Erika Jayne Accused of Ripping off Song ‘Cars’ by Hip Hop Legends L’Trimm and Not Paying them a Penny!

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The hits keep on coming for Erika Jayne – and it’s not in the way of hit records like she would prefer.

Erika’s music career was known to be funded by Tom Girardi, which afforded her to buy the best of the best. Unfortunately, she may want to talk to her songwriter that she hired as apparently, she was paying them while they were ripping off other’s work!

In an interview with The Sun, Lady Tigra and Bunny D of the hip hop legend L’Trimm slammed Girardi for using the hook of their hit song ‘Cars that go Boom’ in her song without giving any credit or paying them a dime. The chorus is nearly identical to Erika’s 2018 song Cars with the lyrics “I like the cars, the cars that go boom” – compared to that of L’Trimm’s song which sings “We like the cars, the cars that go boom.”

The song was written by Tigra and Bunny when they were 15 and 16 and is listed on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs of all Time. It was an influential song for it’s time as 80’s, hip hop was very serious and heavy, and their song allowed hip-hop fans to sing a song with no profanity and was light and fun. The song was an ode to the car and subwoofer culture that was huge in the 80’s Miami scene and made a comeback in 2020 thanks to ‘TikTok.

Tigra was shocked that Erika would use the same hook thinking no one would notice, especially since the song was so big. Per Tigra:

“Erika never reached out either of us, and we haven’t seen a penny for it, of course. She never even bothered to shout out L’Trimm or tag us or anything. The least Erika could do is say, ‘Okay, I was inspired by it.’ But to add insult to injury you jack it and pretend that you made it up, like we never existed. The craziest thing I really can’t wrap my head around is that it’s not an obscure song, it’s such a well-known song that it’s kind of a part of the fabric of hip hop.”

Tigra continued: “How privileged can you possibly be that you don’t think that people will recognize that you didn’t make that up? Or, that we’d never find out? There’s kind of a reckoning, in this time in history with creators of color, Erika should have said ‘Hey, this is their music.'”

Check out the similarities below:

Bunny for her part was more disappointed as she is a former Erika Jayne fan; however wasn’t happy about the accusations paired with the fact that she did L’Trimm dirty. Per Bunny: “I was actually an Erika fan, and that’s why I’m kind of brokenhearted.” “It’s heartbreaking that people just don’t think about other people. And women like Erika don’t think about other women, more importantly, because we’re the underdogs. I think it’s like a double hitter. Women aren’t respected in the music business as it is, and we are minorities. And people are going to think that is really her song.”

The ladies admitted that it would be hard to sue as they no longer own the Master’s and would turn into a she said/she said situation, but would accept pro-bono work. At this point, I’m sure her song ‘Cars‘ is the least of Erika’s worries; however it would be nice for her to do the right thing and admit she used their hook. In hip-hop music, hooks are used all the time, but to not pay or even acknowledge the true artist is pretty messed up. This is one issue in Erika’s life that she can easily make right so hopefully she does.

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Source: The Sun

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