RHONJ: Jackie Goldschneider Doesn’t Think Real Housewives Husbands Should Be Involved in the Drama


RHONJ’s Jackie Goldschneider admits Housewives husbands should NEVER go after other Housewives on the show and should be there to support their wives.

On the latest episode of the Two Jersey Js podcast, Jackie Goldschneider and Jennifer Fessler got candid about Real Housewives husbands getting involved in the drama while discussing the RHONJ season 14 trailer.

Jackie Goldschneider shared:

“[I don’t like the] husbands being involved. I am strongly of the opinion that, I know Jersey husbands have a bigger role than in other franchises, but I don’t love seeing husbands so heavily involved in the drama. I don’t like when husbands fight with [other] wives.”

She continued,

“I’m just saying, like, when Evan was very heavily involved in the drama, which he did not want any part of. He never fought with anybody on camera. It’s just not his style. He never yelled at anybody. And when it was time to resolve that trauma, he was such a gentleman. He was very open to it, and he just wanted things to go back to come.”

“I don’t love seeing husbands, like, really put themselves right in the center. This is a show for your wife,” the longtime RHONJ star turned friend of added.

Jenn Fessler interjected that RHONJ has always been the most family-centric Real Housewives franchise and that the men have always played a bigger role in the franchise. She notes that Joe Gorga is a prime example.

“Well, listen. Jersey has traditionally been known as [the] we are the family franchise. Everybody’s involved. And, of course, you know, Joe Gorga has made such an impact,” Jenn noted.

Jackie agreed, saying, “Yes. And he’s he’s maybe a little different, but he also he doesn’t like I don’t know. Maybe maybe Joe Gorga is different. But, like, the other husbands, I don’t really feel like like they are definitely present, and that’s great. And I love the husbands on this show. Love them. But, um, I don’t like seeing a husband actively, like, go after a wife. But that’s just me.”

Clearly, Jackie had more to say but didn’t want to start any drama with Joe Gorga or name names when it comes to which RHONJ husbands she has an issue with at the moment.

However, Jackie’s comments come on the heels of the recently released RHONJ season 14 trailer, which features several of the Real Housewives husbands getting involved in the drama.

As AllAboutTRH previously reported, the RHONJ season 14 trailer features some dirty accusations -many of them coming from the men of the show and NOT their wives.

In one scene, an unidentified voice coming from a phone tells Margaret Josephs’ husband, Joe Beningo, that allegedly “Louie pissed [Teresa’s] money away.” 

Later on in the trailer, Rachel Fuda’s husband, John Fuda, also comes for Teresa Giudice.

“You’re the the poster child for mortgage fraud” John tells Teresa. “When I need my money laundered, I’ll call ya!”

Meanwhile, in another teaser for season 14, John calls Teresa Giudice a “has been” after she allegedly called him a “drug dealer.”

John confronts Teresa, asking, “I’m a drug dealer?”

Teresa refuses to engage, saying she’s “not talking” to him. She also blames John’s ex for starting the rumor about his past activities.

“Stop trying to hit me,” John tells Teresa. “F*ck, I’m over it. You’re full of sh*t. You know what, [you’re a] has-been.”

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Season 14 of RHONJ premieres Sunday, May 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

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