Adrienne Maloof Continues To Deny Any Litigation Against Brandi; Wonders Why Yolanda Talks About Her!


Brandi Glanville has been stating on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Adrienne Maloof sent a letter asking her to not discuss her personal life, and has also state that Adrienne is suing her. Adrienne denied this on Monday’s episode after the two ladies FINALLY came face to face and she is sticking to her story in her Bravo blog this week! Additionally, Adrienne is wondering why Yolanda would talk about her behind her back when she herself admitted that she doesn’t even know her. Adrienne writes:

This week’s episode contained numerous references by Brandi and the other women to a lawsuit that I allegedly filed against Brandi. Further, Brandi claims that my lawyer sent her a cease and desist letter and asked her to sign something giving up her right to speak.

I want to be 100 percent clear that there is no lawsuit, a fact which can be confirmed by a simple search of court records. Further, neither I, nor my lawyer, have ever sent a letter to Brandi. Earlier this year, my lawyer did send a letter to a former business associate of mine whom I believed was disclosing confidential information about me and my family to third parties, including Brandi. This is the only thing I can think of that might have prompted this week’s discussion. I am disappointed that not only have my family and my children been put through everything that this season has brought, but also that I am now being painted as a liar. There was no letter to Brandi and, most importantly, there is no lawsuit, as she keeps claiming.

As for the comments made against me by Yolanda, as she said, she doesn’t know me, therefore, why is she speaking behind my back.

I truly hope that we can close this chapter and all move on. I am looking forward to a more positive 2013. Thank you to all my friends and fans who continue to trust and support me.

I really just have a hard time believing Adrienne! Why would Brandi say she got a letter from lawyers if she didn’t? I just don’t see why she would get anything from making that up. Also, Adrienne seemed super sketchy when denying this to Brandi. She kept deflecting over to Bernie and that other story, dodging the issue at hand.

Also, if she really didn’t take any legal action, why would the whole “secret” that Brandi divulged get edited out of the episodes? Clearly she did take some sort of legal action if even Bravo had to censor the footage even though they filmed it and Adrienne signed off to film the show!

As for Yolanda, clearly she was just talking about Adrienne from the lawsuit situation with Brandi only. She said “who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?” meaning she is not any bigger than anybody else despite her money and should not use that to intimidate people.

Do you believe Adrienne is saying the truth? If so, why would Brandi make this up?!

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