Camille Grammer Claims Brandi Glanville Is Not Being Sued By Adrienne; Brandi Argues Back!


I could have sworn these two had become BFF’s after bonding as single women from cheating ex-husbands during season two of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but it turns out that Camille and Brandi are not as friendly as we thought. With Adrienne denying suing Brandi, Camille has taken to Twitter to publicly back Adrienne on this! Brandi tweeted back asking Camille to please tell the truth, but Camille stuck to her story! Check out their exchange below:

Camille responded to a viewer, “It’s simple. If a lawsuit was filed it would be in Public Court Records.”

Camille added in a separate tweet, “There is no lawsuit. A letter was sent to Brandi’s friend Genevea(spl?). No lawsuit.”

Brandi replied, “@TheRealCamilleG she was threatening me with a lawsuit, as u know because yall have the same lawyer. PLEASE tell the truth.”

Camille retaliated in a series of replies, “@BrandiGlanville she did not sue you that is the truth! You said that she was suing u on camera. Anybody can check its public record. The letter that your friend got was a Cease and Desist letter. I think you may have confused that with a lawsuit. I understand your frustration. I am not lying Brandi! Anyone can go can check to see if you got sued.”

It seems like there is just one big confusion between an actual lawsuit and a threat of a lawsuit. I can’t wait for the reunion for all this mess to finally be resolved.

Who do you believe? Do you support Camille publicly expressing what she thinks is right even though it has nothing to do with directly?

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