Patrick Somers Leaks Kathy Hilton DMs; Says Lisa Rinna’s Big Mouth Got her ‘Caught’ and Alleges the Rinna Beauty Founder has Staged Fake Drama Before Plus So, So, Much MORE!

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This is the drama that never ends.

Patrick Somers continues to stir the pot and fuel the drama among the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast.

In recent days, Patrick leaked DMs between him and Kathy Hilton. If Kathy and Patrick do have any kind of relationship, these DMs do nothing to prove it.

In the DMs, Patrick reaches out to Kathy, who admits she’s confused and asks him to give her the 411.

Patrick acknowledges that it is very confusing and asks if he can call Kathy instead of typing it all out in paragraphs. An unsure Kathy doesn’t agree to chat on the phone and questions if she’s really chatting with Patrick. For proof, she asks Patrick to write out what he wants to say so she knows it’s truly him and not a setup.

He obliges by sending Kathy a screenshot of his conversation with Lisa Rinna via DM. Patrick also clarifies that he wants to call Kathy via Instagram.

Kathy isn’t quite convinced and asks for a bit more. Patrick explains that the message he sent was in reference to him and Lisa working together behind the scenes to create drama. He continues, explaining that he met Lisa working by working with the Los Angeles Mission. Lisa then referred him to a beauty doctor who does Lisa’s lips, as well as one of Kathy’s sisters. It’s unclear if he’s referring to Kim or Kyle Richards.

The mom of four then gets blunt, asking: “What does this have to do with me? I’m sorry I’m not very truthing right now.”

In an effort to give him credibility and make Kathy more trusting of him, Patrick says that Lisa told him that “Kyle gets her under eye fillers done by her Dr in New York. That’s something no one would know.”

“Lisa contacted me and wanted to push a narrative and storyline based off of what happened while filming,” Patrick continues. “It was at your expense. We knew people would link that “mysterious” text message to you. Hence why I contacted Radar Online and PEOPLE magazine to break the story.”

“[Lisa] lied to you by telling you she doesn’t know me and no [has] no involvement,” he claimed before apologizing to Kathy.

Kathy, who still is clearly confused, asks if Lisa’s publicist Jill was involved before asking: “What did she ask u to do?”

Patrick explains that Lisa was “really upset with what happened while filming, bothered rather.” He then details how Lisa messaged someone calling Kathy “racist and homophobic.” Said person then posted it on social media, which is how “the narrative started.”

He then says that’s when Lisa reached out to him so they could “piggyback off what viewers were alleging and speculating about after those direct messages got leaked.” Patrick then details how they plotted to ensure Lisa’s posts got screenshotted and picked up by blogs before she deleted them.

“[Lisa] wanted viewers to think that [it] was you threatening her,” he added. Kathy asks for proof, saying, “Do you have anything that she said on your DM? I have never said anything about her.”

The social media/PR specialist claimed to have further proof and revealed that he “spoke to someone at NBC Universal after the situation got out of hand.”

Patrick says he chatted with “Meriam Bouarrouj,” who told him that “someone spoke to Lisa and told her to cut it.” Despite his claims, Patrick admitted he doesn’t have proof as “she deleted all of our messages and blocked me.”


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Phew….it doesn’t end there. Grab some wine or a mimosa because you’re going to need it.

After this leak, Lisa had a leak of her own. The Rinna Beauty founder was messaging with Instagram content creator FacesReality16. In the messages obtained by Sarah Galli of The Daily Beast, Lisa alleges that she thinks Patrick and Kathy are in cahoots. She also notes that the plot “reeks” of Lisa Vanderpump.

Patrick caught wind of The Daily Beast article and quickly chimed in on his Instagram Story. He went on to say that Lisa “continues to lie about him” and that the leaked messages “vindicate” him.

“Her big mouth got her caught red-handed, and if it wasn’t for that, people would still think I was lying,” Patrick wrote. “Thank you, hunchback, Rinna!”

He then took a victory lap, claiming he “came out on top.”

However, to add fuel to the fire, Patrick alleged that Lisa is racist and that she has previously staged fake drama for the sake of reality TV.

“She once told me I was “black and with it”…because she never hear me listen to a rap song before that,” Patrick claimed.

He then shared a video from TMZ where Lisa is talking to a photographer who she thought was going to “pop” her because he looked like a South Central gang member. She thought the photographer looked “shady” because of his tattoos.

“For those who think she wouldn’t say something like that…remember this?” Patrick wrote alongside the video. “Lisa Rinna is a middle-aged white woman. So it’s no surprise she’s terrified of “thugs” and thought the Hawaiian cameraman would “cap” her.”

When it comes to proof that Lisa has staged fake drama for reality TV, Patrick shared a clip from the TODAY show where Lisa and her husband Harry Hamlin are promoting their failed reality TV show; Harry Loves Lisa. In the clip, the couple claims their now defunct clothing store, Belle Gray, is being robbed as they do the interview.

“Oh, and for those who also think she wouldn’t stage something with me. Remember when she staged a FAKE robbery on live television to promote her new show?” Patrick shared.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8 pm on Bravo.

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