Dorit Kemsley Calls Crystal Minkoff a ‘Bold Face Liar’ Who ‘Is Desperately Trying to Salvage another Year on RHOBH’


Dorit Kemsley calls out Crystal Minkoff for stirring up drama with the RHOBH cast in order to be asked back next season.

On the March 13 episode of The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast, Dorit Kemsley called RHOBH co-star Crystal Minkoff a “bold face liar” amid claims she made the entire cast wait “two hours” to start the season 13 reunion.

The 45-year-old RHOBH star insisted Crystal was lying when she claimed that Dorit made everyone wait “two hours” at the reunion as she filmed TikToks backstage.

“It’s a bold-faced lie. And she knows it. I can’t believe how proficient she is at lying. She knows full well that I had a wardrobe malfunction and the brilliant wardrobe team had to sew me into the dress,” Dorit explained. “The TikToks that I did, and you can even see in the TikToks, it’s dark, was after the reunion. The first part of the TikTok where I’m in my trailer in jeans, was probably even before half of the cast even got to set.”

Crystal schools Dorit on "child bride" comments at RHOBH reunion
Crystal schools Dorit on “child bride” comments at RHOBH reunion

Dorit then said that Crystal is simply stirring up drama to secure her spot for next season of RHOBH.

“Crystal is trying desperately to salvage another year. She’s told me a lot of things. I’m never going to share what she shared in confidence, but it’s very interesting seeing how she’s behaving, especially when she’s aligned with her so-called best friends on the show.”

“Yet she’s had the worst things you could imagine to say about them behind their backs,” she continued. “You know, that combined with seeing her make up these lies, it really shows me the kind of person she is.”

This beef between Dorit Kemsley and Crystal Minkoff stems from Crystal’s recent appearance on Jeff Lewis Live where she claimed Dorit was two hours late to the RHOBH season 13 reunion.

Crystal said: “This is what really pissed me off … We had to wait two hours for her to get ready – for the curl.”

Dorit looking chic in all red at the reunion.
Dorit looking chic in all red at the reunion.

“We got there at 5:30 and we didn’t start till 10 or so. We were so annoyed,” Crystal continued, adding that it was “rude” and  “disrespectful” to everyone involved that Dorit was late for the reunion.

After Dorit initially caught wind of Crystal’s claims, she clapped back on social media, calling the allegation “nonsense” and a complete “lie.”

However, Crystal wasn’t letting Dorit re-write history and fired back in response.

Crystal Minkoff calls out Dorit Kemsley for being two hours late to the RHOBH season 13 reunion.
Crystal Minkoff calls out Dorit Kemsley for being two hours late to the RHOBH season 13 reunion.

The 40-year-old fired back, “Sorry, but nope!! Those time stamps are wrong (love you Bravo!) it’s not dark at 7:30am. And you don’t leave the trailer at 10:30 and walk 15 steps and it’s all of a sudden 11:30.”

“And we filmed the first segment without Dorit that began at 11:45 because Andy was getting restless – as were we,” she continued.

Crystal concluded, “Stop the cap and just respect other’s time.”

This drama could secure spots in the RHOBH season 14 cast for both Crystal and Dorit.

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RHOBH is expected to return to Bravo in late 2024 or early 2025.

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