AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVE Interview: Scheana Marie & Stassi Schroeder Address Criticism Of Vanderpump Rules & More!


Scheana Marie became popular when it was exposed that she had been dating Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to Brandi Glanville! Now she stars in Lisa Vanderpump’s spin-off Vanderpump Rules along with Stassi Schroeder. I ran into the reality TV servers this week at an event and had to ask them some burning questions about the show. The girls talk about why they think people watch their show, address the criticism that their show is fake and that the staff isn’t really the SUR staff, and hint what’s to come at the reunion and also at a second season!

AllAboutTRH: A lot of people have been comparing Vanderpump Rules to The Hills and I was not a big fan at first but clearly something has me watching every week. Why do you think people like to watch your show?

Stassi Schroeder: I think people like watching other people’s drama. I do! I know when I watch reality shows I like looking at the drama.

Scheana Marie: People are just crazy on the show and I think people like to sit back and watch other people fight and be involved in other people’s lives.

I know you just taped your reunion. How was that and what can we expect to see?

SS: Some fighting, some tears, some yelling and a lot of fun!

Is Laura-Leigh making an appearance on the reunion?

SM: No! It’s just the six of us plus Andy and Lisa.

SS: Fuck no!

Would you two do the show again if asked to do a second season?

SM: Yeah, we can’t wait to do a second season!

SS: Well, we don’t know if it’s picked up but the tabloids are saying it is…so…

I read that your show had higher ratings than The Real Housewives of Miami!

SM: Yeah, I think we are just under 2 million.

How about the two of you? I know we saw you guys become friends after the performance. Are you still friends now?

SM: Yeah! We’ve become very close since that night after my performance.

Do you think it’s because of the show and all the press you’ve had to do together?

SS: I think it would’ve happened anyway just because I really like her. She’s a really cool, fun loving friend. I just didn’t see it right away. I was an asshole. I’m really fortunate that I realized I was wrong about my friend’s mistakes but it’s nice that we get to spend time together because we are doing press and do the show and stuff like that. But I do think we would’ve ended up becoming friends regardless.

How do you feel about people calling you a bully?

SS: Whatever. They need to get a sense of humor.

Any regrets since getting on a reality show?

SM: No. We’re all pretty much an open book. We put everything out there and that’s what we were signing up for. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

SS: I knew what to expect. We know what we’re doing. I know me being an assh*le to her or bullying her, people aren’t going to be like ‘Yeah! You rock!’ so I know what to expect I’m not an idiot.

What is your reaction to some criticism that you guys are just paid actors and that the show is fake?

SS: We do! Come and see us. We’re there every day. You better tip me well!

SM: Half of the people on the show aren’t even actors. Only Tom and Kristen are into acting. I also work at Villa Blanca so you can see me there as well more than at SUR.

Is the group as a whole still friends? Has any of that dynamic changed since the show has aired?

SS: We’re all friends it’s just very strained and “up and down” a lot of the time.

SM: It’s not as consistent as we are now (Scheana and Stassi), interestingly.

I know you two plus Jax have become the main characters on the show. Is there any jealousy going on with your other cast mates?

SM: I mean, I think that there was more of a focus on us because I came over from Housewives and then Stassi and Jax kind of stole the show because they had one of the best story lines, but it’s what people want to see. Jealousy, I don’t know if I would use that word.

SS: Just feeling left out.

SM: We’re used to being the center of attention so we don’t know what it feels like! (laughs)

You were introduced through your talk with Brandi. How do you feel about her new book coming out? Do you know if you’re in it?

SM: I don’t read books. I’m not going to read it, I’m not going to buy it, no offense. But I say go for it, more power to her. If she can make money doing it then I’m happy for her.

SS: I’m looking forward to reading it and I will let [Scheana] know if she’s in it.

SM: I heard there was a whole chapter about me but it doesn’t use my name. So I don’t know. That’s the only reason I would read it.

SS: I’ll read it to her as a bed time story! We can cuddle.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell the viewers?

SM: Buy my song on iTunes. It’s called “What I Like”. I’m going to start performing a little more now that the show has aired and I can put it out there a little more. I’m getting back into hosting entertainment news shows and acting is on hold for now.

SS:! I have a column online. Please go, my column is called Style Diaries by Stassi. It’s about dressing glamorously while on a budget. I want to relay all the tips that I’ve learned to everyone else!

Thoughts on what Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR girls had to say!?

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