Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga: Exposing RHONJ Reunion Lies!


Messy Melissa Gorga couldn’t keep her lies straight during part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion.

Part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 reunion was a doozy. So many lies, so little time. Have you checked our full recap of the reunion? If not, read it – HERE. Or listen to the AllAboutTRH podcast, where Roxanne and Shantel break down every detail of the reunion drama. Listen here.

Now, it’s time to uncover all of Melissa Gorga‘s lies from part one of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Trust us; there are quite a lot of them. Thankfully, reunion host Andy Cohen did call out some of Melissa’s lies, but he definitely could have dug a little deeper to expose the truth behind Melissa’s false claims.

Let’s do a deep dive into Melissa’s messy lies!

Melissa Backs Joe Gorga’s Claims about Louie Ruelas and David Cantin

During season 13 of RHONJ, Joe Gorga claimed that Dina Manzo and Teresa Giudice had a falling out over a business deal gone bad between Louie Ruelas and Dina’s husband, Dave Cantain.

“David [Cantin], called me because I’m friendly with David. Pizza Gate’ part two … and it f–ked up another relationship in Teresa’s life,” Joe alleged in his confessional interview.

This is NOT true.

Yet, Melissa Gorga doubled down on Joe’s claim at the reunion. Melissa said:

“[Joe] had a private conversation with Dave. He doesn’t wanna be part of the show, so that was wrong [of Joe.] Joe stepped out of line by saying that on the show.”

However, a conversation between Joe Gorga and Dave Cantin NEVER happened. Ever.

On the AllAboutTRH podcast, posted on Tuesday, April 4, AllAboutTRH confirmed that Joe’s claims were 100% a lie.

AllAboutTRH‘s RHONJ source said:

Dave has met Joe Gorga once and that was at Teresa’s engagement party. He wouldn’t even consider himself friendly with Joe. And no one has ever called Dave, David like Joe did on the show. The allegation made by Joe Gorga is absolutely not true.”

Melissa Insists she and Joe Gorga Have ALWAYS helped the Giudice Family

Messy Melissa Gorga continued with her lies, insisting that she and Joe Gorga were there for Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice, and their daughters when both Teresa and Joe were in prison.

Melissa claims she and Joe were “there for you when you needed us.”

She adds: “I had your back for the last 20 years when you needed me. When [Gia] needed a ride to college, Joe packed her up and took her to college. We were good then.”

Let’s not forget that Melissa and Joe previously claimed they “put food on their table” in regard to their role in the Giudice girls’ lives while Teresa was in prison.

Melissa also said that she was the one taking the girls to dance and other activities while Teresa was away. However, the Giudice girls don’t remember that at all.

During season 13, Gabriella Giudice called Melissa and Joe’s version of events “not true.”

More so, clips from Teresa Checks In show Joe Giudice’s family and Teresa’s parents helping take care of the girls amid Teresa’s absence.

Melissa Claims She Loves Her New House Despite Massive Overhaul

The Gorgas moved into their new Franklin Lakes home in late November 2022. Despite it being Melissa and Joe’s “dream” home, they quickly began reconstructing their home after receiving a ton of criticism on social media due to their home’s design and interior styling.

At the reunion, Melissa insisted she loves her new house and that she and Joe are still “doing a lot of work.”

“We’re not even done yet. We’re still doing a lot of work to the outside people. I’m the one that has to live there, so I don’t care what anybody says. I only moved into the house like two months ago.”

Yet, at the time of the reunion, Melissa and Joe had been living in their new house for five months – not two. Plus, they only started doing work on their home and changing the interiors after criticism started popping up on social media – not before.

While Melissa now claims she and Joe always planned to do this work to their home, the Bravo couple previously claimed they were “confident” in their design choices and didn’t care what people said. But then, in January 2023, they took out an additional $565k loan on their house to upgrade the new build.

In April, photos obtained by AllAboutTRH, show Joe and Melissa building a porch and an additional facade to the front of their house in an attempt to give the home more dimension.

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga renovate new Franklin Lakes home.
Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga renovate their new Franklin Lakes home.

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga renovate new Franklin Lakes home.
Construction is being done on Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga’s new Franklin Lakes home.
Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga renovate new Franklin Lakes home.
The Gorgas’ new Franklin Lakes home.

Melissa Says She Never Talked about Teresa Giudice’s Daughters

At the reunion, Andy Cohen confronted Melissa Gorga about her and Joe talking about Gia Giudice and her sisters.

Andy pointed out that Melissa got upset that Teresa mentioned Antonia, but she and Joe have brought up the Giudice girls numerous times on the show.

He said, “You got very upset, and you said kids are off limits. But you guys have talks bout Gia,” to which Melissa replied, “No, we didn’t.”

Andy pushed back: “You said the kids have hate in their hearts.”

Melissa said: “They sat there at the party. They said what they said to me. You see all their reactions on TV this year.”

She went on to claim that she “would never throw [Teresa’s] children under the bus for that. Your children have missed plenty of events.”

Melissa Gorga wipes her lips at RHONJ reunion
Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga

First off, Melissa and Joe not only bad-mouthed the Giudice girls on the show and their podcast, but Melissa also claimed the girls had “hate in their heats.” Talk about ugly.

Then let’s not forget that during season 3 of RHONJ, Melissa slammed Teresa for allowing Gia to go to her gymnastics competition instead of attending Joey Gorga’s baptism. It’s important to note that Gia missed the church service but attended the baptismal party after her event.

Melissa quipped that in her house, “family comes first,” but she’s not sure what goes on in the Giudice household. She added that Teresa could have pulled Gia out of her gymnastics competition for the baptism. 

Meanwhile, during season 5, Melissa Gorga accused her nieces of being future bullies. Melissa said she feared for her daughter Antonia Gorga going to school with the Giudice girls as they get older, which is she and Joe were moving out of Montville.

At the time, Melissa said, “I don’t want my kids going to school with her kids.” Then during season 6, Melissa denied she and Joe were moving to get her kids away from Teresa’s kids.

“We did not move to get away from Teresa. The truth is Joe wanted to be closer to work, and Franklin Lakes is where Joe and I started our family,” Melissa said during season 6.

Melissa Claims Joe Gorga Wasn’t on Teresa Giudice’s Prison List

One of the most frustrating moments at the reunion was Melissa saying that Joe Gorga wasn’t on Teresa Giudice’s prison list until it was going to benefit her for Teresa Checks In.

Melissa quipped:

“Guess what? Because he wasn’t on the list. He wasn’t on the list until it was gonna benefit you for Teresa Checks In. Then he was suddenly on the list.”

However, on Teresa Checks In, Joe Gorga told a different story, claiming that it took him six months to get approved to be put on the list due to paperwork.

Teresa previously explained that Joe Gorga only came to visit her once in prison. Joe only came to visit when it would benefit him and make him look good to RHONJ viewers.

“My brother came to see me one time, and guess why? The cameras were rolling. He got paid for it. I’m getting the chills out of saying that because that’s heart-wrenching. He came to see me one time,” Teresa revealed in a March 2023 interview with Access Hollywood’s Housewives Nightcap.

Melissa Says that She and Joe Gorga have been Teresa Giudice’s ONLY Storyline on RHONJ

Part one of the reunion ended with Melissa Gorga saying that she and Joe have been Teresa’s only storyline for years.

Melissa said:

“Stop with the storyline. You wouldn’t even [have a storyline without me and Joe]. Your whole story was walking about your brother in every scene. You should thank us for giving you something.”

Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice argue at RHONJ reunion
Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice.

This is rich coming from Melissa, who rode Teresa’s coattails for the last ten years and made their drama her only good storyline season after season.

Over the years, Melissa Gorga has had no other storyline but her drama with Teresa. After her popstar storyline fizzled out, Melissa moved on to fake storyline after storyline. Let’s list them out – Long lost sister? Check. Another baby? Check. Fake marriage issues? Check.

The only good storylines Melissa ever had were her singing, her drama with Teresa, and the opening of her boutique Envy.

Teresa, on the other hand, had a baby, got divorced, shared her family’s legal and financial troubles, went to jail, got divorced, got married, and so much more on the show.

Part two of the RHONJ season 13 reunion airs on Tuesday, June 6, at 8 pm.

Thoughts on this all? Sound off below!

The RHONJ reunion controversy centers around the claims made by Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga during the reunion episode of the reality show. They have both accused each other of spreading lies and manipulating situations throughout the season.

While the specific lies vary depending on the episode and season, some of the common allegations include dishonesty about their relationships, hidden agendas, and misrepresentations of past events to influence the dynamics of the show.

The RHONJ fanbase has been buzzing with discussions and debates about the reunion episode’s revelations. Opinions are divided, with some fans siding with Teresa and others with Melissa. The controversy has sparked intense online discussions and speculations about the authenticity of the drama on the show.

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