses rumors about Lisa Vanderpump’s return. Find out which former Beverly Hills Housewives she hopes to see back and get insights on filming for Season 13. Plus, discover if she’s concerned about ratings after Lisa Rinna’s exit.

Kyle Richards is dishing about all things Real Housewives in several new interviews ahead of the commencement of filming for season 13 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

When it comes to which former RHOBH cast member she’d like to see back on the show, Kyle said her sister Kim Richards before admitting she’d also like to see her bestie Teddi Mellencamp return.

“I would love to see my sister Kim [Richards] come back,” Kyle told HollywoodLife on February 1.

“I would love to see Teddi [Mellencamp] come back,” Kyle added. “I don’t know. I think probably Kim and Teddi, I would say.”

As for those rumors about Lisa Vanderpump possibly returning to RHOBH, Kyle told PEOPLE: “We’re good where we are now.”

“Listen, I am nostalgic, you know, and it’s not lost on me that Lisa was great on the show,” Kyle elaborated while chatting with HollywoodLife. “And we had a great relationship while it lasted. But you know, I think we have a strong cast as it is.”

Kyle also addressed several current, and former members of the RHOBH cast bumping into each other in Paris for Couture fashion week. Lisa Rinna and Erika Jayne palled around Paris while Sutton Stracke hung out with LVP in between attending fashion shows.

The RHOBH OG confirmed that the ladies did, in fact, bump into each other in Paris on more than one occasion.

“There was so many Housewives in Paris,” Kyle told E! News. “I know there are sparked rumors, but there was just so many Housewives, current and ex, there that it was kind of funny. They kept bumping into each other all over the place. I was getting the text messages.”

Meanwhile, Kyle also dished on season 13 of RHOBH and how she thinks the show will fare amid Lisa Rinna’s exit.

“‘Excited’ is not necessarily the word I would use. But I love the people that I work with. I love working with the network and the production, and all those people are like family to me now,” she admitted while chatting with PEOPLE. “So I rely on them, that I have this relationship with them.”

“It’s funny because I haven’t had anxiety in a while,” she added. “And just talking about the show tonight, it started kicking up again. I was like, ‘There’s definitely a direct link between my anxiety and the show.'”

Kyle admits that she thinks about her future on RHOBH

“It’s like kind of like the mafia, and then you get sucked back in,” she joked about Housewives. “What can I tell you?”

Despite the recent casting shakeup on RHOBH, Kyle believes viewership of the show will remain strong.

“Over these 13 years, we’ve had cast members come and go, and the show is still number one,” she shared. “So, of course, Lisa brought so much to the show, a lot, and she’ll be missed by cast and audience alike. But we always somehow … I don’t know, here we are 13 years later, and the show is still number one.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is expected to return for season 13 in 2023.

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Kyle Richards expressed her desire to see her sister Kim Richards and her bestie Teddi Mellencamp return to the show.

Kyle Richards stated that they are content with the current cast and mentioned that Lisa Vanderpump’s return is not on the cards.

Kyle admitted to having mixed feelings about the new season but expressed her love for the people she works with and her reliance on them. She also mentioned experiencing anxiety related to the show.

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