RHONJ Recap:- Teresa Giudice Denies Melissa Made her ‘Squirm’ At Reunion


Teresa Giudice claps back at claims Melissa Gorga ate her up during part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion.

Real Housewives of New Jersey OG Teresa Giudice is firing back at claims that her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga made her squirm during part one of the season 13 reunion.

Some Bravo fans believe that Melissa “ate” Teresa up during part one of the reunion. Said fans took to Twitter to dub messy Melissa the winner of round one, but Teresa wasn’t about to let that stand.

Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin confront the drama.
Teresa Giudice and Jennifer Aydin.

Let’s dive into the drama!

Melissa Gorga wipes her lips at RHONJ reunion
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga

On Twitter, one fan commented:

“I have never seen Melissa eat someone up at a reunion, but tonight she left Teresa in pieces. When you speak facts to a person who always twists the narrative, they squirm.”

Teresa had a different perspective on her exchange with Melissa. She replied to the viewer:  “Are you watching the same show? Lol.”

In a clip shared by said Bravo fan, Teresa and Melissa can be seen getting into a heated exchange, with Teresa raising her voice and waving her hands all around. Hello, Teresa’s Italian and from Jersey, so of course, she’s going to talk with her hands when she gets heated. Duh!

Teresa Giudice gets sassy while arguing with Melissa Gorga
Teresa Giudice gets sassy while arguing with Melissa Gorga.

Another fan added that Melissa “lit [Teresa Giudice] up” at the reunion.

The fan wrote: “@TeresaGiudice where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and Melissa just lit you up!”

The 52-year-old clapped back: “I don’t feel that way, and I know the truth, and you don’t, lol.”

It turns out not all Bravo fans agree that Melissa “ate” Teresa up at the reunion and made her “squirm.”

Naturally, RHONJ fans had quite a bit to say.

“Melissa did NOT eat Teresa up it was pretty boring the conversations honestly I expected it to be more heated however I’m Happy with Teresa’s responses” one fan commented.

A second fan wrote: “Just because Melissa articulates herself better doesn’t mean she ate Teresa up.”

“Umm were we watching the same reunion? Melissa didn’t do shit ? per usual and all I heard were the two going at it. Don’t care who’s “team” you’re on. That first part was exhausting!” a third fan quipped.

AllAboutTRH Podcast: RHONJ Reunion Part One - Lies Exposed
Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice at season 13 RHONJ reunion

“Melissa gave nothing all season and just as I expected from the reunion absolutely nothing. I don’t get how she’s always seated next to Andy for doing nothing all season,” a fourth fan commented.

Another fan wrote: “Melissa is a master manipulator, she knows exactly how to put her words together. Been doin it for years. Unfortunately, Tre doesn’t have the gift of BS. So when Tre says something she doesn’t keep talking and talking and talking. You know someone is full of baloney if they won’t shut up.”

Melissa Gorga hangs her head in shame at RHONJ reunion.
RHONJ star Melissa Gorga ignores sister-in-law Teresa Giudice at season 13 reunion.

One other fan noted: “She didn’t eat a damn thing she talked over Teresa and said hmmm mmm sad…ok ok.” 

Part two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion airs on Tuesday, June 6 at 8 pm on Bravo.

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

During the RHONJ reunion, there was a moment where it was alleged that Melissa made Teresa ‘squirm.’ However, Teresa has denied this claim.

Teresa Giudice has firmly denied that Melissa made her ‘squirm’ at the reunion. She addressed the accusation and asserted her stance during the show.

As of now, the specific outcome of the situation between Teresa and Melissa post-reunion has not been mentioned. The episode may have left some unresolved tensions that could play out in future episodes. Stay tuned for updates on their relationship.

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