Kyle Richards Reacts to Jeff Lewiss’ WWHL Shade; Claims She’s Over the Gossip About Her Life


Kyle Richards sounds off after former Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis throws some major shade at her on Watch What Happens Live.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills OG is sick and tired of the gossip and rumors surrounding her body and her love life.

Just one day after former Bravo star Jeff Lewis made a very shady joke about his good friend Kyle Richards on WWHL, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star addressed Jeff’s comments during an Amazon Live session.

During a game called “Jeff, What’s your issue?” the Flipping Out alum called out Kyle Richards over the rumors that she is on Ozempic and is having a romantic relationship with a woman.

“Kyle and I are friends, and I’m pissed,” Jeff quipped“She didn’t tell me she’s a lesbian on Ozempic.”

Heather McDonald, who was also a guest on WWHL, added: “Did you guys know that one of the side effects of Ozempic is lesbianism? Your ring falls off. Then your ring slips into someone else.”

As Bravo fans know, for months, Kyle Richards has shut down rumors that she lost weight due to taking the weight loss medication Ozempic.

More recently, she’s had to shut down gossip that she’s dating country singer Morgan Wade amid her marital woes with her husband, Mauricio Umanksy.

After WWHL, Jeff insisted his comments about Kyle were all in good fun. However, it doesn’t seem that Kyle Richards appreciated being the butt of Jeff’s joke.

“When I brought up Kyle Richards, she’s a friend of mine, I was totally joking. I was poking fun at the absurdity of all the rumors going around that she’s a lesbian, that she’s on Ozempic. I simply meant it as a joke,” Jeff told TMZ on Wednesday in NYC, before adding, “I texted her this morning at 6:30 a.m. [and] I am yet to hear back.”

Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade discuss Morgan's new music video
Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade

Now, Kyle is telling Bravo fans that she is sick of watching her private life discussed and mocked on social media and in the tabloids.

The 54-year-old says she isn’t “not talking to Jeff” but admits that she doesn’t “feel like responding” to him right now. She then vents about how she can’t handle seeing her private life “splattered all over the place.”

Kyle said:

“Am I still talking to Jeff Lewis? I’m, I’m not, not talking to Jeff Lewis. I just don’t feel like responding to Jeff Lewis right now, to be honest. I’m just getting sick of people. Um, I’m just tired of it. I’m, I’m, I’m at my wit’s end with, you know, the stories about me out there, and I just want everyone to be quiet. I try not to even look, but it’s in your face if you’re on Instagram just scrolling, looking at something else that’s just there and no matter what.”

“You know, it’s hard enough with people saying things about me, you just expect your friends not to. Then I have to look at that all day, and, you know, I kind of felt like yesterday with friends like that who needs enemies. And I know this will be splattered all over the place, but the truth is, you know, Jeff, his mouth does get him into trouble. He knows that that’s, but I just, just wasn’t in the mood, to be honest. Not in the mood to respond. Like, I don’t feel like being the butt of the joke right now.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is reportedly returning to Bravo for season 13 in late 2023. Some reports suggest season 13 will premiere on November 1.

Thoughts on Kyle’s response to Jeff’s comments from WWHL? Sound off below!

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