RHOBH Recap: Altitude Adjustment

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Let the games begin!

The ladies of Beverly Hills begin their trip to Aspen in this episode; however, if you were hoping for an episode chock full of drama, you’d be sorely disappointed.

Much of  Wednesday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filler BS. Am I right? So, let’s fast forward to the ladies’ flight to Aspen and the drama that followed.

The Aspen trip started with the ladies boarding a gorgeous private plane that Mauricio scored for the ladies. The Agency founder is attending the trip to ski and avoid as much drama as possible.

Let’s break down the sleeping arrangement, as the ladies are NOT all staying in the same house. Kyle, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, and Kathy Hilton are staying at Kyle and Mauricio’s Aspen home. Crystal Minkoff, Dorit Kemsley, Sutton Stracke, Garcelle Beauvais, and Sheree Zampino are staying down the road in a gorgeous rental home dubbed The Aspen Home. Diana Jenkins, on the other hand, is staying at a hotel down the road.

The ladies settle into their respective accommodations and then regroup for dinner at Kyle and Mauricio’s house. Kathy then shows up at Kyle’s house and learns she’s sleeping in a bunk bed. I’m sure she was thrilled.

As dinner is being cooked, there’s a little tension between Kathy and Mauricio. I think it comes down to Kathy being used to everyone around her catering to her every whim and Mauricio not being in the mood. Some fans think Mauricio was rude, but family dynamics are never perfect, and I’m sure everyone was tired from traveling and just wanted to eat and relax.

After dinner, Lisa pulls out the Ouija board. Kyle decides to stir the pot and ask some shady questions. To start, Kyle asks, “Why did Garcelle unfollow Erika on Instagram?” Love Kyle but ohh, shady AF!

Neither Erika nor Garcelle seem thrilled by the question. A flashback appears on the screen of ladies discussing the group’s Instagram drama on the flight to Aspen six hours earlier.

Garcelle explains that she unfollowed Erika “because she called me a liar.” Erika agrees. “I said she was lying when she said she cared about me,” Erika said, elaborating on the issue.

“Not because of that. Because you said I was trying to bring the narrative that you were drinking when you were actually controlling the narrative,” Garcelle interjected. Erika then claims Garcelle went to several ladies in the group to try to push the narrative that she has a drinking problem and when each woman didn’t take the bait, she moved on to another one in hopes of finding a partner in crime. However, Garcelle says that’s not the case and reminds Erika that she went to her directly to discuss the concerns she had about her drinking, which Erika clearly doesn’t recall. Garcelle remind Erika that they met for drinks to discuss her drinking.

Garcelle then makes it clear she didn’t appreciate being called a liar, and she was emotional about it, which is why she unfollowed Erika on Instagram.

Kathy then injects, saying she agrees that being called a liar is crossing a line. She then says she doesn’t like being called three things “a liar, a thief, a pedophile.” Naturally, Kathy’s comment cracks the ladies up not before the mood turns serious again when Garcelle and Erika agree that they don’t have to be friends.

As the drama seems to be winding down, Kyle stirs the pot once again. This time the RHOBH OG calls out Sutton and Garcelle for laughing about Garcelle unfollowing Erika.

“You guys sat together saying, ‘Haha, I’m going to unfollow Erika.’ I don’t get that,” Kyle quipped. Kathy jumped in, saying nobody cares and that the ladies should take themselves to be so important.

Kyle isn’t having it and screams, “It’s not important! It’s the intent behind it, is what I’m saying.” The mom of four adds that she gets now why Garcelle and Erika unfollowed each other but adds that she didn’t get why Sutton and Garcelle laughed about mutually unfollowing Erika.

“She called me a see you next Tuesday,” Sutton fires back, to which Kyle replies: “Then say that. Don’t say it’s a joke. That’s my f–king point.”

“Ya’ll never even cared about that,” Sutton points out. “None of ya’ll cared that she said that.” Kyle then gets angry and encourages Sutton not to play the victim and to be honest with the group. She adds that she starts to lose respect because it crosses the line.

“Be honest. I’m not going deal with the lies and bullshit,” Kyle says while walking away.

“We’re talking about Instagram right now,” Sutton reminds everyone. In her confessional, she points out that Erika called her a horrible name and none of the ladies defended her, but now that she has unfollowed Erika on Instagram, it’s a big deal.

A very quiet Lisa Rinna notes, “It’s not about Instagram. It’s about what’s underneath.”

“I haven’t heard anyone say anything to her about calling me a C–T,” Sutton says to which Lisa replies, “Why do we need to?”

Diana enters the chat, saying, “But, you are one,” which makes Erika crack up. However, only Diana and Erika are laughing.

“I said she is one,” Diana clarifies after a few of the women missed her comment.

Garcelle makes it clear that is not okay, but Diana doesn’t seem phased. Sutton says she feels like no one in this group stands up for her. Diana brushes off Sutton’s comment and notes that not everyone can be friends. She then lists why she doesn’t like Sutton and ends by calling her “slithery.”

“Let’s talk like she’s in the room because she is,” Kyle notes. Garcelle points out that “no one wants to hear that” and “it’s hard” for people to hear about themselves. Diana is confused and says she’s being honest instead of talking about Sutton behind her back.

Diana then questions whether Sutton has feelings. She claims Sutton came after her while she was “bleeding” and “on the floor” and that Sutton comes after people when they are at their weakest. “Why does she do that?” Diana questions.

Kyle urges a shocked Sutton to defend herself: “You can speak up and defend yourself, by the way. We can all jump in.”

“This is no defending,” Diana insists. “It’s unforgivable. I got out [of] my death bed to come to Garcelle’s birthday party, and she shamed me. It’s unforgivable, especially after she’s had two miscarriages that she hid from everybody.”

In her confessional, Crystal says Diana needs to drop as there are only so many times Sutton can apologize and defend herself. No matter how many times Sutton seems to clear the air with Diana, she continues to bring up the same issue over and over again.

Diana decides to leave and go back to her hotel. As Diana leaves, Sutton breaks down in tears.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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