RHOM’s Lisa Hochstein Slams Ex Lenny for Taunting Her on Social Media


RHOM star Lisa Hochstein fires back at her estranged husband, Lenny Hochstein after he taunts her on Instagram from their former marital home.

Just when you think Lenny Hochstein couldn’t get any lower, he strikes again!

The estranged husband of RHOM star Lisa Hochstein decided to taunt her on Instagram – less than a week after she was forced out of their marital mansion on Star Island in Miami Beach.

Former RHOM couple Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein bitter divorce takes a toll
Former RHOM couple Lisa Hochstein and Lenny Hochstein

On Instagram, Lenny posted a photo with his and Lisa’s two kids, Elle and Logan, at his Star Island mansion.

In the photo, Lenny, Elle, and Logan are making pizza. Alongside the photo, Lenny added the caption: “Homemade pizza Hochstein style. Special thanks to master chef @katharinanahlik.”

Not only did Lenny have to rub it in Lisa’s face that his mistress-turned-fiancée was spending time with their kids, but he also made sure to let everyone know that it was all happening at his and Lisa’s former marital home. Peep the location in Lenny’s post.

RHOM's Lenny Hochstein makes sure everyone knows he's back in his 'Star Island Home.'
Lenny Hochstein makes sure everyone knows he’s back in his ‘Star Island Home.’

AllAboutTRH shared Lenny’s post on Instagram, which is when Lisa Hochstein caught wind of it and fired back at his tacky AF post.

The RHOM star wrote:

“I’m betting they do this out of spite. Lenny rarely posts on his Instagram. It’s a game. Trying very hard to taunt me with the home I helped build and design, the place [I] raised my kids in. I only moved out about a week ago, and they moved it the same day or [the] day after. Im sure that didn’t confuse my kids at all ?. Another few things I will point out is the car she shows off in was mine to drive. ???????? what woman would go this far to taunt the current wife and mother when I’ve done nothing to her? The desperate Instagram page that was made for “the Hochstein Halloween ball” has photos of them looking like a couple from 2020 ??? I see no empathy or compassion. That house definitely doesn’t look “ cleaned out”. The lies are out of control, and I will continue to defend myself until.”

RHOM star Lisa Hochstein responds to Lenny taunting her on social media
RHOM star Lisa Hochstein responds to Lenny taunting her on social media

Meanwhile, Lenny continued to degrade & disrespect the mother of his children on Instagram.

An RHOM fan commented on Lenny’s latest Instagram post, saying, “I’m glad you’re happy, but I can’t help but feel bad for Lisa. This must be so painful for her.”

Lenny replied: “You’re right. Seeing me happy has always been painful for Lisa.”

Gross. Could Lenny get any more disgusting? He’s a clown.

RHOM is expected to return to Bravo in late 2023 or early 2024.

Thoughts on Lenny’s comments? Why do you think Lenny continues to taunt Lisa? Sound off below!

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