RHOBH Recap: Circle of Distrust

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What a tangled web we weave when when first we practice to deceive. Perhaps that should be Erika’s new tagline? Whether she knew about Tom’s financial dealings is one thing, but now nothing is adding up and the ladies are finally seeing the red flags that the viewers have been complaining about all season.

We start this episode where we left off, as Erika is sobbing in the bathroom and poor Garcelle is sitting looking stunned. Garcells is upset herself as she has no idea why her one statement set Erika over the edge, and we now know now that she could have also been a pawn in the producers game. Garcelle says that she’s going to leave; however is convinced to stay by Kathy Hilton (because what Kathy says – you do) and gives a heartfelt apology to Erika. The two hug it out but you know that Erika is making a mental note and that Garcelle will never entirely be in Erika’s good graces again. I’m glad that Garcelle stayed as Erika’s reaction did not fit the crime . Sutton points out in her confessional that this was never about Garcelle and had something to do with Erika’s dealings behind the scene at whatever else she is dealing with.

Erika then decides to leave early and head back to L.A. which leaves the group left to ponder on what they just witnessed. Garcelle reiterated that she did not bring up private information intentionally; however Rinna is Rinna and stirs that pot asking Garcelle why she did it. At dinner, the ladies discuss Erika’s sudden exit and Rinna askes Garcelle to own her part over what transpired. Is Rinna secretly in love with Erika or does Erika have some dirt on her? I don’t understand Rinna’s blind loyalty towards Erika as Lisa ‘own it’ Rinna will not question Erika whatsoever and comes for anyone that may show signs of skepticism. I’m with Garcelle – Rinna can take her ‘own it’ and shove it! I am definitely on Garcelle’s side here as she would have never have brought it up if Erika had asked her not to, and at the end of the day she did nothing wrong. Erika is on a reality show so everything she says can and will be used.

The next day we see the real reason Erika left early as the scorching L.A. Times article is out, and it does not paint either Erika or Tom in a flattering light. The article uses the word ‘Ponzi scheme’ and points out that $20 million of firm funds went to Erika Jayne’s LLC that she used to keep her singing career afloat. The ladies are shocked as it makes it seem that Erika was more aware of Tom’s actions than she originally led to believe. Most shocked is Sutton who knows a thing or two about LLC’s and is aware that it’s up to the owner to watch what goes in and out of that account. At least Sutton knows how to use a bank and is keeping an eye on her funds!

The ladies speculate that Erika got a heads up about this article and that’s why she was so upset the night before and left early. The L.A. Times clearly spoke with some people and did their due diligence with their journalism so I have a hard time believing that Erika wasn’t aware that it was coming. The ladies try to piece the article together with the woman that they thought they knew, and it’s troubling for all of them. They ponder how much Erika knew and if she or Tom could go to jail as the accusations are damning.

When the ladies return to L.A. Sutton calls for a group meeting (sans Erika) to discuss how to handle this situation. Sutton is uncomfortable being in the same social circle as Erika as the Girardi’s are being accused of running a Ponzi Scheme which stole from those that are most vulnerable. All in all, if you wants to rub elbows with the Beverly Hills elite, being associated with the Girardi’s isn’t the best look at this time. When Kyle points out that it sounds like Sutton is saying that she doesn’t believe Erika, Sutton clarifies that it means she has questions about Erika that she needs answers to. And boy, we know how Erika LOVES to be questioned….just ask Teddi Mellencamp.

RHOBH airs Wednesday’s on Bravo.

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